Best Bathroom Faucets Brand: An Incredible Guide

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best bathroom faucets brandGiven the availability of many types of high-end bathroom faucet brands, it can be challenging to identify the finest and best bathroom faucets brand. Where do you start your day every morning? Before retiring to bed, where do you last visit? Bathroom! Yeah, this is a place that everyone visits on a routine basis and mainly daily. 

The following are the best bathroom faucets brand you can find in the market today: American Standard brand, Delta brand, Moen brand, and Kohler brand. 

If you don’t own any of the above-mentioned brands, life might be okay with the brand that you own now. However, there comes a time when your bathroom no longer feels comfortable, maybe the fixtures have started tearing, and you need to install new ones. Then you might need to consider buying the best bathroom faucets brand mentioned and described in this post.

If you are also designing a new home, you need to install the best plumbing fixtures to get a reflection of a modern bathroom. Then you will need some efforts in research to determine the best bathroom faucets brand on the market.  

Can you think of bathroom fixtures without a faucet coming to your mind? Definitely, no! Faucets form an essential part of the bathroom. If you are upgrading your bathroom, then you are in the right place to find some of the best bathroom faucets brand to guide you in making a decision. 

Having said that, let’s look at them: 


1. American Standard 7871.712.002 Hampton Two-Porcelain Lever Handle Widespread Faucet, Polished Chrome


Regardless of your level of experience, if you are determined to give your bathroom an attractive look, then a two-porcelain lever handle faucet is a great option. These high-end bathroom faucet brands are appealing, and they will improve the image of your bathroom. 

It is built with a polished chrome finish with a classic design; this faucet will match perfectly with most items in your bathroom and other best plumbing fixtures in the room. Besides, it is a Hampton model constructed by the American Standards brand. Overall, the American Standard brand is one of the best since quality is always intact. 

Additionally, this faucet is designed using brass which enhances its durability. When it comes to withstanding corrosion, then brass does it better than any other metal. Therefore, for the longevity of service delivery, choose this model.   

Summary Comparison Table 



Easy installation – the installation process is quite simple, and you don’t need to have any prior knowledge to get it fixed.The only downside of this faucet is that its aerator makes the water to drip. Even though the aerator won’t make your faucet leak, the water that accumulates above the aerator will be dripping slowly.
Reduced water consumption – this faucet was designed with a device that is environmentally friendly in mind. It cuts your water consumption while maintaining its performance. 



2. Delta Faucet Cassidy Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet with Metal Drain Assembly, Venetian Bronze 597LF-RBMPU


Delta brand has earned a badge of trust from its customers due to the quality of products the company produces. Among the best bathroom faucets 2019, Delta is still among the greats. Apart from giving your bathroom an improved look, these faucets last long.

Delta Faucet 597LF-RBMPU is not an exception; it comes with some of the best features which make it exceptional, thus, it gets enlisted in the category of the best bathroom faucets brand. 

The high-quality product comes in five different finishes. With such numerous options, this means that you have a range of choices to choose from ensuring that the faucet matches with other best plumbing fixtures in your bathroom. 

If you are handling single-hole installation, this faucet is perfect. It is also designed with smooth lines, a feature that is suitable for enhancing the look of your bathroom. 

 Summary Comparison Table 



Up to five finishes – this device comes in different finishes; you hardly miss one that is suitable for your bathroom.The installation guide that comes with this device is not one of the best. This means that some users might encounter difficulties installing the faucet.
Attractive design – this faucet is designed with a blend of modern lines and classical elements giving your bathroom a lasting impression. 



3. Moen T6125-9000 Kingsley Two-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet with Valve, Chrome


A two-handle bath faucet is great! right? How about the addition of a little style? If you are looking for such a high-end bathroom faucet brand, then look no further than Moen T6125-9000. 

Apart from this great design, these best modern bathroom faucets are durable and come in up to 4 different finishes. Accordingly, this implies that you can hardly miss one that matches with most of the best plumbing fixtures in your bathroom. 

Besides, Moen T6125-9000 is built with a high arc spot, which provides enough clearance for your hands; a feature that makes it outstanding among other faucets. Its antique design is a boost to the appearance of your bathroom and matches perfectly with either classical or modern bathroom designs. 

Installing this device is quite simple, and you can do the work by yourself even if you are a beginner. If you are not sure about your DIY skills, in this case, you can learn how to install bathroom faucets. Additionally, it comes with an easy to use manual which is why we recommend this faucet to both beginners and DIY enthusiasts. Wow! Great to appear in the list of the best bathroom faucets brand!

Summary Comparison Table 



High-quality finish – this means that you don’t have to worry about the faucet getting scratched.Some users might find tightening the nuts a challenge.
User-friendly manual – the instructions in the manual are easy to understand. Thus many people can install the faucet with no difficulties. 



4. Kohler Devonshire K-394-4-CP 2-Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet with Metal Drain Assembly in Polished Chrome


If you are a professional contractor or you have good experience with high-end bathroom faucet brands, then you definitely know the quality standards of Kohler. Bathroom faucets manufactured by Kohler are top-notch which has made the company renowned worldwide due to their excellent design and durability of the models. 

The Kohler Devonshire is just one of the products from Kohler with some of the best features. These best modern bathroom faucets are two-handled and come pre-assembled on the valves, which make installing them quite comfortable. Additionally, they are designed with ceramic valves, which increases their durability. 

Did I mention that it is constructed with solid brass for reliability and enhanced durability? Not only that, they are built with materials that are resistant to corrosion and tarnishing, which makes them look great for a long time. Then this makes it feature in this list of the best bathroom faucets 2019 by default.  

Summary Comparison Table 



Beautiful look – this device is built to offer a stunning look, best for your bathroom.


Some customers have complained that they received the product damaged. They point out that the packaging was intact which means that the problem has to do with the shipping department or the manufacturer’s boxing.
Simple installation – the installation of this faucet is comfortable and won’t take you long. With the easy to understand user manual, it is suitable for use by both beginners and DIY enthusiasts. 



5. Moen T6905BN Voss Two-Handle 8 in. Widespread Bathroom Faucet Trim Kit, Valve Required, Brushed Nickel  

If you have just renovated your bath or planning to remodel it but you are in choosing which style between a modern and a traditional style then you need to know about this product from Moen. Moen T6905BN stands amongst the best bathroom faucets 2019. 

Moen T6905BN is designed with a blend of both styles which makes it unique and appealing for use with most high-end bathroom designs. The device is constructed with quality features that make it great for use in the bathroom and this earns it recognition in the list of the best bathroom faucets brand. 

The Moen T6905BN Voss is a two-handled faucet that is easy to install and also environmentally friendly. Additionally, it provides you with improved moving space and comes with crisp edges that boost its outlook. 

 Summary Comparison Table 



Easy to follow instructions – this device comes with an excellent installation guide, and this makes the installation a simple task.Does not come with valves – this means that you will need to purchase the working parts separately since they are not in the package.
Good finish – this faucet is built with a non-tarnish finish, this means that it can retain its attractive look for a long time. 



6. Delta Faucet Dryden 2-Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet with Metal Drain Assembly, Stainless 3551LF-SS


If you are looking for a bath faucet with a modern look, then you should try to find one with a clean design combined with a straight design. Delta Dryden is one of the best modern bathroom faucets in the market today. Well, this is precisely what you get with this Delta Dryden; the faucet is quite simple and gives your bath a sophisticated look.  

Delta Faucet Dryden is designed using Diamond Seal Technology, which makes it more durable with a long life. With a great look alongside great durability, you definitely want to have this faucet in your bathroom because it is one of the best bathroom faucets brand.  

Delta Dryden 3551LF-SS is WaterSense certified. Therefore, this implies that it cuts up to 20% water consumption, which makes it stand out among other models. With reduced water consumption, it will save you lots of money.  

 Summary Comparison Table 



Easy maintenance – the Delta Dryden is designed with an easy to clean finish, which only requires wiping with a towel to restore its stunning outlook.Does not include nut-extenders – this means that if you have a thick sink, then you might not be able to install the faucet.


Up to five finishes – this faucet comes in five different finishes, which makes selecting a suitable match for your bathroom quite simple. 



7. Delta Faucet Windemere 2-Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet with Metal Drain Assembly, Oil Rubbed Bronze B3596LF-OB  


Are you tired of using the standard faucets found in most bathrooms? Maybe you need a device that is unique and outstanding. If this is what you are looking for, then you have not met Windermere 2-Handle, a product from Delta. 

Delta Faucet Windemere is designed to meet most of the purposes you intend to use it for such as leaving a lasting impression on guests and family. It is not only built with a unique outlook, but it also comes with stylish finishes, and this makes it one of the best bathroom faucets brand. 

Being a product of Delta, one of the leading players in the industry, the quality of this product cannot be questioned. The faucet is durable, environmentally friendly, and works efficiently. In any best bathroom faucets brand, these are the attributes you would like to see. 

Summary Comparison Table 



Simple installation instructions – this device comes with easy to use installation instructions. Most users will handle the task without experiencing any problems.Not suitable for the proponents of the single-handle faucet 
Great finishes – this faucet is designed with oil bronze finish, which makes it the centerpiece regardless of the design of the bath it is used with. 



8. Delta Faucet Modern Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet with Drain Assembly, Chrome 567LF-PP  


If you have decided to remodel your bathroom, then you should look for the best plumbing fixtures to use. Basically, this is because when you do it right, it will add significant value if at some point you might want to dispose of the property. 

The 567LF-PP model is one of the most renowned faucets currently available in the market. It is designed to look simple with a fashionable look that can last for long. It is also built with a single handle, which works well making adjusting the water temperature easy. 

The Delta 567LF-PP is suitable for use with modern bathrooms because it is designed with straight lines, which fit perfectly in most bathroom designs.

The faucet is also designed to last long plus it is environmentally friendly, thus lowering water consumption and saving you some cash in the long run. Given this, the Delta 567LF-PP is one of the best bathroom faucets 2019 and will be standout for years to come. 

 Summary Comparison Table 



It is attractive – despite being designed with a simple outlook, this faucet is easily noticeable. Thus, this feature makes it suitable for use with most decorated bathroom sinks be it traditional or modern.567LF-PP is designed with a finish that makes spots easily noticeable. If you are not good at maintaining products such as cleaning regularly, then this faucet might not be suitable for you.
Environmentally friendly – this device is built to use lesser water as compared to other regular faucets. With reduced water consumption of up to 20%, it will cut you the water billing expenses, thus saving you some money. 



9. Moen 6410 Eva Two-Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet with Drain Assembly, Chrome 


If you are planning on selling your house in the future, then investing in the bathrooms and kitchen will pay off. In essence, this means that you need to equip these rooms with some of the best plumbing fixtures. 

The Moen 6410 Eva is a faucet that is designed with curved lines and clean edges to give your bath a modern and fashionable outlook you yearn for; this will make you endorse that this is one of the best bathroom faucets brand. 

Besides, Moen 6410 EVA is built with a strong body that can last for a long and comes with two lever handles, which allow you to adjust water flow when using this high-end bathroom faucet brand. The faucet produces water at a flow rate of approximately 1.2 gallons of water per minute, which is quite encouraging. 

Summary Comparison Table 



High-quality finish – this device comes with a finish that is durable and is resistant to wear and tear. The finish does not get scratched easily.Some users complain that after using the faucet for some time, the handles start getting stuck.
Stunning – this faucet is built with a blend of curved lines and straight lines, which gives it an elegant appearance. The stunning look is fashionable and can last for long. 


We have tried to get you the best brand type varieties. In case you need more models from the Kohler brand, we discuss more details about the Kohler brand here and other options we have not tackled. 

Kohler Bathroom Faucets

How do I identify my Kohler bathroom faucet? Are Kohler bathroom faucets guaranteed for life? Are you looking for the best faucets for your bathroom? What is the best brand of bathroom faucet? Kohler bathroom faucets are the ultimate solution for you. You will note that KOHLER is actually one of the top brands in the market when it comes to bathroom plumbing fixtures and fitting.

You will note that their toilets, tubs, and showerheads are one of the best-sellers all over the country. Their faucets are excellent too. If you are looking for the best Kohler bathroom faucets, you should consider the following:

1. KOHLER Fairfax K-12182-BN Single Handle Single Hole Bathroom Faucet with Metal Drain Assembly in Brushed Nickel


If you are looking for an elegant and stylish faucet, you should consider choosing this model. You will realize that it also comes with some great design and has a solid building quality. Its handle comes with a simple design that makes it easy to utilize when you are in the bathroom. Also, you will not require a lot of space to install it. Just like other nice models, it’s ADA-compliant.

On the top, you will see a temperature indicator. You will note that these little plug buttons are interchangeable. Here, you will be able to switch them depending on the setup of your piping. Finally, this faucet is made of solid brass with an elegant brushed nickel finish.

Its handle and the fitting are made of metal too. Therefore, there is no weak point that will let you down. Despite having these incredible features, this faucet is not very expensive; this makes it an excellent choice for you.


2. KOHLER Forte K-10215-4-BN Single Handle Single hole or Centerset Bathroom Faucet with Metal Drain Assembly in Brushed Nickel


This is another faucet from Kohler that you should not hesitate to buy. To start with, you will realize it is simple, elegant, and comes with one central handle. Also, it is made of high-quality material. Its smooth, bright finish and curved lines will mesmerize you.

Although this faucet is not expensive, it is build using solid brass. You can expect that the faucet, handle and fittings are all made of this material. Its brushed nickel finish is tarnish and spot-proof; this makes it desirable among many buyers out there.

Since this faucet comes with a ceramic disk valve inside, you can trust that it will last for long. For easy cleaning, this faucet comes with a smooth line and curved design. Also, its little temperature indicator at the top makes it unique from other fixtures of the same caliber.

Its high arch design makes it easy for you to wash your hands and even rinse them. Also, it is ADA-compliant; this makes it more incredible. When it comes to efficiency, this model has a 1.5 GPM flow rate; this actually exceeds both the EPA’s WaterSense recommendation and CalGreen state regulation for conservation.


3. Bathroom Faucet by KOHLER, Bathroom Sink Faucet, Alteo Collection, 2 Handle Widespread Faucet with Metal Drain, Brushed Nickel, K-45102-4-BN


If you are looking for a more modern faucet, you should consider choosing this faucet. To start with, it has a swooping curved neck and dual handles for a low yet graceful profile. It comes with the clean edges for a modern, minimal décor. Also, these edges make it blend well with natural motifs.

To make it feel sturdier, this model is made of solid brass with a brushed nickel finish. When it comes to the internal parts, this model has a ceramic disc valve, just like the model mentioned above. Finally, it has two knobs. As a result, you will have more precise control of both pressure and temperature. If you are able to find the right balance, you will have a very efficient faucet.


In brief, just consider the above-mentionedKohlerbathroom faucets today, and you will not regret it. They have been tested and have proved to be very effective in the past. Next time you are remodeling your bathroom, these faucets should top the list. You will never go wrong with them. Also, don’t forget to match them with the best Kohler sinks. 

You can watch this video to understand how to fix your leaky bathroom faucet

Are Delta Faucets better than Moen?

Would you like to change the current bathroom faucet setup? There are many factors that you should consider. It is important that you choose the faucet manufacturer that is more reputable out there.

In any case, the last thing you would wish is to buy a faucet that does not perform well. This is the reason why most people usually prefer to choose Moen or Delta faucets. But then, which is better between the two? 

When it comes to faucets, the faucets mentioned above are at the top of the game. However, the million-dollar question most people ask is, whether the Delta faucets are better than Moen? This section will review both of them and will inform you whether the Delta faucets are better than the Moen:

1. Style

When it comes to style, both brands have a wide variety of designs and styles. This can make it harder for you to make a good decision. However, you will note that Delta usually has a better variety of selection compared to Moen.

Some of the variations you can expect to find in the Delta faucets are the Leland for a traditional look, Essa for transitional, and finally, Trinsic for modern looks. This makes Delta faucets better than the Moen in terms of style.

2. Finish

If you are looking for a faucet for your bathroom, you should be keen to check its finish. Both Delta and Moen faucets usually have chrome and oil rubbed finish.

The chrome finish makes the faucet to have low maintenance. The low maintenance material usually offers a glossy and sparkling finish to the faucets. Here, you can trust that the faucets will last for ages.

On the other hand, the oil-rubbed bronze gives it an elegant and traditional touch, which is one of those things that most buyers look for.

Although these brands usually have the features mentioned above, there is a difference among them. Along with these two finishes, the brands offer different colors too. For the Moen, it offers majestic colors such as black and silver.

However, Delta provides an exciting variety of colors, such as black or Venetian bronze. Here, both of them have finish polishes. However, if you like elegant looks, you should consider the Moen faucets.

3. Advanced technology

You will note that both products usually use enhanced touch and touchless technology. However, these faucets use different methods.

For the Delta, faucets use both the touch and touchless technology which is provided by a Touch20 chip installed inside the faucet.

Here, the chip allows the faucet to detect and guess when it is needed to be activated. As a result, this will prevent any unwanted dirt or germs from being delivered to the faucet’s body by your hand.

Also, the Delta offers Temp Sense technology. This feature allows you to know the temperature of the water prior to the opening of the faucet. The Temp Sense feature will help you to keep you from burning your hands with hot kitchen water.

Moen on the other hand uses an advanced motion sensor technology installed inside the faucet. These sensors are situated on the base and at the top. They are usually activated by any motion. Here, the delta faucet is better than the Moen faucet.

4. Price

The Moen kitchen faucet can be bought both in a brick & mortar store and even online. Faucets belong to thins brand can range from $80 – $700. The Delta kitchen faucets can also be purchased both in brick and mortar stores and even online.

However, these faucets range from $75- $585. Therefore, the Delta faucet takes the lead. This is because it offers excellent and quite similar features and still manages to be cheaper than Moen kitchen faucets. 

In sum, it is true to say that the Delta faucet is better than Moen faucets. This is because Delta faucets have diverse technology features, different color schemes, and offer a more economical price than Moen. Consider investing in Delta faucets today, and you will not be frustrated.

What To Do if your Best Bathroom Faucets Brand is Leaky 

I have to be honest with you in this case and disclose to you that even the high-end bathroom faucet brands develop issues at some point in life.

But do you remove and throw away an excellent bathroom faucet, which is just leaky? I cannot advise you to do this unless the problem is extremely significant.

You need to learn how to repair a leaky bathroom faucet and do-it-yourself. Otherwise, you can call a professional plumber who has all the sets of tools in his/her toolbox and has the work done for you. After the repair is done, you will continue using the high-end and best bathroom faucets brand for a prolonged duration. 


In summary, when remodeling or renovating your bathroom, one of the most crucial parts is ensuring that the plumbing fixtures match. If you don’t do this right, then you might end up with a bathroom that is not appealing.

Perhaps, this means that you must be keen on every step to ensure that you don’t waste time and money on the project. Acquire the best bathroom faucets brand by following this helpful comprehensive guide! A faucet is a critical element of the bath, which demands lots of attention to ensure that it matches with the rest of the fixtures.

Without experience, finding the best bathroom faucets brand for your bathroom could be a hectic task. Specifically, this is because a high-end bathroom faucet not only has to function correctly but has to have an excellent outlook and match your bathroom decor.

Depending on the design of your bathroom you need to select only top-notch faucets that fit your bathroom. In the end, this is why this guide offers a list of the best bathroom faucets brand and can help you pick the best.

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