What is Green Dry Cleaning?

green dry cleaning

Chances are you have heard about dry-cleaning in the recent past. This refers to any cleaning process for clothing and textiles where chemical solvents are used instead of water. Thus, you won’t clean your sink and other metallic appliances using this approach. In most cases, when one is doing his laundry, you can opt to … Read more

Which Tiles are better for Flooring?

floor tiles

When it comes to the flooring of your home, there are many options that you can consider. These different tiles types include hardwood, carpet, slate, and even tiles. These are all attractive options that can look great in any home. However, most homeowners now prefer flooring tiles for their homes. First, you will note that … Read more

Are Wooden Toilet Seats Hygienic?

Wooden Toilet Seat

Is wooden toilet seats the right option? Is it one among the best toilet seats? Most homeowners have installed toilets in their homes. You will note that these toilets normally help them enjoy more convenience as they do not need to step out of their houses when they want to relieve themselves and so on. … Read more

What is an ADA Compliant Toilet?

ADA compliant toilet

Before we delve into the ADA compliant toilet idea, I gonna ask you: are you living with a person with disabilities? There are many factors that you should consider when buying your best flushing toilet bowl. You will note that these individuals need to be well taken care of. Here, you need to ensure that … Read more