What Backsplash Goes Well With White Cabinets?

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white kitchen backsplash ideasDo you have any white kitchen backsplash ideas? Have you ever been to a kitchen with white cabinets? You will note that white cabinets are becoming very popular out there. They are the new trend for most kitchens.

First and foremost, the white color is known to create a bright space. This way, your kitchen will look bigger than it actually is. Also, it makes your kitchen look more modern.

If you have white cabinets, you will be encouraged to clean them more and can make your kitchen more inviting. The good news is that these white cabinets provide you with an opportunity to get creative when it comes to a backsplash.

First, you will note that backsplashes are an integral part of any kitchen design. Besides adding beauty to your kitchen, they usually play a key role in protecting the wall space behind your countertops and so on.

Do you want the area around your best kitchen sink and superior faucet to look neat at all times? Having a good backsplash could be a great idea. This means that your kitchen walls will be protected from any spills or splatters that might occur when one is cooking. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary kitchen, there will always be a backsplash that is ideal for you.


White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

The following are the white kitchen backsplash ideas:

1. Marble

If you are looking for an excellent choice to pair your white kitchen cabinets, you should consider using marble backsplash. The good news is that there will be plenty of options to choose from.

For instance, you can choose a bright white marble to match these cabinets or a darker marble to contrast it. Marble countertops can be a focal point wherever they are installed.

The same applies to marble backsplashes. Most homeowners usually prefer to use this elegant natural stone to incorporate beauty in their kitchens. Marble is known to be a gorgeous addition to any kitchen space.

It is a wonderful option for those homeowners who want definition and beauty in their kitchens. However, once you install it, you should take care of it so that it can look good all the time.

2. Granite

Granite is another popular option for many homeowners. It is a good option when you want to remodel your kitchen. Granite backsplash will look great in your white kitchen.

If you have white cabinets, this versatile natural stone will add the wow factor in your kitchen. One advantage of using granite is that it can be found in different colors and styles.

Since they can be found in almost all colors and styles, you can be sure that you will not fail to find something that pairs well with your white cabinetry.

This material is known to be beautiful, long-lasting, and resistant to stain. Also, it is resistant to scratching and burning. This makes it to be desired by many homeowners out there.

3. Glass

Are you looking for a backsplash that is modern in style, you should choose glass backsplash for your white cabinets. Besides being beautiful, you will note that this backsplash will last for longer.

It is resistant to scratches, staining, and even heat. Therefore, if you choose glass slab backsplash, you will be able to create a visual impact in your kitchen. Your kitchen will look trendy and more attractive.

4. Travertine

Do you want to add a feeling of light and life in your kitchen? You should consider having a travertine backsplash today. The good news is that this incredible natural stone normally comes in a wide range of lighter colors.

This makes it a good option for white kitchens out there. Most homeowners normally get attracted to the long streaks and consistent coloring of this stone. Choosing this backsplash will maximize the impact of the stone’s beauty.

5. Tiles

Most homeowners usually choose to install tiles in their homes due to the aesthetic appeal they create in most homes. However, did you know that tile backsplash can work wonders for your white kitchen?

If you choose to have this kind of backsplash for your kitchen, you will have the liberty to choose from white to darker colored options.

It all depends on what works well for you. For instance, if you chose white tiles to match your kitchen cabinets, you will be able to put the emphasis elsewhere or in small details such as adding brassed knobs to your cabinets.

Besides the colors, you will be able to choose from different styles. These include mosaic style, subway tile, and so on. You will also be free to select from different patterns such as chevron, herringbone, and so on. One advantage with a tile backsplash is that you can readily install them on your own.

If you want to add some complexity to your white kitchen, you can consider using geometric tiles. These tiles normally come in various sizes and shapes.

They can be arranged into eye-catching designs. One advantage of these kinds of tiles as your backsplash is that they are easy to maintain and clean.

6. Stainless steel

Are you looking for a more of a modern outside-the-box option to pair with your white kitchen cabinets? Stainless steel backsplash is the ultimate solution for you.

If you have some stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, you can be sure that this backsplash will complete the incredible look.

One advantage of this backsplash option is that it is very easy to maintain and fits ideal with most modern-style kitchens. It can also be used in kitchens that have a contemporary design.

7. Windows

A backsplash does not have to be a solid wall. Therefore, you can consider adding windows in your white kitchen. By doing this, you will be able to light up your kitchen naturally.

When installing these windows, you should check with your local building inspector to ensure that it meets the local planning guidelines.

8. Stone

Stone is normally relegated to exterior applications. However, you can still install stone facing indoors in your white kitchen. This can make your kitchen look warmer.

The look of stone adds a distinguished European vibe to your kitchen. This is an easy backsplash DIY project that you can undertake in your home.


All these kinds of backsplashes can transform your kitchen and make it look more modern. It will look more beautiful and attractive. The most difficult part of finding an ideal backsplash for your white cabinets might be narrowing down your option. From the gorgeous and durable slabs of natural stone to white tiles backsplashes, there is surely an option for you to choose from. By installing these kinds of backsplashes, you will be able to increase the value of your home. Consider these white kitchen backsplash ideas today and you will have an appealing kitchen.

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