How do you Decorate Black and White Floor Tiles?

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Black and White Floor TilesWhat should I do with my floors? Are black and white floor tiles possible to improve? This is a question that most homeowners ask out there. Some usually choose to install wood flooring while others prefer to have carpets in their homes. All these floorings can improve the value of your home. However, did you know that tile flooring can make your home look more presentable?

By installing tiles in your home, it will not only look presentable but can help you save more money. This is because tiles are known to be resilient and adaptable. Black and white tiles are a good option for your home. The black and white tiles combination has been in style for many decades.

The good news is that these tiles come in various sizes, formats including mosaics, in both gloss and mat finishes. This has made these tiles to become more popular in today’s design schemes and can add a considerable vibrancy to any setting. This combination is both alluring and breath-taking.


Black and White Floor Tiles Ideas 

Also, it is an epitome of sophistication and grace. It can add a dramatic touch to your design scheme effortlessly. Did you know that you can decorate these tiles in your home? Since they are extremely versatile, you can decorate them in several ways. The following are ideas on how to decorate black and white tiles in your home:

1. Cut these tiles into beautiful shapes

With black and white floor tiles, you can readily cut them into beautiful shapes. Here, you can create a flower inspired backsplash using black and white tiles. This can go a long way in making your kitchen look more beautiful.

It is a good way to give your kitchen a new look. The good news is that you can readily cut these tiles in different shapes. Whatever shape that pleases you, you can be certain that the tiles will look beautiful and more appealing.

2. Play with the pattern

You will note that the traditional pattern for black and white tile following is a checkerboard design. This design is known to be more classic and elegant. However, you can decorate it more by creating a more unusual pattern.

Here; you can line up alternating rows of black and white to create a striped effect for a fun look in your kitchen or living room. In the front foyer, you can consider using black tiles to form diamonds and surround them with white tiles for a striking look.

3. Surround the tiles with black and white furnishings

If you want to have a retro feel in your home, you should use black and white floor tiles. This is usually the case if you choose to have a checkerboard pattern. However, you can give this flooring a modern twist by surrounding them with black and white furnishings. This, in turn, gives your room a stark look.

If you have a smaller house, you can use white for a wall color. To make this design pop, you can consider adding some black accessories and décor. This can make your room to have a contemporary look. If you have a larger room, you can paint the walls black and then use white as an accent shade.

4. Pair it with grey

Since black and white floor tiles can make a strong design statement, you can consider pairing it with a neutral color that does not compete with it. As a result, you will not pair it with a bold color. For instance, you can use grey shade to pair your flooring. One advantage of using grey is that it is a natural addition to a black and white color scheme.

Since it is a popular color in interior design, grey-scale tones usually coordinate with both shades seamlessly. It can go a long way in producing a calming effect since it is a neutral color. It is therefore ideal to pair your black and white tiles with small hints of grey.

5. Pair it with a bold color

If you are not a fan of neutral colors, you can consider using a bold color to pair these tiles. One advantage of black and white tiles is that you can either use neutral or bold colors for a striking look. For instance, you can pair these tiles with bright red or golden yellow color on the walls to warm-up space.

You should ensure that one color is repeated throughout the room so as not only to create a bold look but simple cohesion. Here, you can readily show your creativity and playful side with endless possibilities of combination that works well for you.You really do not have to sacrifice color and whimsy when you opt for a black and white tile design.

6. Compliment it with brown color

Sometimes, you might want to avoid that overly modern or stack look when you have black and white floor tiles. As a result, you can consider decorating this design with shades of brown and tan. For instance, natural elements such as a woven basket can be very fictional in this case.

This is a good trick for giving your space some warmth and life. Besides having a woven basket, you can consider including natural fibers, linens, plants, and warm wood tones as well. This will go a long way in fostering a cozy and relaxed environment in your home.

Incorporating some shades of brown can soften the overall look. As such, this way your floor will be more inviting.

7. Compliment it with gold

Gold is known to be the epitome of luxury and beauty. Complimenting your tiles with gold can help you grab more attention as this color shows some levels of sophistication. It is a good way to decorate your tiles.

You can readily incorporate it directly into your tile design or just add a nod to it with gilded fixtures. Here, you can have a brushed-gold faucet above your flooring. Styling it with some elegant touch of gold can make your tiles look more attractive.


Decorating the tiles in your home can make them look more appealing. Black and white floor tiles can provide a sophistication look in your home. You can further decorate it by considering the above-mentioned ideas. Although this design might appear simple to some, it can look more classic by considering these ideas today. Since it is more versatile with any color combination, it remains to be a good flooring option for your home. Consider these ideas today and your black and white tiles will have a fresh look.

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