How do you install Above Cabinet Lighting?

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Above Cabinet LightingAre you looking for a good way to light up your kitchen? Is the above cabinet light ideal for your kitchen? Alternatively, do you have a custom kitchen cabinet to match your lighting needs? Regarding the custom kitchen cabinet, Neo Kitchen will professionally help your dream design. But even after their help, you need matching with suitable lighting.

When it comes to lighting, there are many factors that you should consider. You can’t doubt kitchen is the heart of every home and requires a suitable lighting installation.

When you decide to redesign your home, no spare inch should be overlooked. Lighting up your kitchen can be a good way of remodeling it. This way, you will make it look bigger and more welcoming. Above all, you will improve the aesthetic appeal of this space.

Kitchen cabinets serve as a crucial space for storing items in your kitchen. In most cases, they normally surround the countertop and range of your kitchen including kitchen sinks and faucets.

These spaces normally require a well-planned and positioned lighting to ensure they are well illuminated while setting the mood at the same time. One of those lights that help illuminate the kitchen is the above-cabinet task lighting.


The Above-Cabinet Lighting

With this kind of lighting, you will be able to bring in a sense of lightness especially if you install LED strip lights over the overhead cabinets. This way, you will be able to illuminate the space between the ceiling and then overhead cabinets.

Here, diffused illumination is created as the light will be thrown upwards. What will be the aftermath? You will be able to make your kitchen look more modern.

The good news is that above cabinet lighting is simpler than under cabinet lighting as the strips will not be visible. Interestingly, the installation also does not have to be concealed like under cabinet lighting.

How do you Install Lights above Kitchen Cabinets?

If you choose to install the above cabinet lighting, there are some basic steps that you should follow for you to end up with good results. These include:

1. Measure and clean the mountain surface

The first step that you should undertake is to measure the space that you want to illuminate. Here, you not only need to measure the length but also the upward distance that you would like to light up.

This way, you will know the right kind of lighting that suits your needs. Once you get these dimensions, you will be able to get the ideal lights for this purpose.

However, this is not enough. You also need to clean up the mounting surface. This way, the double-sided VHB tape will adhere for longer. For better results, you can consider using alcohol to clean these surfaces.

Once you clean them, you should allow these surfaces to dry up before you begin the installation process. If this surface is not very clean and smooth; you can consider using screws or mounting clips for your lights. This has worked well for many people out there.

2. Mount the above cabinet lights

Once you have cleaned the surface properly, time is ripe for you to install the above cabinet lights. Here, you will begin by peeling off the cover of the VHB double-sided tape and then stick your LED strips to your mounting surface. As you do this, you should ensure that you press firmly so that the tape sticks to the surface firmly.

3. Connect the lights to the power supply

Now that these lights have been installed above your cabinets, the next step is to connect them to the power supply. Here, you can install a low voltage LED transformer or power supply.

It is worth noting that these lights do not need a high voltage to operate. In most cases, they work with a low DC voltage. If you do not have any sufficient experience in dealing with high voltage electricity, you can hire a professional electrician to help you out.

As you do this, you should ensure the input AC power is off first to reduce the chances of getting electrocuted. You should first switch the main supply off and then finish the connection setup.

As you finish the setup, you should avoid leaving bare wire as this can be detrimental. Wire connectors or a solder and heat shrink can help you out.

4. Turn on the power and test the connection

Once everything is done, you can switch on the main power supply, and then test if your work was impactful. Ideally, the LED lights should light up immediately. This is usually the case if the LED transformer is well installed. If the lights come on, your connection was okay.

However, if the lights fail to come on, something could be wrong with your connection. Chances are, the polarity of your wires is wrong or your connection was simply not right.

If this happens, you can contact an expert to help you. Remember that you are dealing with electricity and you might get electrocuted or cause fires unawares in your kitchen.

5. Clean up the work area

Here, you should consider removing all those debris that might have fallen on your kitchen’s surface and even on the countertops. This will leave your kitchen looking more attractive and clean.

You can then light up these lights and see the new changes in your kitchen. It will simply look fantastic.

It is true to say that adding a high-quality indirect light can bring life to any room. This is something that most homeowners and designers are discovering now. Installing the above cabinet lighting is a popular way to achieve this objective.

One advantage of this project is that you can do it on your own. It will go a long way in improving the visual appeal of any space.

LED lights are a good option when you want to light up the area between the cabinet and the ceiling. You will make your kitchen look brighter and more modern while saving more money on your energy bills.


These kinds of lights are capable of proving a soft, ambient light in your kitchen. They can set the mood of your kitchen by providing a warm glow on the walls and ceiling of your kitchen. Consider these ideas when installing above the cabinet lights today and your kitchen will have a fresh look. It will be a place where everyone will envy spending more time be it cooking or taking meals. By having this kind of lighting in your kitchen, you can be certain that you will be able to transform it more effectively.

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