Chrome vs. Stainless Steel Faucet-Which One is Better?

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Chrome vs. stainless steel faucet


Chrome vs. stainless steel faucet











Chrome vs. stainless steel faucet debate has been there for decades. You need to build a solid understanding of the differences between the two types of faucets before you head to the market to buy one

If shiny objects attract you, and you need to get a faucet, then those with chrome or stainless finish are the options that you should consider. This is because they come in durable and bright designs that demand reduced maintenance.

However, what is their difference? Or simplify put, which one best suits your need? These two options are quite famous, and anyone could find themselves in a difficult situation trying to find which one would be best for their bathroom or kitchen.

When selecting décor for your house or business premise, choosing the metal material can be hard because bathroom fixtures, kitchen, and décor have different requirements for durability and aesthetics. This is why most people need to understand the difference between chrome and steel before making purchases.

The differences between a stainless steel faucet and chrome faucet are subtle, which makes selecting one of them narrow to which one best suits your bathroom or kitchens sinks and your personal preferences. Of course, this is just one of the critical differences. If you are interested in finding out the difference, read on to find more.


Chrome Vs. Stainless Steel Faucet – The Difference in Makeup

The main difference between a chrome faucet and stainless steel faucet is what is used in their construction. Stainless steel is designed with a metal alloy which contains nickel, carbon, aluminium, silicon, molybdenum, and chromium. It is constructed without plating, more than 10.5% chromium, and 8-10% nickel to enhance its durability.

Various types of stainless steel can be created by varying the amounts of chromium and nickel in the alloy.

Chrome, on the other hand, is a short form of chromium which means plating; overlaid on a metal core. Unlike stainless steel, chrome purely consists of chromium, and it is not an alloy.

In this case, chrome vs. stainless steel faucet comparison does not reveal which has better makeup. It all depends on personal judgment and aesthetic. 

The Difference in Usability

Chrome faucets are constructed with a gleaming and polished finish. These two features plus the ability to withstand corrosion makes it suitable for use in decorating your kitchen or bathroom faucets. Chrome faucets are also designed with a lightweight design which is attributed to the light metal used to build them. 

Additionally, chrome faucets can be used in sinks of healthcare facilities like in clinics and patient’s rooms. However, they are not preferred for use in operating rooms or similar environments which require long-term care. This is because chrome faucets are not easy to clean. Therefore, they are not suitable for use since this area demands high hygiene care. 

On the other hand, stainless steel faucets can be used in any healthcare environment. This is due to their longevity and easy to clean surfaces which make cleaning and controlling infection much easy. 

These are the reasons why stainless steel faucets are currently produced in large volumes, in various grades and finish types, including texture and color. Most people who are remodelling their homes are attracted to this product due to its numerous benefits such as wear and atmospheric corrosion resistance, cleanability, fire resistance, durability, and strength. 

In my view, chrome vs. stainless steel faucet that last wins in the comparison.

Chrome Vs. Stainless Steel Faucet – Which one is Prone to Rusting?

Stainless steel faucets are constructed with the same materials both inside and outside. Since steel is resistant to rust, it can withstand scratches on the surface. This makes it suitable for use in the kitchen and bathrooms. 

Chrome faucets also do not rust, but their appearance will become dull when they are exposed to poor conditions and damaged. However, the inner surface and the outer surface of chrome faucets are not the same. Since the outer surface is the one which is rust resistant, when it gets damaged or is removed due to wear and tear, the inner surface is exposed to rust. 

According to my opinion, in this chrome vs. stainless steel faucet comparison, stainless steel wins. 


While chrome faucets are partially recyclable, steel is fully recyclable. This is because faucets made of chrome are likely to tarnish over time which changes their appearance making them not attractive anymore. 

Additionally, to keep chrome faucets clean, you need to use harsh cleaners which will cause deterioration when used regularly. This is what makes chrome faucets to have a considerably short life cycle. On the contrary, stainless steel is rust resistant and does not get tarnished with time. This makes it suitable for recycling even after being used for long.

In this chrome vs. stainless steel faucet comparison, the latter wins.


How long do chrome faucets last? The durability of chrome is dependent on how frequent they are used and the level of care taken. However, in dry environments and low usage areas, chrome faucets could last for several years. 

But when the outer surface is damaged leaving the raw steel exposed, the faucet will corrode and start rusting. The coating can be removed by sliding metal objects over the surface of the faucets. As soon as the protective surface is penetrated, rust and corrosion start spreading in the inner surfaces which makes the remaining outer surface to loosen and fall off. 

What makes stainless steel faucet different from chrome faucets is the fact that they are more durable than chrome faucets. However, it might not withstand any wear and tear or stains.

The environment in which it is being used also has a significant influence on its durability. This is why stainless steel faucet mostly fit areas which demand high strength, resistance to corrosion and low cost such as in kitchens of big hotels. When they are handled well, they can last for several years since they are also 100% reusable. 

In the chrome vs. stainless steel faucet comparison, only the level of care and environment under which the two types of faucets can determine their lifespan.

Chrome Vs. Stainless Steel Faucet – Which One is the Shiniest and Bright?

Chrome faucets are the most preferred for decoration since they are brighter and shiner when compared with stainless steel faucet. The only challenge with using chrome faucets is that they can get scratched easily and shows dirt and fingerprints easily. 

However, if you can observe proper care and maintenance, then you are in a better position to benefiting from these products. This means that before buying chrome faucets, you should consider whether there will be many people frequently touching it. For instance, if you have playful children, then it could be at a higher risk of getting scratched. 

Concerning how bright the faucets a appear, chrome faucets still has it all. This feature makes it suitable for the beautification of your bathroom or kitchen but keeping it clean remains a challenge.

Due to their high shinning level, water spots and fingerprints are easily noticeable. If you are using abrasive cleaners, then chrome faucets might not be the best to have since they can quickly get damaged. 

Different from chrome faucets, stainless steel faucet are not shiny. This is because they are designed with a metal alloy which does not require plating. The fact that it is not as bright as chrome faucets make it suitable for hiding fingerprints if this is what you find to be challenging. It is also built with chromium and nickel which enhances their durability. 

The good thing about the high-quality stainless steel faucet is that they are corrosion resistant, scratch resistant, and tarnish resistant. Additionally, even though they are less shiny when compared to chrome faucets, they are easy to maintain since they need less cleaning due to their ability to disguise spots better than chrome faucets.

So, if you need long-term solutions for your new kitchen or bathroom or after remodelling, then these faucets could be the best to consider. Since they can stay fit for long and can even be reused saves you from the need to purchase a new one often in the long run. 

Regarding brightness and shiny model, chrome wins the battle. 

The Level of Care Required

These two types of faucets differ when it comes to the level of care that each demands. Chrome faucets are designed with polished surfaces, which mean that they readily reveal scratches or fingerprints. This means that if you need to have chrome faucets in your kitchen or bathroom, then you must exercise a high level of care in using and cleaning them. 

If your room is likely to have many people using the faucets, then you might have a hard time keeping it in excellent condition. Additionally, depending on the quality of your faucet and the level of care that you observe, flaking or plate pealing can occur. If the faucets are also exposed to sunlight in your kitchen, then you might experience some light reflection. 

In contrast, stainless steel is very durable and more comfortable to clean compared to chrome. Even if it is used or cleaned frequently, it does not dent easily and still scratch resistant. If you use your faucet frequently then having stainless steel is the best option.

What’s interesting about stainless steel products is that they need low maintenance. Regardless of whether you are using it in a bathroom or kitchen, all you need for cleaning them are detergents and water.

Chrome Vs. Stainless Steel Faucet – Additional Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Finish

If you are remodelling or constructing your bathroom or your kitchen, there are lots of plumbing products to pick from, and each of them is designed with a different finish. You could change the faucets yourself, but just be careful you don’t end up breaking the system, which might end up causing a leak and you’ll need to call in a same day plumber to ratify the problem.

The choice of finish of the faucet you choose can either break or make the design of your room. This is why you need to be keen when selecting the next faucet to use. Since chrome faucets and stainless steel faucet are the most popular, it narrows to a choice of which one you prefer most. 

Here are some of the factors to help you choose between the two faucets: 

  • Proximity

Before you proceed to make any purchases, it is essential to know whether there are other fixtures in your room that they should match. This is because you don’t want to buy a faucet only to worsen the appearance in the place you wish to improve. 

If you will be remodelling more than one room in your project, it is critical to ensure that the plumbing equipment match. However, you might decide to put chrome faucets in one place and stainless steel faucets in the other room which is acceptable. 

  • Brand

The difference between chrome faucets and stainless steel faucet can differ depending on the choice of brand. There are several products on the market which are similar, and one can quickly get confused. This is why it is essential to establish what makes one brand different from the other. 

So, before buying your next faucet, you can contact a professional to help you in identifying the best one. This way, you will avoid buying the wrong products especially if you buy online. 

  • Spot Resistance

This is another factor that most people are concerned when buying faucets. They want to know how much effort is needed in cleaning them since no one wants an item that consumes most of their time when cleaning.

If you need a faucet that is easy to clean with little maintenance, then you should consider getting a stainless steel faucet instead of chrome faucets. 

  • Price

When it comes to price, stainless steel faucet usually comes with higher rates as compared to chrome faucets. This is because they are considered to be more superior regarding durability and quality. Most people prefer investing in this product once instead of having to buy new ones often due to damage or corrosion.

You can watch this short video for further comparison regarding chrome vs. stainless steel faucet.


From the differences between these two types of faucets, it is clear that chrome faucets are the best regarding shining, brightness and beautiful appearance. Stainless steel faucets, on the other hand, are strong and more durable with little maintenance costs.

Additionally, stainless steel is resistant to scratches and corrosion, and it does not tarnish easily even when cleaned or used often. Chrome faucets are partially durable in that once the outer protective layer is damaged; the inner raw steel can easily contact rust and corrode quickly. 

With this information on chrome faucets vs. stainless steel faucet, you should be able to decide on which type of faucet best fits your room. The costs also vary concerning the choice of design, plus stainless steel faucets are generally costlier as compared to chrome faucets. This is why when buying either of these two types of faucets, you should be guided by your taste and preference and how you intend to use it.

However, regardless of the choice of the faucet that you settle on, both of them demand good care to ensure that their durability is maximized. 

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