Choosing Bathroom Sink Faucet: Step-by-step Actionable Guide

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Bathroom sink faucetChoosing bathroom sink faucet should not trouble you since this simple guide will help you to make an informed decision in choosing bathroom sink faucet.

You might be in the process of acquiring a bathroom sink faucet or even have schemed to do so. In some cases, it might be too hectic especially when you are not aware of the important considerations that you need to follow when choosing the best bathroom sink faucet.

Probably, this has delayed you in a bid to acquire a new bathroom sink faucet or to replace an old one. Of course, going to the market when armed with the right details will help you to circumvent the challenge and this will make you avoid making common mistakes.


Factors to Consider when Choosing Bathroom Sink Faucet 

Though you might have heard people in your neighborhood say, all that matter is the faucet’s finish, style, and fit, this is not always the case. There is a broad spectrum of deliberations that you need to embrace when choosing bathroom sink faucet.

Before you settle on being dictated by the preference of the bathroom sink faucet, you must have explored and found different types, fit and finishes among many more other considerations. The tone set up when choosing bathroom sink faucet should have its origin in research.

Sometimes, you might leave the budget to dictate your decision when choosing bathroom sink faucet. However, this is again not a good way to do it. You still need to embody a wide body of knowledge to do the selection with ease. Most are the times that people associate expensive bathroom sink faucets with decency.

I tend to inform you that even with low price scale, you have an opportunity to acquire a decent bathroom sink faucet if you are armed with the right information. Since modern day technology has changed the entire outlook of how people view things, the same has been implicated in the manufacture of bathroom sink faucets.

Thus, people are coming into term with the advanced features that are inbuilt in such models. Irrespective of this case, people still use the old bathroom faucets and this will only depend on the decision of an individual.

In this post, I will inform you about the most important fundamental considerations to reflect when choosing bathroom sink faucet to ease your decision-making process.  

Think About Construction and Valve Model  

The compatibility between the type of valves and the bathroom sink faucet should be an essential feature to think about. Every bathroom sink faucet is suited to use a particular valve and this should be an area of emphasis.

In some cases, the choice of the valve depends on how the sink is constructed. All this is informed by the fact that you need a bathroom sink faucet that can last for some years. If it is integrated with the right valve model, it will be much possible to serve you for a number of years.

In considering the construction of the bathroom sink faucet, you have to be aware of the material used to compose it. In some cases, manufacturers elect to use cheap plastic and polish it. In such a case, it is not possible for the bathroom sink faucet to last for long, thus, this is not a reliable one.

When choosing bathroom sink faucet, consider buying the one whose the body of the spout is brass-made. With the use of this material type, it is possible for the manufacturers to coat it with chrome plating which helps to prevent corrosion.

When it comes to the ideal valve, this should leave you thinking about how to make use of the bathroom sink faucet. This is the movable section of the bathroom sink faucet and you use it to get the water. In choosing bathroom sink faucet, you ought to consider how this part has been designed by the producer.

Various technologies are used to construct these valves. You need to be aware of these technologies since they influence how water is controlled in the bathroom sink faucet. Such technologies encompass the following:

  • Ball valves are applicable to the single lever bathroom sink faucets. You might be in need of using both hot and cold water and ball valves will serve you well. This type of valve has a spout that embodies slots. Such slots regulate the water flow and also mix both cold and hot water at the discretion of the user.
  • You can also reflect on choosing bathroom sink faucet which has a compression valve. The main advantage here is that these valve faucets are built with separate handles for hot and cold water. They are the simplest to use. In contrast, these valves need regular maintenance services, which might be costly to you in the long run. The issue here is that the valve does not last for long.
  • Another technology is the use of ceramic disc valves. It has two ceramic discs, which are hard and extremely polished. They are designed to slide over each other. When they slide over each other, they produce a motion, which helps to regulate the flow of water. These valves are durable; hence, reliable and can serve you for a long period. On the flip side, they are expensive. When choosing bathroom sink faucet, it is upon you to consider between durability and the expensive nature of the ceramic disc valves.
  • Finally, your decision can rest on choosing bathroom sink faucet that has cartridge valves. It has sleeves that are hollow and made to move inside each other. Such a movement blocks or opens the holes and this controls the water flow. The problem with this type is that you will need to make regular replacements due to frequent wear and tears of the seals. Unlike ceramic discs, they are less expensive.

Reflect on the Faucet’s Configuration

The idea of configuration entails particular considerations that are done when mounting the bathroom sink faucet. For instance, it can be a matter of how many holes are required to mount it. For example, you can settle on a single hole bathroom faucet.

In some cases, you might be having a sink that requires a faucet with two handles while others need a single lever faucet. Bathroom sink faucet configurations are best described by the use of widespread and centerset terms. People uphold a great debate on widespread vs centerset faucets. The decision here rests on your liking.

As an illustration to this, you can have a centerset bathroom faucet which is designed to have a distance between the handles at 3 or 4 inches. At the base of the unit, the centerset joins the spout and handle together. The primary use of these two terms is to describe the dimensions between the configuration holes.

These holes are already built in the sink where you wish to install the bathroom faucet. The coverage, in this case, has been in event of having a single hole bathroom faucet which is about to be installed in two holes. In some instances, you might opt to have a bathroom sink that has three holes in which you wish to have a two-hole faucet.

Such an instance is also possible but the right configuration needs to be done. In such a case, the handle and spout will have to be installed on a deck plate. Now that informs your decision when choosing bathroom sink faucet that embodies a centerset design.

Still, you can think about choosing bathroom sink faucet which is widespread. The implication here is that each handle for this faucet type is designed to produce either cold or hot water. These handles are Six inches apart. A small bathroom will not be suitable for such type of configuration due to the issue of space. Therefore, you need to do the widespread vs centerset faucets comparison quite well.

You will need three holes; one for spout and the other two for handles. You can also think about having a wall-mounted faucet. These bathroom faucets are best for sinks that are mounted on a vanity surface. In fact, they are designed to work well for vessel sinks. It is upon the decision of the user to ponder about the right height before installing the faucet.

In some instances, you might find a single hole bathroom faucet working well for you. A single hole bathroom faucet is the one that has a handle and spout joined together. They are designed to be two-levered, single lever and one-hole faucet. In case you are choosing bathroom sink faucet that is one-holed, be informed that this has a configuration attached to both sides of the spout.

Only one plumbing access hole is required for configuration. If you are choosing bathroom sink faucet for a replacement, buy a faucet that is compatible with your bathroom sink to ease the configuration process. For example, this can be based on the number of holes that your sink has.

If you are doing it for the first time, you are not compelled by any circumstance to purchase the faucet. It will be all about your decision at that moment in time.

The Bathroom Sink Faucet’s Finish

In some cases, the designer can make the interior parts of a bathroom sink faucet by use of material such as brass or plastics. In any of these cases, the producer will have to put a décor on the outside surface. The outside treatment of the faucet is now the finish. It is essential to the faucet because it offers some protection and color.

Designers have a wide variety of finishes; when choosing bathroom sink faucet, you can opt for the preferred choice. Some of these finishes are nickel, brass, chrome plating, oil rubbed bronze, brushed copper, satin gold, and matte among many more others. The means through which a finish has been applied to the bathroom sink faucet should be a point to think about for the buyer.

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is one of the most outstanding finishes. By use of this means, a coating is usually applied to the faucet’s surface. That makes the bathroom sink faucet become highly scratch-resistant and durable. Another means of doing the finish that you should consider when choosing bathroom sink faucet is plating.

Chrome plating has been in use for quite some time. This type of finish is mostly made on the faucets that are made of brass with an aim to offer protection to the brass surface. When the surface is protected, it cannot tarnish or corrode.  

Simultaneously Choosing Bathroom Sink Faucet alongside the Preferred Sink

After purchasing the faucet and the sink, you will have to configure them. When you opt to buy the two at the same time, you will have a chance to assess how they match each other.

Of course, you will wish to have a good match of the two and also ensure that you don’t disrupt your kitchen décor. Another point is that you will need to have a compatible faucet and a sink. In case you are choosing bathroom sink faucet for a replacement, you ought to be aware of the type of sink that you have back at home. Such deliberation might be based on the number of holes or any other possible factor.

Your Preferred Bathroom Sink Faucet Style

Both functional and aesthetic features of the faucet will have to come into play when thinking about the right style. You can still consider the shape of the spout, construction, and configuration of the faucet. For example, if you purchase a high gooseneck spout, this can give you an opportunity to wash your head in the sink.

Dual handle, single lever, and cross styles are also vital to think about. Hands-free and pull-out sprayers configurations are other options too when choosing bathroom sink faucet style. It is also desirable to think about the size of the faucet. Widespread bathroom faucets can provide convenience to you.

However, they need a lot of space to accommodate them. On the other hand, a small centerset will be suitable where a large space is trouble. You just need a bathroom sink faucet that will meet your everyday needs. You can as well consider choosing bathroom sink faucet which embraces a technology that is more appealing to you. For example, you have an alternative to choose a hands-free operation which uses a motion sensor. It will enable you to vary the water temperature and flow.


In summary, choosing bathroom sink faucet should not be a hard task for you. If you research well, you will realize that the process of selecting the right faucet for your bathroom is quite easy. You will realize that you need to consider aspects such as how to complements your bathroom decor among many more others.

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