Best Hand Tool Brands: Good for plumbers and DIY

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Best Hand Tool BrandsDo you have a plumbing project in your home? Which are the best hand tool brands? How do you come up with a listicle of the tools for use? There are many factors that you should consider.

First, you will note that the plumbing system is an integral part of every home. From the kitchen sinks to the drainage system of your home, all those parts need to be maintained from time to time.

Other times, you might have a new plumbing project that you want to undertake in your home. This could be the installation of new drainage pipes or the installation of a new toilet. There are some tools that you need for this undertaking.

As you purpose to get the necessary plumbing hand tools, you should know the best brands to buy these tools from. If you buy plumbing tools from the best brands, you are likely to get the value for your money.


10 Best Hand Tool Brands 

The following are the hand tools that you should consider for your DIY plumbing project:

1. Superior Tool 37700 Mini Hacksaw-Hacksaw with 6 Inch Steel Blade 32 Teeth per Inch,Red

Do you have some metals and plastic pipes that you want to cut through? A hacksaw is a hand tool that can help you do this seamlessly.

The good news is that this hand tool can help you to cut bolts, screws, nuts, and so on. Its versatility makes it a popular tool for anyone who has a DIY plumbing project in his or her own home.

For optimal performance, you should ensure that the blade is tense in the frame. This way, it will be able to make proper and precise cuts. You can wrap one end of the loose blade in a cloth and then slip the blade in for the cut.

It is vital to keep a few extra blades at hand. Here, the blades are normally described by the number of teeth per inch. For instance, a fine blade normally has 32 teeth per inch. However, a coarse blade normally has 14 teeth per inch.


2. Water pump pliers pipe wrench grips 16″ / 400mm plumbers gas BERGEN AT154


You will note that these pliers normally have long handles, and their jaws can easily be adjusted by a press of a button. One advantage of these pliers is that they can grip almost everything that you are using in your DIY plumbing project.

Here, you can use to tighten or loosen almost everything that you please. Its versatility to work on nearly everything makes it a good hand tool to have as you start your plumbing project.

Having a pair of these pliers can make your work easier. You can use one to stabilize the pipe and the other one to tighten or loosen it. The ideal size for residential use is 10”. Pliers of this size are very suitable for any plumbing work you might have in your home.


3. TEKTON WRN92001 Basin Wrench, 3/8-Inch to 1-Inch Capacity, 11-Inch Reach


This is an irreplaceable tool when you want to tighten or loosen nuts that fixate and hold your sink faucets in place. For instance, when there is a leakage in your home, one of the main areas to check are the faucets. This tool can help you reach into deep and narrow spaces behind the sink.

It can do this due to its long shafts. Its swiveling jaw helps to grasp the faucets mounting the nuts. At the bottom end of the handle, there is a bar that turns the wrench.

This tool is just indispensable when you are dealing with leaking faucets. Besides the faucets, this tool can help attend to other plumbing areas that might need repair and so on.


 4. Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger with Patented All-Angle Design | Heavy Duty | Aluminum Handle


Chances are, your toilet has ever clogged at one time or another. This is a common phenomenon in most homes out there. If you want to dislodge the clogs from toilets, a plunger is one of the tools that you should have with you.

Besides the toilet, this tool can help you unclog the showers and sinks in your home. This tool has proved to be a very effective hand tool for DIY plumbing.


5. Ridgid GIDDS-813340 41408 Power Spin with AUTOFEED, Maxcore Drain Cleaner Cable, and Bulb Drain Auger to Remove Drain Clogs


Sometimes, it would be better if a plunger or baking soda and vinegar was able to unclog a blocked drain. However, this is not always the case.

The drain line of your tub might get clogged, and the methods mentioned above might prove to be futile. In such circumstances, you should consider using a drain auger. This will help you save more time.

You will realize that augers normally consist of a flexible steel cable and a drum that has a hand crank. The crank normally pushes the cable into the drain.

Here, the coiled head breaks up and even grabs the clogging material that might be present in your drainage pipe. This way, you will be able to unclog your drains seamlessly.


6. RIDGID 31360 Model 5 Strap Wrench, 5-inch Capacity Adjustable Strap Wrench,Brown


If you want to loosen or tighten something without damaging the finish, this tool is ideal for this purpose. You will note that it is an adjustable and multi-purpose tool.

It normally uses the tension or a rubber or polyester strap to grip something and turn. This way, it can leave the underlying material undamaged.

This tool has a unique design that enables it to work even in odd places. Therefore, it can access several areas that the standard wrench or pliers cannot reach. It is, therefore, good for your DIY plumbing at home.


7. RIDGID 31105 Model 824 Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench, 24-inch Plumbing Wrench


This tool is normally used for turning fitting with a rounded surface. It can turn soft iron pipes and nuts. This incredible tool comes with an adjustable jaw that locks in the frame. Here, you will need one to grip and hold and another one to turn.

Since it has serrated teeth, it can hold its grip firmly. However, you should be careful when using it as it might damage the fixture head or finish. Therefore, you should use a piece of cloth to wrap the jaw of this wrench.


 8. MAGBIT 801.114C MAG801 Tube Cutter Copper/EMT 1/8-Inch – 1-1/4-Inch Cut


For a clean and quick copper pipe cut, you should use this tool. You will realize that it comes in various sizes. It is advisable that you choose a close-quarter mini cutter so that you can work in tight spaces. Also, you should consider getting a standard size tubing cutter.


9. Metal File Set, Wood File, Half-Round/Round Files and 6 pcs Needle Files with Storage Bag and Steel Brush for Woodwork, Metal, Leather and Plastic


Once you are done with cutting metal pipes, you should not leave the edges unsmoothed. You should smoothen these edges and remove the burrs present. A metal file can help you do this with ease.


 10. Bernzomatic TS8000 – High Intensity Trigger Start Torch


For most plumbers, they normally seal copper piping by soldering it. This solder needs to be heated first. For you to heat the solder, you need to apply intense heat on the solder so that you can seal the copper pipes.

A plumber’s torch can help do this more effectively. Here, you will be able to solder and seal new pipes in your home. It is a handheld tool that can play a major role in your DIY project.


What are the Best Hand Tool Brands?

Here are the best hand tool brands that you should consider for plumbing:

1. Milwaukee

You might have come across some plumbing tools bearing this brand name. This name is a favorite among plumbing contractors. Although this brand might make you dig deeper into your pocket, most homers usually prefer it due to its recognition and reputation out there.

One advantage of using Milwaukee hand tools is that they are well-made, lightweight, and are quite powerful. This makes it one of the best brands you should consider when choosing a hand tool for your DIY plumbing project at home.

2. Rigid

This is another brand that you should not hesitate to invest in. You will note that Rigid tools are known to be very powerful. These tools are usually well designed and can last for many years.

Also, these tools are not very costly compared to their counterpart brands. Besides this, there are professional-grade options to choose from. Therefore, plumbing handtools belonging to this brand are ideal for those who enjoy DIY work.

3. Knipex

This is a German company that mostly specialized in making pliers of all sorts that you might need in your DIY plumbing project at home. Hand tools belonging to this brand are known to be relatively lighter to carry around. They are also more durable, ergonomic and usually have a good jaw grip.

4. Dewalt

This is an American worldwide brand that is known for producing power tools and hand tools for plumbing, among other undertakings. Besides providing high-quality hand tools, you will be able to save money when you buy these hand tools out there.

These tools normally come with a warranty from the manufacturer. This can still assure you that you will get the value for your money once you invest your money in these hand tools for your DIY plumbing project.

Essential Tips when Buying the Best Brand Hand tool for your DIY Plumbing Project

Now that we have looked at the best hand tools for your DIY plumbing project, time is ripe for you to know the tips that can help you make a wise decision when buying these tools. These include:

1. Brand of the tool

The brand of the tool is a determining factor whether the tool will last or not. Some brands are known to last only a few months. Buying these hand tools for your plumbing project will only cost you more money in the long run. This is because you might have to replace these tools now and then.

However, if you choose tools from the above-mentioned brand such as Milwaukee, Rigid, or Knipex you can be sure that you will get the value for your money. Most of the plumbing tools bearing any of these brand names normally stand the test of time.

2. Ease of use

You would not want to buy a tool that is difficult to use. This will only inconvenience you as you will have to engage someone else at an extra cost.

To reduce time waste and high costs, you should choose tools that are easy to use. Some of them usually come with their manuals. You can take time and read through so that you can have an easy time working on your plumbing project at home.

3. Is it lightweight?

Your plumbing hand tool of choice should be light to carry. If it is bulky, you are likely to get tired when working on your plumbing projects at home.

Ideally, these tools should be relatively light so that you can easily carry them around from one point to another. This way, you will be able to finish your projects early enough with minimal fatigue.

4. Ergonomics

Your tool of choice should be comfortable to use. This way, you will not get tired when using it. Also, you will not experience back pain problems after using it for a long time. Those tools that meet this standard can cost you more money, but they are effective.

5. Effectiveness

Your tool of choice should be effective. You can check the customer reviews online and see if the tool was effective or not.

In most cases, most customers will express their gratitude or disappointments online after using different plumbing tools. The more effective a plumbing tool is, the higher the chances of achieving the desired results.

6. Budget

Some tools might cost an arm and a leg in the market. If you are operating on a budget, you might not afford them. However, if a hand tool costs a relatively low price, you will be able to afford it. Therefore, your hand tool of choice should be affordable.


Solving your plumbing issue should not stress you anymore. You do not need to hire an expert if you can readily use plumbing hand tools to work on the different parts of your plumbing system. The above-mentioned best brands are the best when it comes to hand tools. By investing in these brands, you will be able to save more money. Your tools will be more durable and will enable you to achieve your desired results. Consider these hand tools today in your next DIY project, and you will not be frustrated. You will be happy with the outcome of your work.

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