How do I Remove Hard Water Stains from Toilet Bowl?

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How do I Remove Hard Water Stains from Toilet BowlHow do I remove hard water stains from toilet bowl? Do you normally live in an area that has hard water? You need to learn maintenance techniques for your best flushing toilet. Chances are, you occasionally see a mineral buildup in your toilet. Here, you might see white scales, yellow stains, and even rust showing up.

This is very typical in most homes out there. Some of these stains can be very unsightly and can be difficult to remove. The situation can be worse if the toilet normally has many users.

The good news that this article will demystify some of the ideas that can help you remove hard water stains from your toilet bowl. These include:


Before you start

Before you start anything, you should first empty the toilet bowl in order to get better results faster. If you have a toilet plunger, you can use it to get rid of all the water present.

Once it is empty, you can use a piece of cloth to wipe down the toilet bowl. One advantage of an empty toilet bowl is that the product that you choose to use will not be too diluted.

If you do not have a plunger in your home, you can consider turning off the water valve of your toilet. Here, you need to flush it, and this will enable the water to leave the toilet bowl successfully.

There are many products that can help you remove these hard stains on your toilet bowl. These include:

1. Vinegar

This is one of those products that can help you get rid of the stubborn hard water stains on your toilet bowl. However, if you choose this method, you need to give your toilet some downtime for you to get optimal results. In this case, you can consider using another toilet as you wait for the chemical to work on the stains.

To start with, you should fill the toilet bowl with the cleaning vinegar. Remember that cleaning vinegar is more acidic. Therefore, there is a need for you to reduce the amount that you use when removing these hard water stains. The regular version can also work magic if you do not have the cleaning version.

Here, you should fill the bowl until you cover all the areas that have hard water stains. You should try to pour it up around the edges of the bowl too. Since hard water is usually alkaline, the best way to combat it is by using an acidic solution. However, some moderation is needed so as to avoid corrosion.

Spread the vinegar around the sides of the bowl using a piece of cloth. As you do this, you should pay attention to the rim and below it.

There might be some hard water hiding there. If there are some spots on the outside of the toilet, you should use this piece of cloth to spread it there too. Thereafter, you can leave the toilet overnight for it to work.

On the following day, you can use stiff nylon to scrub your toilet bowl. For the heavy stains, you can consider using some elbow grease. The light spots on the other hand will have been dissolved after the soaking them with vinegar overnight.

After that, you can flush the toilet and then see how sparkling it will look like. By using vinegar, you will eliminate the hard water stains on your toilet bowl.

2. Use borax

Borax has also proved to be very effective in removing stubborn stains on the toilet bowl. To start with, you should make a borax paste by using borax with water. Here, you should ensure that they are in equal proportions.

Thereafter, you can apply the paste onto the areas that have hard water stains and then leave it for 20 minutes. It is worth noting that Borax is a mild alkali whose pH is around 9.

Since it contains an active ingredient such as sodium borate is, therefore, able to soften water and thereby remove hard water stains on the toilet bowl.

Once you have applied it, you should scrub the bowl well with a nylon brush and then flush the toilet after 20 minutes. This will help remove the hard water stains.

3. Use diluted hydrochloric acid

Since this chemical is not user-friendly, you should ensure that you protect yourself when using it. Here, you should wear gloves and an apron. A plastic apron is ideal for protecting your skin and clothes.

Also, it is advisable that you have a wet piece of cloth nearby. If by any chance you spill some on the tiles or the flooring of your bathroom, you will be able to wipe it with the wet rag.

One advantage of this chemical is that it has proved to be very effective in fighting against hard water stains. Its high acidic and abrasiveness nature enables it to cut through the heavy buildup.

Once you apply it on the toilet bowl, you should scrub it using nylon brush.t is advisable that you try accessing sections under the rim to eliminate all the hard water stains.

To avoid splattering the solution everywhere, you should be gentle when scrubbing your toilet bowl. Remember that this solution can damage the surrounding surfaces if its spill is left unattended.

Thereafter, you can flush the toilet. Since this chemical is highly abrasive, you should not leave it on the toilet bowl for long. However, you can trust that it will remove all the stains present on the bowl.

4. Using Vinegar and Baking Soda

Here, you should fill the bowl with vinegar first and then use a toilet brush to swish it around the toilet bowl. Leave it for a few minutes and then sprinkle a cup of baking soda on the bowl. After that, you can add one or two cups of vinegar on top of the baking soda.

You will experience a fizzing effect once you mix these two products. Once they mix, you can allow them to sit on the bowl for about 10 minutes. You can then swish the mixture around the bowl so that it can reach all corners.

Remember to get to the sides and under the rim. If you already have a piece, you can use it to spread it. After that, you can leave it to sit or about 30 minutes before you start scrubbing.

After 30minutes, scrub the mixture and then flash the toilet. This mixture will be able to dissolve most stains on your toilet bowl.


You should not allow your hard water stains to remain on your toilet bowl. If you allow these stains to remain on the toilet for long, they can make your toilet look unattractive. Also, you might have a difficult time trying to remove them in the long run. The above-mentioned ways can help eliminate these stubborn stains. Consider these ideas today, and you will not be frustrated. They are truly incredible.

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