How do you Maintain Hand Tools?

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How do you Maintain Hand ToolsDo you have some hand tools at home for DIY use? Do you have a set of the best plumbing tools? There are many factors you should consider. To start with, these tolls are very essential for performing daily tasks in your home. Some of these tools have been in use since time immemorial, to complete different, useful tasks.

Some of these tools can be used for more than one purpose. The versatility that comes with some of them makes them become a good investment for anyone who values DIY.

If you are a fan of DIY, some of the hand tools that you should have in your home include a pair of pliers, files, screwdrivers, spanners, hammer, mallet, wood chisel, tape measure, clamps, wood saw and so on.

Some of these hand tools can cost a lot of money if you choose to replace them regularly. This is the reason why you should maintain them. By maintaining these tools, they will remain in good condition for longer.


Care and Maintenance of your Hand Tools

The following are some incredible tips on how to maintain your hand tools:

1. Always keep these tools clean

There are some people who rarely clean their tools after using them. While this might seem to be a good idea, it can be detrimental in the long run. Your tools might last for long.

Ideally, your hand tools should remain free of debris and dust. Chances are, they might get these elements as you work on your DIY projects. Leaving them in that state might damage them.

The good news is that cleaning these tools will only take a few minutes. In fact, it is worth spending a few minutes of your time cleaning these tools instead of repairing or replacing them.

All you need is a clean piece of cloth or a rag. Simple wiping will go a long way in ensuring that these tools remain clean. If you find out that the tools are too dirty, you should not hesitate to wash them with some water and soap.

Thereafter, you can dry them and store them. For the metallic tools, you can consider leaving light films on them to prevent rusting. Every time you end a project, you should not forget to clean your tools.

2. Sharpen them

The other incredible way to maintain your hand tools is to sharpen them. You can readily sharpen these tools using diamonds, sandpaper, or even water stones.

However, one of the easiest ways to go is to use sandpaper. For better results, you should get a flat surface to use it on. Here, you can put a piece of wood or glass under the sandpaper and then sharpen your tools on the sandpaper.

If you choose to use the sandpaper to sharpen your hand tools, it might run out quite fast. This makes it an expensive option if you are operating on a budget.

The water stone, on the other hand, is ideal as it lasts longer. However, it is more expensive than sandpaper. When using the water stone, you should wet it first and then sharpen your hand tools on it.

Finally, you can still consider using diamonds to sharpen your tools. This is actually deemed to be the best in the long run. If you choose to use diamonds, you should not get cheap ones. By getting cheap ones, it might rust and even corrode.

This means that the diamond layer will come off and thereby render this tool vestigial. For optimal results, you should consider getting an expensive diamond plate. Although this might make you spend some money, it is actually worth it as it works fantastically.

3. Lubricate the hand tools

Some hand tools typically need you to lubricate them. This is usually the case if they usually have some moving body parts. One advantage of lubricating these tools is that it will make them easy to use and can last longer.

If you allow these tools to remain unlubricated for several months, their respective moving parts might wear out. In fact, if you use them in that state, they might be less effective.

Therefore, it is essential that you use a good machine oil to lubricate them. When applying this oil, you should ensure that it gets to all the moving parts.

The other important tip here is to follow the manual from the manufacturer so as to get it right. Also, doing it regularly makes the tool more effective.

4. Inspect your hand tools

For your tools to remain in good shape, you should ensure that you inspect them once in a while. Chances are, there might be a faulty part that needs to be repaired or replaced.

It can be very frustrating for your hand tool to break down when you are using it. You might end up delaying and getting inconvenienced.

Inspecting your tool regularly can help solve this problem. For instance, if you notice that the wood handle of your hand tool has broken, you can consider repairing it so that you avoid hurting your hand when using the tool.

Here, you can sand it down. If you notice that your tool has rusted by a large margin, you should try to remove it on your own or just replace it.

Regular inspection of your tools will go a long way in preventing accidents when these tools are in use. You will also save more time as you will be able to carry out your DIY activities seamlessly.

5. Store the hand tools well

If you only clean your tools and fail to store them well, they might not serve you for long. Based on your needs, you should consider getting a simple toolbox for your hand tools.

If you have a big collection of tools, it is advisable that you get a metal cabinet.

When storing these tools, you should sort them first, organize, and then replace them in their stipulated storage area of use. This will help you access them fast and also ensures that they are safe.

It is important that you ensure that these tools do not rub each other when stored. Also, the storage area should be dry enough and away from sunlight and dust.

For safety purposes, sharp tools such as chisels should be stored in a holder. Further, you should not leave these tools in the workplace as they might cause accidents in the long run.


Your tools will last longer if you are able to maintain them properly. The ideas mentioned above will help you keep your tools in good condition. This not only helps you to save more money but also ensure that your tools remain effective for longer. Consider these ideas today on how to maintain your hand tools, and you will not be disappointed.

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