Is Soft White or Daylight better for Kitchen?

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Is Soft White or Daylight better for KitchenAre you looking for better lighting for your kitchen? Is soft white or daylight better for kitchen? In your decision, there are many factors that you should not overlook. First, you will realize that the kitchen is the heart of every home. Whether it is a weeknight with the family or a gathering of your friends, most of the time we end up spending more time in the kitchen, regardless of the occasion.

It is worth noting that this space usually feeds our bodies and soul. Also, it reflects our personal style in its own unique way. Therefore, when it comes to lighting up your kitchen, you should not hesitate to give it the very best.

With good lighting, you will have a good technical space for cooking and doing other kitchen roles. When choosing the best light bulbs for your kitchen, there are many options you can consider. LED light bulbs are some of the best options that most homeowners choose to have in their kitchens.

When selecting these LED light bulbs, color temperature is one of the considerations you should make. This is typically denoted by a Kelvin rating which is usually 2700 to 6500. It is generally accompanied by descriptive names such as soft white or daylight.


Soft white LED lights

This kelvin rating for this light is 2700 to 3000 Kelvin. You will note that it is normally warm to yellow in color. This is usually the typical color that you get from incandescent bulbs. One advantage of soft light is that it gives the homeowners a warm and cozy feeling.

Compared to daylight LED bulbs, these lights usually give off a more yellowish light. They are not very glaring. However, they are not as dim as you might think. Therefore, this light is ideal for living rooms, dens, and bedrooms.

Daylight LED lights

The kelvin rating for this light is 5000 to 6500 Kelvins. You realize that it has a more bluish tone. This kind of light color will actually maximize contrast for colors, thereby making it ideal for reading, working, and so on.

Remember that the more kelvins a light has, the more the depth of whiteness. In this case, daylight lights might be brighter than soft lights.

In fact, these LED lights are mean to mimic the outdoor light in you see on a bright sunny day. However, this light does not look like natural sunlight.

If your kitchen does not receive a lot of light from outside, you can consider installing these lights. This would be the case if your kitchen is in the basement or is just windowless.

With this kind of lighting, you will be able to see what you are doing in the kitchen. Also, these lights make your kitchen look bigger than usual.

Which is better Soft White or Daylight?

Since daylight LED lights are ideal for your kitchen, here are some advantages to choosing it:

1. Can make your kitchen look bigger

Does your kitchen look smaller? You can make it look bigger by installing this kind of lighting. A dark kitchen can look smaller even if it is big in size. To mitigate such a problem, you should install daylight LED bulbs.

If you install this lighting in your kitchen well, it will light up the whole kitchen and make it look bigger than usual. This makes it one of the most preferred choices for most homeowners.

2. They are more efficient

These kinds of lights are usually packed powerfully with sufficient energy and can use up to 90% less power than the ordinary light bulbs. This in turn helps to reduce the energy bills in the long run.

You can use these savings to make a few improvements in your home or just repaid your kitchen.

3. They last longer

Are you looking for lighting that will last for many years? Daylight LED lights are the ultimate solution for you. These lights are said to have a lifespan of up to 60000 hours. This means that it can last up to 7 years before you think of replacing it in your kitchen.

Also, these bulbs last 10 times compared to small in fluorescent bulbs. As a result, these bulbs can offer excellent value for money. This is the other reason why you should not hesitate to invest in these lights.

4. Instant-on

If you have ever used fluorescent and HID lamps, you will note that they do not provide full brightness the moment you switch them on. Some of them actually need about 3 minutes or even more to reach the maximum light output.

The good news is that these LED usually comes at 100% brightness almost instantly. Here, you will not experience any form of re-strike delay. This feature is essential especially if there is a power outage in your area of residence.

5. Safety

When buying any lighting for your kitchen, you should pay attention to the safety concern. Unlike other lights, these lights usually generate almost no warmth and therefore are relatively cool to touch and can be left for several hours without any consequence if touched. This makes them a good option for your kitchen.

6. Improved productivity

Since this lighting emulates natural lighting from the outdoors, you can trust that it will enhance your focus when you are in the kitchen. Here, you will enjoy doing your kitchen chores, be it cleaning the dishes or cooking your meals.

Also, you can do other activities in your kitchen if it is spacious enough. This ay this makes it ideal for any working environment.

7. Clarity and contrast

These lights enable the user to see the fine details in the greatest clarity and contrast. This makes different kitchen tasks easier and even allows the user to comfortably work for longer periods.

As you enjoy this advantage, you will not suffer from eye strains or less glare. You can trust that you will enjoy maximum eye comfort when using this light.


Most of the daylight lights you find out there are usually designed to allow the user to position them where they are needed easily. You should, therefore, get these lights for your kitchen. Since they will brighten your kitchen and make it look big, these lights are definitely a good option for your home. Apart from this, these lights are welcoming and can increase the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Consider daylight lights for your kitchen today, and you will not regret it.

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