Best Filtration System for Well Water

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Best Filtration System for Well WaterDo you normally rely on well water for all your water needs? How do you get the best filtration system for well water? In this light, there are many factors that you should consider. First, you will note that raw well water usually contains contaminants that might be detrimental to your health.

Also, it might contain stains and even some odors if it is not filtered. Your plumbing system and appliances might also be at risk due to hard water from the well. But you can still consider buying the best faucet for hard water. Alternatively, you need to consider getting the best filtration system for your well water.

Due to the effectiveness of the water filtration system, they have become trendy out there. They are capable of removing not only contaminants in well water but also extra minerals that might be risky for your health.

Since there are many filtration systems out there, it is important that you choose the best filtration system so that you can get the value for your money.


Best Filtration System for Well Water 

This article will outline the best filtration systems you should consider. These include:

1. Aquasana EQ-WELL-UV-PRO-AST Whole House Well Water Filter System w/ UV Purifier & Salt-Free Descaler – Filters Sediment & 97% Of Chlorine – Carbon & KDF Home Water Filtration – 500,000 Gl


This model features top quality media for filtration of contaminants that might prove to be troublesome. Also, it comes with a UV sterilizer in order to get rid of small biological particles such as viruses and so on.

Since it comes with a salt-free water softener, it is able to neutralize all the minerals present in the hard water from your well. Therefore, you can be sure that your pipes will not be clogged in the long run. This also ensures that your clothes will not get stains.

The reverse osmosis systems will remove the rest of the healthy minerals. Since this filtration system comes with an integrated water softener to deal with hard water problems, you will not need to install another one separately.

This model comes with a 500000-gallon lifetime filtering capacity. This means that it can actually process sufficient clean water for your family for a period of up to 5 years.

Since this filter can filter all the sodium ions present in the hard water, it, therefore, meets most local environmental regulations.


2. iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System w/ 20-Inch Big Blue Sediment and Carbon Block Filters


This is another incredible filtration system that is just made for wells. You will note that this model usually gets rid of most contaminants such as pesticides, chemicals, iron, and manganese. As it does this, it will leave the healthy minerals in the well water.

For a heavy peak, this model will not disappoint you as it comes with a 15 GPM flow rate. If you notice that cloudy water is an issue, you should not panic as this model usually contains one of the best sediment filters that is meant for well water.

The filters of this model are NSF certified. This means that they will meet or exceed the filtration claims. Apart from this, you will not strain when installing this model as it is easy to install.

If you are a fan of DIY, you just need to follow the guidelines from the manufacturer, and you are good to go. Since this model can remove heavy minerals such as lead from water, it is ideal for those people who have old pipes as part of their home’s plumbing system.


3. Express Water Whole House Water Filter – 3 Stage Anti Scale Home Water Filtration System – Sediment, Phosphate, Carbon Filters – includes Pressure Gauges, Easy Release, and 1” Inch Connections


This model comes with a sturdy stainless steel enclosure. Therefore, you do not need to build one on your own. Each of the filters of this unit usually has a pressure gauge above it.

As a result, you will not have to monitor the PSI flowing to any of them. Honestly, this feature is quite unique as you cannot find it in other models of its caliber.

When it comes to capacity, this model can handle 100000 gallons of water before you think of replacing the filters. This means that you will use it comfortably for one year before you replace the filters.

Are you worried that this model cannot handle a high flow of water? Worry not because it can handle more than 0.25 gallons of water per second. This means that it will be able to handle 15 gallons per minute, which is ideal for most households.

It is worth noting that each filter housing is usually connected with an industrial bonded high capacity flow connectors. The housing itself is usually made of high-quality food-grade ABS and PCE plastic.

It is vital that you have enough space to store this unit as it is quite large. It measures 23.5 x 8.5 x 29.5 inches. All these dimensions include stainless steel housing.

Generally, this is an excellent whole-house filtration system for your well water.


4. Home Master Whole House Three Stage Water Filtration System with Fine Sediment, Iron and Carbon, Blue


Home Master came up with this incredible model that uses 3 high-quality filters to eliminate 95% of sediment and chemicals from well water. Also, this unit is capable of removing contaminants that might create an unpleasant taste or foul odors.

If you have a large family that uses a lot of water, you can still rely on this system for all your filtration needs. This is because it comes with extra-large fittings that doubles the water flow while preserving valuable pressure.

Since it comes with oversized replaceable filters, you will not spend a lot of time and effort maintaining this system. Also, it is compatible with generic replacement filter cartilages. This makes it a perfect choice for your home.


5. APEC 2-Stage Whole House Water Filter System with Sediment and Carbon Filters (CB2-SED-CAB20-BB)


In need of a whole house water filtration system? This model should serve you well; this filtration system is the ultimate choice for you. You will realize that a high concentration of chlorine and other sentiments such as sand and dirt can be detrimental to your body.

Apart from this, the model will help to reduce rust, odor, and organic compounds that make water undesirable for use. In the presence of these impurities, your laundry might look dirty too. To mitigate such issues, you should get this unit today.

 Before changing the cartridge, you can filter up to 70,000 gallons of water. After that, you can change the filtration media for the system to continue working optimally.

When it comes to the installation process, it is hassle-free. If you usually like DIY, you will have an easy time. All you need to have are the right tools and the know-how to fix it. For the know-how, you can get some guidelines from the installation guide.


What are the basics that you should consider when buying the Best filtration system for well water?

When buying the best filtration system for well water, there are some factors that you should not overlook. These include the following:

1. Power consumption rate

You will note that most water filtration systems rarely need electricity unless they are equipped with a UV purifier. For such units, you need to place them near a power source. The good news is that they do not consume a lot of power when they are in use.

2. Waterflow

Different homes typically need different amounts of water on a daily basis. For instance, a home that has a standard faucet and bathroom fixtures need a system whose rate is 7 GPM. However, if your home is relatively large, you might need a filtration system that has a higher water flow rate.

Most homeowners have complained about low water pressure in some filtration systems in the past. To avert this problem, you should ensure that your model of choice is capable of preserving water pressure.

You should be keen to check the diameter of the pipe going to and from the unit. Also, you should be keen to check the sediment filter.

3. Filter size

When it comes to size, you should check the average number of gallons the filter can process before it becomes ineffective. The larger the capacity, the longer the model will last. If your family has four members, you can trust that you will use about 100000 to 120000 gallons annually.

4. Micron filtration rating

This rating basically tells you the smallest particles that a filter can readily remove. It is worth noting that most whole-home filtrations systems for well water usually come with a series of filters with different micron sizes. This way, they can get rid of a wide range of particles, from the largest to the smallest.

For instance, a 5-micron filter can remove sediments such as rust and sand. A 1-micron filter on the other hand is capable of removing bacteria and parasites from the well water.

For better results, you should consider choosing a unit that has a UV sterilization unit. This will significantly help to get rid of microorganisms.

5. How long can the filter last?

Some filters can last longer than others. However, this narrows down to how dirty your well water is. It is worth noting that systems that come with good sediment filters usually preserve fine filter life.

The larger the filter, the more the surface area it has to trap contaminants. This also equates to the amount of water it can treat between changes.

For optimal performance, you should always change the filters from time to time. However, you should know that this comes at an extra cost. This is the reason why you should consider their costs as well as the initial price of the unit before buying it.

6. Budget

As mentioned above, it is essential to note that this unit comes at a cost. Some of them can actually cost more money than others. If it has more features that will improve its efficiency, it might be quite costly. Ideally, you should aim at buying a low-cost, high-performance water filtration system out there.

As you purpose to buy these units, you should bear in mind that you will not only pay the initial cost but also filter replacement and capacities costs. You should make these considerations and choose the one that fits your budget. If you are lucky to get a discount, you will be able to save more money in the long run.

7. Storage

Do you have enough space to store this unit? You will note that some units might be larger than others. If you have insufficient space, you might not be able to utilize this model to filter the well water. Before buying this unit, you should be keen to check the available space and buy the one that will fit that space without congesting your home.

8. Type of well water

It is worth noting that almost all the water systems you find out there usually have a certain range of conditions in which they perform optimally. For instance, if your well water is both acid and has a lot of iron inside, you might need a system that can remove iron from water. However, this system might not take away this iron if the water is too acidic. This means that the water has to be treated in order to reduce the acidity in it.

Therefore, you should know the contents of your well water before buying the filtrations system. For instance, if your well is near an industry or gasoline station, it is likely to have more chemicals. Analyzing these chemicals will help you choose the right filtration system that will enable you to get clean and safe water for drinking and using at home.


It is true to say that a filtration system for well water is an incredible unit to have in your home. With this unit, you will be able to get clean water, and all your pipes will remain in good condition for longer. Although you might have to spend some money on this unit, it’s worth it. The above-mentioned units are some of the models that have proved to be very effective. Invest in them today, and you will enjoy the results.

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