Best Bathroom Sinks 2019 (Top-Rated Reviews)

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Best Bathroom Sinks 2019

If you are building a new bathroom or ready to renovate an old model, one must-have appliance in that bathroom is a sink. In light of this, the best bathroom sinks 2019 gives you the right option depending on the model you settle to buy. In this post, I have compiled a list of the top 5 best bathroom sinks 2019.

The first idea you should have in your mind when buying a bathroom sink in this year is material. The best bathroom sinks 2019 are made of different materials each with diverse features. For example, some materials provide for longer durability compared to others. Some of these materials include solid surface, cast iron, glass, metals, vitreous china, fireclay, and porcelain.

Another idea that you should have in your mind is that these best bathroom sinks 2019 are made of different styles. For instance, we have self-rimming sinks, which are installed on the counter with lips supporting the body of the sink from the countertop. Other types include vanity bathroom tops, wall hung sinks, console sinks, vessel sinks, and pedestal sinks, and under-mount sinks.

After buying your preferred model of the best bathroom sinks 2019, you need to undertake the right care and maintenance practices. For example, ensure that you use the right type of cleaning agent for specific bathroom sink materials. Thus, you need to understand the bathroom sink material that you buy and the appropriate cleaner for that material.

Below is a list of the best bathroom sinks 2019


Kohler K-2355-0 Vitreous China Under-Mount Rectangular Bathroom Sink, White


Do you treasure owning the best under-mount bathroom sinks? Even though the installation process might not be easy for you, you can enjoy the great functionality of the sink. With its under-mount installation style, Kohler K-2355-0 can easily integrate with the bathroom’s design and the overall décor.

The sink has an incredible water depth, which means that water hardly splashes out of the sink. For exceptional durability, the sink is made of vitreous China material. The same material ensures that the sink maintains its beauty and sleek appearance for a long time.

From its design, the sink does not come with pre-drilled faucet holes; this means that you are at liberty to drill the holes on the wall or the counter. Another interesting feature about this bathroom sink is its overflow drain and its clean geometry edges.


New 13 × 13” Round Bowl Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom Vessel Vanity Sink Art Basin Faucet


Are you a great proponent of porcelain bathroom sinks? These types of bathroom sinks are durable and easy to maintain. Unlike the colored porcelain bathroom sinks, you will hardly find it difficult to care and maintain white porcelain sinks.

The sink is designed with incredible depth, width, and length. As you can see, it has a length of 13 inches and a width of 13 inches, even though it is not a square shape. Also, it has a height of 5.25 inches. Is it easy to clean? Quite easy to clean this bathroom sink. You can find the cleaning process for a porcelain bathroom sink and especially a white one later in this article.


KES Bathroom Vessel Sink and Faucet Combo Bathroom Rectangular White Ceramic Porcelain Counter Top Vanity Bowl Sink Brushed Nickel Faucet, BVS110-C2


Are vessel sinks good anymore? Yes, they are good depending on the model you settle to buy. When you go shopping for this model, you are given the combination of the sink and the faucet. The match is just exciting to see! The faucet is tall and has a brushed nickel finish.

Besides, the faucet comes with a drain assembly, which makes the entire deal more convenient for you. The faucet material does not contain the high proportion of the unpopular lead, which is only at 0.25%.

The cleaning and maintenance of this sink are quite easy. You only need a sponge and some soapy solution to clean its surface. It is nonporous and smooth at the surface.

Finally, the sink is supposed to be installed above the counter, which makes the entire installation process quite easy.


Kohler 2210-0 Vitreous China Wall Mounted Oval Bathroom Sink, White


Another of the best Kohler bathroom sinks? Kohler K-2210-0 is a great model that is made of vitreous china material. The material makes it durable and adds an impressive appearance in it. With the use of a nonabrasive sponge, you can easily clean up the dirt whenever it shows up on the sink’s surface.

If you like a large-sized bathroom sink, then this should be enough for you. At a length of more than 20 inches and a width of more than 17 inches, this should be an ideal model for you. Besides, its height is more than eight inches, which is incredible.

You can call an expert to make a compelling under-mount installation of this sink. Is he/she is really good; he/she will make it seamlessly integrate with the countertop and other pieces of equipment and appliances around the area.


Miligore Modern Glass Vessel Sink – Above Counter Bathroom Vanity Basin Bowl – Round Clear


After exploring the best bathroom sinks 2019 designed with the use of materials such as vitreous china and porcelain, we now explore a bathroom sink made of glass. You might be a huge fan of glass made appliances and this should great news for you.

As you can see from its name, this is a modern glass vessel sink. The sink is sleekly designed to fit all the beautiful attributes that you might require in a bathroom. If you want to update and modernize your bathroom, buy this contemporary tempered glass sink.

The installation process of this bathroom sink is simple. Since it is an above the counter installation, you will find the installation process hassle-free. It has a large drain opening and can be recessed into the counter if one is not comfortable with the above the counter installation. The material making this sink is both impact and scratch-resistant. Thus, it is bound to serve you for a long time.


Care and Maintenance of Your Best Bathroom Sinks 2019

If you took all the efforts to search for the best bathroom sinks 2019, I don’t think why you can maintain and care for your sink in equal measures. As a matter of fact, you must have realized that bathroom sinks are the workhorses of most bathrooms, even though you might need to make other considerations such as bathroom lighting, which are as well essential.

It is incredibly essential that you keep your bathroom sink in the list of those areas that require a high level of check for cleanliness on a regular basis. So what care and maintenance practices should you embrace? Here we go!

Thoroughly Scrub the Sink

In this case, there is no exception for any material. Whether it is cast iron, porcelain, or any other, you should thoroughly scrub your sink to remove the water spots, rust, stains, and soap deposits. You cannot just pass water and soap and assume that everything is okay. You have to focus on removing the dirt.

In every week, I will advise you to conduct the intense scrubbing so that your bathroom sink does not become a victim of food stains and other forms of seemingly permanent dirt. Depending on the sink material, you can use a sponge, water, and soap to thoroughly scrub your bathroom sink. Always, you should prefer the use of nonabrasive cleaners.

Taking Care of a Porcelain Bathroom Sink

Within the list of the reviews that we have explored in this discourse, you realize that porcelain bathroom sink was one among the options. But a porcelain bathroom sink might need special handling because of its unique material. What should you do?

Buy bleach and paper towels. Pick the paper towel and cover the surface of your porcelain sink. Drip some bleach on the surface until the paper towel seems entirely soaked, but still retained on the sink’s surface.

Allow for 30 minutes of action between the bleach and the sink’s surface. Discard everything on the lapse of the 30 minutes and thoroughly rinse the sink with clean water.

Note that this should only be done on a white porcelain bathroom sink; avoid using this simple hack on a colored porcelain sink since the color might fade. If the bathroom sink is of a different color, instead of using bleach, use baking soda, vinegar, or mild liquid detergent.

How do you protect your Bathroom Sink from Stains and Scratches?

Would you like to keep your best bathroom sink as sparkling as new? We have a simple hack that works magic for you. In the bottom of your sink, install a perforated plastic mat to protect the surface from mars and scratches.

If you are using a porcelain sink, don’t allow excess exposure to salad dressing, vinegar, and any acidic foods. Allowing some acidic substances such as lemon juice will stain your sink in the long run.

Besides, while cleaning your bathroom sink, avoid the use of substances such as scouring powders. Instead of using such substances, you can use dish detergent and warm water for cleaning duties.

Care for Acrylic-based Bathroom Sinks

If you decided to buy a nonporous and acrylic-based solid surface bathroom sink, you acquired a model that is easy to clean and stain-resistant. But you need to always keep it clean. For your everyday cleaning, use solid-surface cleaner, water, and soap.

When rubbing out the stains, use baking soda, an old toothbrush, and water. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly. Remember to always use nonabrasive cleaners.

Use Lemon Juice to De-stain the Sink’s Surface

If your bathroom sink is already stained, we have a simple hack for you. You need to first prepare a paste that comprises of a half cup of lemon juice and another half cup of powdered borax.

Having already prepared the paste, use a nonabrasive sponge to rub the sink’s surface where you have already poured the paste to de-stain the surface. After you are done, use plenty of running water to rinse the surface. This technique works well for many sink materials including stainless steel and porcelain.

Use of Vinegar

Have you forgotten that apart from cleaning the bathroom sink, you also need to clean the bathroom faucet? We are going to explore a hack that will enable you to clean the two essentials simultaneously.

Do you know that the mineral-rich hard water is not suitable for some faucet materials? Have you bought the best bathroom faucet for hard water? If you didn’t do this, you will face the trouble of removing the white spots in both your bathroom sink and faucet.

However, you can remove these mineral deposits and white spots using vinegar. You only start with soaking a paper towel in vinegar and covering the affected area. You will have to allow the reaction for 10 minutes. After the lapse of 10 minutes, dry the area off using a dry paper towel. Note that you should not use vinegar on colored fixtures or brass-made sinks and faucets since the substance might discolor them.

Unclog the Bathroom Sink Drains

Always keep the drain free from clogs. Do want to know why your bathrooms sink smells like sewer? Surprisingly, it is because of the clogged drain. To unclog your bathroom sink drain, mix a cup of cream tartar with four cups of baking soda, and salt.

After you’ve washed your sink, you might not need to pour this mixture every moment. Occasionally after some days, pour a cup of the mixture down the drain. Follow this by some boiling water. Besides doing this, always keep substances such as soap, hair, grease, and food away from this sink drain.


In summary, we’ve covered a list of the best bathroom sinks 2019 in this discourse. We believe it will be easy for you to make a good decision if you are building a new home or remodeling an existing home. After you’ve acquired your new bathroom sink, we’ve also covered the most fundamental maintenance and care tips for your home. We hope these tips will be helpful for you as well.

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