Unique Bathroom Pedestal Sinks Reviews: The Today’s Best Designs

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unique bathroom pedestal sinks

If you need a sink for your new or renovated bathroom, then unique bathroom pedestal sinks would make an excellent pick. Despite that they are not extremely modern, they come in various designs which suit most baths.

As a result, this means that, if you own a modern bathroom, you aren’t left out from enjoying the benefits of unique bathroom pedestal sinks which will perfectly match with most fixtures in your bathroom.

When it comes to bathroom installation, you will hardly experience any challenges since the procedure is quite simple. Regardless of whether you are installing it for the first time or you are replacing the sink, you should get it done in a short time.

However, not all unique bathroom pedestal sinks are great. Hence, this is why if you lack exposure to unique bathroom pedestal sinks, it is vital that you do some research before buying one.

But, do you have all that time? If yes, lucky you, most people don’t. It is for this reason that I dedicate this quick guide on the unique bathroom pedestal sinks models to help you make a decision rightly.


What is a Pedestal Sink?

A pedestal sink is a type of sink which is made up of a basin that stands on pedestal support. The pedestal part is used to hide the pipes that convey water to the sink. The bowl is usually fixed to the wall using screws.

These unique bathroom pedestal sinks have both pros and cons. They are devices that are designed with an overflow that lets out water in case you forget to close the tap thus preventing water from overflowing to your floor.

Additionally, on the top of the basin near the base of the faucets, most sinks are spacious enough for storing soaps, toothbrush or any other thing that you use it often.

With their vast variety in the market, you can rarely miss one that is impressive and suits your bath.

Consequently, this is why you need to get unique bathroom pedestal sinks for better experience due to their high efficiency. Here is a rundown of the top unique bathroom pedestal sinks that you need to have today:

The Top 6 Unique Bathroom Pedestal Sinks Models Review Today

The following is a list and an explanation of the functionality along with features of the top rated unique bathroom pedestal sinks today.

Kohler Archer K-2359-8-0 – The Best Unique Bathroom Pedestal Sinks

If you need to make, your bathroom looks to appear attractive with a long lasting beautiful look, then buying Kohler archer K-2359-8-0 might be the best choice.

Particularly, these unique bathroom pedestal sinks come in a square design that has geometric lines which portray the woodworking styles with drawings of jewels. The look can match perfectly with most bathroom styles which makes it a great option to consider.

It is constructed using vitreous china which enhances its durability and makes cleaning it stress-free. Just like a considerable number of Kohler pedestal sinks, you can’t doubt its quality.

Additionally, the sink arrives with holes already drilled. For that reason, this means that you only need to select a faucet of your choice to use it with the sink. With a hole that lets out water in case of an overflow. Therefore, you need to worry less about water damaging your staff if you forgot to switch off the tap.

Are you worried about the pedestal sink installation? No need to worry because this sink comes in two parts; the pedestal and the sink which are quite easy to fix and start using the sink.

The pedestal will hide all the pipes conveying water to the sink to avoid tainting the appearance of your room. The Kohler pedestal also matches with other fittings in your bathroom to give a great look.





Barclay Hampshire 3-201WH – The 2ND Best Unique Bathroom Pedestal Sinks

If all you need is a standard sink but still in the category of unique bathroom pedestal sinks, the Barclay Hampshire 3-201WH would be suitable for your bathroom.

With this bath sink, you don’t have to be an expert to facilitate its installation. The idea here is that the whole process is simplified to save you time and effort.

All you have to do is fit the bath faucet since the sink comes with a hole already drilled. Besides, you can use any of the sides of its edge to keep your bathroom essentials like a washcloth or soap which you use daily.

Primarily, this sink is most suitable for people who have bathrooms with limited space. All this is attributable to the small profile that enables it to occupy much lesser space as compared to large unique bathroom pedestal sinks. With their gently curved lines, they make a perfect match to keep your bathroom simple yet still attractive.

They come in white color, and this means that the sink can perfectly blend with most of your bathroom fixtures to give an outstanding décor. The sink can also match well with a variety of bathroom collection, so no need to worry if you already have some of the fittings installed.

It is also designed using vitreous china; a famous material due to its durability. Apart from ensuring that your vanity lasts long, this material is easy to clean. As a result, this means that maintaining it is very simple which in turn cuts the effort and time needed to keep it stunning with a new look.





Kohler Cimarron K-2362-1-0 – The 3RD Best Unique Bathroom Pedestal Sinks

Kohler Cimarron K-2362-1-0 is another member of unique bathroom pedestal sinks that is suitable if what you need is a bath sink with clean curves, smooth, and basic design.

It is designed using vitreous china, which enhances its strength. Its surface is also made smooth, making cleaning quite easy. Indeed, this Kohler pedestal sink will give you the value for your money.

Also, this Kohler pedestal sink comes in two parts, which simplifies the installation process and you can do it all by yourself. It comes with faucet holes already drilled plus an overflow. With this Kohler pedestal sink, you have the liberty of choosing bathroom faucets which you like.

If your concern is the sink’s space area, then this Kohler pedestal sink got you covered. It is designed with a large sink basin area which offers great comfort when using it. Plus it comes with a standard height that works well with taller people, and smaller people are not left out since these unique bathroom pedestal sinks are not that tall.

So, what is the standard height of a pedestal sink? You have got that one answered. You only need to assess the height of every user and decide the best height.

The height you decide should be the best and standard. at the end of it all, this means that the Kohler pedestal sink of choice can fit perfectly for family use.

Additionally, you don’t need to worry that the unique bathroom pedestal sinks could get damaged due to manufacturers defects.

In this case, this Kohler pedestal sink comes with a 1-year warranty which offers you enough time to experience how the pedestal sink works. If it is damaged, you can always contact the producers for replacing or any other appealing option.

Being one of Cimarron product, the unique bathroom pedestal sinks will match well with other Cimarron items in their collection. Therefore, if you need all the items in your bathroom to match, then you should consider buying this Kohler pedestal sink as part of a package of the complete bathroom suite.





Kohler Memoirs K-2268-8-0 – The 4TH Best Unique Bathroom Pedestal Sinks

The Kohler Memoirs K-2268-8-0 is another model in the category of the best unique bathroom pedestal sinks that comes with two parts. The two parts make the Kohler pedestal installation process pretty simple.

Thus, this implies that you do not exclusively need the services of a professional when you can get the job done by yourself. The pedestal base is an essential property for concealing the pipework.

Specifically, this Kohler pedestal sink is built with a unique rectangular design which blends modern crispiness with a traditional style. The lines of this bath sink alongside its rectangular configuration allows the sink to fit in many bathrooms and will match with your bath furniture with a fashionable style.

It also comes with 8’’ center faucet holes already drilled making your work more comfortable when it comes to installation of the faucet.

Additionally, you can select any faucet that you feel it works well with the Kohler pedestal sink. However, you should ensure that the tap that you pick has the right size to fit the pre-drilled faucet holes in the sink.

The sink is also designed with an overflow that prevents water from spilling over its sides. You will find this feature quite helpful especially in situations that you or a member of your family forgets to switch off the water.

With these unique bathroom pedestal sinks, you can rest assured that it will last long since it is designed with the highest quality vitreous china. in effect, this material makes the cleaning process quite easy with no heavy scrubbing required.

The fact that it comes with a one year limited warranty protects you from suffering from the producer’s defects within the first year.

So, in case any problem develops with the construction of this bath sink, you can contact the manufacturers for an exchange. With all these excellent features, this unique Kohler pedestal sink will make a high pick for your bathroom.




American Standard Townsend 0555.401.020 – The 5TH Best Unique Bathroom Pedestal Sinks

Are you looking for unique bathroom pedestal sinks that are designed to give an old-fashioned look? If so, you will never go wrong by picking the American standard Townsend 0555.401.020.

The pedestal sinks American standard has a traditional yet elegant design that does not fit a modern bath but delivers exactly what is needed in retaining the classic features in a Victorian home.

Like most pedestal sinks, this vanity is divided into two parts; the basin and the pedestal stand. As a consequence, these unique bathroom pedestal sinks designs simplify the installation while ensuring that the pipework is hidden. If you haven’t installed one before, don’t panic.

What you need are some few guidelines which you can quickly get especially if the American standard pedestal sink comes with an installation guide. Alternatively, you can get the procedure from one of your friends. Additionally, this pedestal sink comes with all the mounting accessories that you need to install the sink enabling you to save time.

Some of the most common uses of these unique bathroom pedestal sinks is washing or brushing your tooth, and this means that you might need a place for storing your accessories.

Well, these unique bathroom pedestal sinks were designed with that in mind. It has enough space to keep your items safe allowing you to access them quickly when you need to do so.

The American standard pedestal sink is designed with a faucet hole; therefore, you have the liberty to use any bathroom faucet of your choice with the sink. It is also engineered with an overflow built that allows excess water to flow out thus preventing overflowing.

With a traditional design, this pedestal sink is built with a standard model that fits most of the users in your home. Subsequently, this feature makes it a great family American standard pedestal sink constructed from high quality and durable materials.

The 1-year warranty that it comes with is a plus to its package, in case you are not satisfied with its performance you should contact the manufacturer for an exchange.





Barclay Washington 550 – The 6TH Best Unique Bathroom Pedestal Sinks

If you are looking forward to getting an attractive and elegant vanity, then you will find Barclay Washington 550 quite suitable. These unique bathroom pedestal sinks are designed to last long and will match with most bath designs.

The vitreous china material used to build it enhances the reliability and the strength of this pedestal sink.

It is also designed with a white finish that matches perfectly with most bathrooms plus the smoothness of the material makes keeping the sink stain free and clean very easy. Maintaining this sink is very easy since you only need to clean it using a soft cloth to manage its new appearance.

It also comes in two parts; a pedestal base and a rectangular basin which makes this pedestal sink to appear modern. However, the bath sink is not very deep which is why it is fit for family use. These unique bathroom pedestal sinks are also designed with an overflow and a center hole that drains the sink easily when you are done using it.

With a white basin design, you can pick any faucet of your choice that blends with the sink to give a beautiful look. Additionally, the installation is pretty simple, and any home user can install it without experiencing difficulties. Alternatively, you can seek help from a professional if you are not so confident.




You can watch this short video to have an overview of how to install a pedestal bathroom sink.


To conclude, when it comes to pedestal sinks, it is quite evident from this review that there are different kinds of sink to fit your need. If you need a unique pedestal bathroom sink for your new home or your renovated bath, there are lots of options to consider which means that you will most likely find one that is suitable for your home.

If you are not sure about which type of pedestal sink to use it in your bathroom, then you will find this review quite helpful. This is why this quick guide is handy, and you should be familiar with it when considering buying a sink

However, before purchasing any sink, it is crucial to know your budget to avoid overspending. Additionally, if you are not confident with the installation, you can acquire the services of an expert.

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