Best Farmhouse Sink Reviews (Updated Guide)

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Cheap Farmhouse Sink

If you are an aspiring new homeowner and get worried about where to buy a cheap farmhouse sink, this should never be a concern anymore. Today, I present you the best farmhouse sink reviews. Based on these best farmhouse sink reviews, a cheap farmhouse sink is only reachable near you.

Do you want to understand how? This step-by-step guide will expand your knowledge and you will never struggle to boost your home décor. As always the case for a visionary homeowner, you want your kitchen and bathroom to appear modern at just an affordable cost.

According to these best farmhouse sink reviews, farm-style sinks are made of different materials and stainless steel farmhouse sinks are quite popular in this category.

Still, on these best farmhouse sink reviews, this does not mean those sinks made of granite composite materials are not good; they are also good and what you need to do is to assess each model correctly.

As outlined in these best farmhouse sink reviews, all that matters is the functionality of the farmhouse sink that you buy, its durability and ability to retain your countertop, and overall kitchen décor.


Kraus KHF 200-33 33-Inch Farmhouse Apron Single Bowl 16-gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink 

When it comes to buying the best and cheap farmhouse sink, I highly recommend this model in my best farmhouse sink reviews.

KHF200-33 is another member of Kraus kitchen sinks with extremely high functionality. The model uses a soundDefend technology which makes it one of the quietest cheap farmhouse sink model today.

The model is also fitted with a sound pad absorbing system which helps to retain quietness when you are washing your dishes. In its make, there is a sound-dampening technology which adds an insulation cover for a better kitchen experience.

Moreover, the protective undercoating prevents the damage of kitchen cabinets by fighting the condensation build-up. The effect is crucial for a long-lasting kitchen sink.

Its corners are designed in a way that you can quickly clean them. These corners are gently curved to give your kitchen sink a sleek and modern appearance.

Besides, Kraus KHF200-33’s drainage system is well designed to allow water to flow without difficulties. There is a gentle slope down there to prevent the instances of standing water which could cause a clog in your kitchen sink.

As discussed in these best farmhouse sink reviews, TRU16 and T304 are the types of stainless steel metals that are used in the construction of this cheap farmhouse sink.

With the use of this material, the sink becomes dent-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and rust-resistant. The sink combines functionality, stylish, and practicality which is a useful element to a homeowner.

Summary Comparison Table



16-gauge steel adds durabilityMight develop scratches if not well maintained
Uses soundDefend technology 
Easy to clean 
Has a good drainage 
Sleek appearance 
Can resist corrosion 
You have three mounting options. 
A broad, deep, and large sink 



Kraus KHF203-36 36” Farmhouse Apron 60/40 Double Bowl 16-Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Kraus model number KHF203-36 is made by use of stainless steel which is indeed a suitable material as we are going to see later in these best farmhouse sink reviews. The model is made of T-304 stainless steel which makes it sturdy and reliable. Created by a group of skilled artisans, this model is durable since it is a 16-gauge.

Kraus KHF203-36 can be compatible with most countertops which imply that you won’t need to replace the existing countertops if you are renovating an old kitchen.

Additionally, it has a stone guard undercoating which is a means to dampen sound emission. It has a standard drainage opening of 3.5-inch. The model can fit in a minimum cabinet size of 36 inches.

Further, it is deep and wide enough to wash large pots and pans with ease. Its corners are designed in a way that you won’t struggle to clean them; thus, you can easily maintain its cleanliness.

As disclosed in these best farmhouse sink reviews, an apron front installation fits well with your kitchen theme; hence, it enhances your kitchen beauty.

Nowadays, people prefer open kitchen plans, and it makes sense when all the plumbing fixtures in the room retain top beauty levels. In that respect, Kraus KHF203-36 which is a double basin model will serve that purpose well.

Apart from being stylish, this farmhouse sink will offer you a high level of functionality and this corresponds to my sentiments in these best farmhouse sink reviews.

Summary Comparison Table



The model blends fashion with functionality.Might rust if not well maintained
T-304 steel ensure maximum durabilityIf you are not a professional, you might struggle to install it
Has soundproofing technology 
Apron front complement your kitchen décor 
Its basins are large and wide for easy washing. 
The 60/40 split adds versatility and functionality to this kitchen sink. 
Has a corrosion-resistant surface 
Drain position is strategically at the rear of the kitchen sink. 



KOHLER K-3942-3-NA Vault 36-Inch Cabinet Top-Mount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with 3 Faucet Holes

Kohler K-3942-3-NA is a self-trimming apron kitchen sink which ensures consistency in your plumbing. One good thing about this cheap farmhouse sink is that you can retrofit it into existing cabinetry in case you are renovating your kitchen. Much to the liking of many people, this kitchen sink has three faucet holes.

As explained in these best farmhouse sink reviews, the model has proven durability since it has been in existence for many years. It is made by the use of soundproofing technology which augurs well with your expectations of having a quiet kitchen when washing your dishes.

Since it has a neutral color, it will complement a wide range of kitchen decors, and this is an added quality in its versatility.

You won’t struggle to keep this kitchen sink clean since a simple wipe with a sponge material every week will be enough.

As discussed in these best farmhouse sink reviews, the material making this kitchen sink is resistant to rust and staining. You don’t need to worry about the effects of the hot pans on them since they will not have any adverse effect when placed on them. Generally, all these are good values of Kohler farmhouse sinks.

Summary Comparison Table



Utilizes sound absorbing technologyYou might require a professional to install it
Resist rust and staining 
Easy to clean 
Easily matches your kitchen theme. 
It is an easy top mount installation model 
Fits well with laminate countertops 



Kraus KHF200-30 30-Inch Farmhouse Apron Single Bowl 16-Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

If you buy this cheap farmhouse sink, it presents you with three mounting options. You have got the flush mount, top mount, and undermount styles.

It all depends on the style you prefer because you might be forced to modify your cabinet to accommodate the kitchen sink. In these best farmhouse sink reviews, I strongly recommend the model.

Also, this is a 16-gauge which offers durability to the model. It is a durable pick given that it is made of T304 stainless steel. You will enjoy using its depth and wideness when washing your utensils and pans. KHF200-30 is sound insulated, and you don’t need to worry about the unnecessary noises and sounds when washing the utensils.

Its drainage system is well optimized for maximum efficiency. The drainage is located at the rear of the sink and works efficiently. You won’t go wrong if you follow the guide of these best farmhouse sink reviews.

Summary Comparison Table



Has a good sizeBottom not slanted enough
Easy to clean 
Durable model 
Has a soundproofing technology 
A wide range of mounting options 



More About The Best Farmhouse Sink Reviews 

In this simple guide containing the best farmhouse sink reviews, I would like to inform you about the use of cheap farmhouse sink and how you can utilize it in your home.

Given that there are varieties of kitchen sinks in the market today, it is important to familiarize with each sink model by first reading the best farmhouse sink reviews so that you can pick the appropriate kitchen sink brands for your home.

In this regard, it is good to know why you wish to buy a kitchen sink model over the others given that there is a wide range of options. Today, I would like to inform you why you need to buy a farmhouse kitchen sink and not the other models.

Did you know the origin of farmhouse sinks? Farmhouse kitchen sinks have their history. Based on the best farmhouse sink reviews, farm-style sinks were recognized for their versatility in the past due to their ability to store water and still be used in washing pots and utensils.

They were preferred to save water due to their large capacities unlike most of the other kitchen sink models we have today. Even though some people recognize these kitchen sinks as too old, they are still popular today. They have a blend of modernism and traditional features which bodes well with the expectations of many people.

If you look at the way these sinks are made, they protrude forward a distance of an inch from the countertop, which complements your kitchen décor. In reality, they add beauty to your kitchen which is a feature many homeowners would wish to have in their modern homes.

Gone are the days when we used to prefer a closed kitchen design; nowadays, some people prefer having an open plan model which implies that a kitchen can be a place for gathering. Given this, you want your kitchen to be pretty attractive, and a farmhouse sink can augur well with your idea.

So, why opt to buy a cheap farmhouse sink for that matter? As you realize in the best farmhouse sink reviews, the reason I keep referring to a cheap farmhouse sink is that there are many expensive models in the market today.

I intend to show you that you can still find a cheap farmhouse sink model and reap its benefits. Check here why you need to purchase any of these kitchen sink models as outlined in the best farmhouse sink reviews.

(I) A Wide Range Of Material Options

As explained in the best farmhouse sink reviews, these sinks are made of different materials. Only you can determine which material you want to buy. Some of the conventional materials that make farmhouse sinks are marble, brass, copper, stainless, cast iron, and fireclay.

In most cases, people prefer to buy stainless steel farmhouse sinks because these models are generally cheaper compared to others. Besides, stainless steel farmhouse sinks can still be undermounted, or top mounted which gives an option for you.

The other material option is fireclay. Fireclay is an excellent material option for many people because of its assured durability. Mainly, fireclay is made of a blend of porcelain and enamel and both heated at extremely high temperatures to form a potent compound.

Some people might confuse it with cast iron due to its shiny appearance. The material is non-porous but can get stained over the years.

Consequently, we now discuss the cast iron material for a farmhouse kitchen sink. Like I have introduced in the previous paragraph, this material is shiny due to the porcelain-enamel coating on its surface. Their weight is not sufficient enough and might require some reinforcement when doing the installation process.

You have an option to do undermount, top mount, and apron-front installation. The only issue with this material is that it can chip, stain or scratch, and this happens after several years of service.

More in these best farmhouse sink reviews is that marble is another important option if you don’t like the other farmhouse kitchen sink materials. The material’s appearance in your kitchen is pretty beautiful and can’t be a letdown in your home décor. However, you will have to part with several dollars to buy a farmhouse kitchen sink made of this material since they are expensive.

You will have to keenly take care of this kitchen sink since they easily develop stains. Periodic re-sealing is required to keep this sink in a good working condition.

Still, there is another option in the cheap farmhouse sink list made of copper. The materials are not only beautiful but smooth much to the liking of many people who are its proponents.

One aspect I like about copper made farmhouse kitchen sink is that they are anti-microbial. Nevertheless, the material will develop patina, scratches, and dents with time. You will need to wax your smooth farmhouse kitchen sink made of copper to fight this effect.

In these best farmhouse sink reviews, the final material that I will discuss with you, in this case, is brass. A farmhouse kitchen sink made of brass is expensive; thus, you will have to dig deeper in your pocket to acquire one.

These kitchen sinks are beautiful, and you can maintain their beauty by keeping them polished. Doing this will help you to fight against the possible development of scratches on their surfaces, and it is ideal for maintaining a beautiful kitchen.

(II) Functionality Of A Cheap Farmhouse Sink

By and large, as provided in these best farmhouse sink reviews, an apron kitchen sink offers you a high level of functionality. We have seen the wide range of materials that you can choose from depending on which one seems attractive to you.

However, the most important thing is how the usability of the said farmhouse kitchen sink will fulfill the expected level of functionality. Every person would like to buy a kitchen sink that can offer an incredibly high level of functionality, and this is what a cheap farmhouse sink will do to you.

First, a farmhouse kitchen sink is typically large and deep as endorsed in these best farmhouse sink reviews. You can wash large pots, pans, and utensils comfortably and quickly.

Ergonomic is an element inherent in the use of a cheap farmhouse sink. You need less material for a countertop when installing a farmhouse kitchen sink model. Since the sink juts forward, you don’t need to keep leaning too much when working with it. You will comfortably perform the cleaning duties without bending due to this feature.

On the flip side, due to the deep nature of the farmhouse sinks, tall people might be in trouble. They might not be entirely comfortable to collect utensils at the bottom of the sink due to its deepness.

As found in these best farmhouse sink reviews, the converse is not right for the shorter people since they do it comfortably while standing straight.

(III) Installing A Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

People don’t like to buy kitchen sinks that will make them struggle when installing them and I still hold the same sentiments in these best farmhouse sink reviews.

If you are a proponent of either top mount or undermount installation, both varieties are available. Mostly, people will prefer the undermount installation due to its seamless appearance when fitted under the surface of the countertop. Sometimes, undermount installation requires a qualified person to do it.

Since there is a need to prevent any possible leakages, the seam between the sink and the countertop has to be well sealed. Nonetheless, when the sink is well installed, you will easily sweep liquids and crumbs directly into the sink without any struggles.

For a butcher-block countertop, a top-mount installation will be an excellent fitting. In this case, you won’t need to agonize about the water damage to the uncovered periphery of the countertop adjacent to the sink.

Also, when you are using a laminate countertop, the best way of installing your farmhouse sink is a top mount. The reason is that the laminate countertops are not well-suited with the undermount installation as affirmed in these best farmhouse sink reviews.

You can watch how to build a cast iron farmhouse sink in the video below

Do I need a Special Cabinet for a Farmhouse Sink?

Are farmhouse sinks worth it? There are plenty of information about farmhouse sinks no one tells you. Despite suggestions that this sink model might be outdated, note that a farmhouse sink or an apron-front sink is one of the most popular fixtures in all kinds of kitchens out there.

With the rise in the popularity of kitchens that have both modern and traditional elements, this kind of sink has become more appropriate for most kitchens.

Basically, what appeals to the people are inherent qualities in these sinks. You will realize that these sinks are deeper and even wider than the traditional sink basin. This makes them ideal for large families without a dishwasher.

Besides, farmhouse sinks add a rustic and homely feel to any kitchen out there. However, when installing this sink, there are many things that you should consider. One of these factors is whether you need a special cabinet.

Yes. You need to have a special cabinet for a farmhouse sink. First and foremost, you need to redo your kitchen’s countertop. When it comes to a farmhouse sink, there are two options that you can consider.

These include undermount and top mount or what is commonly known as drop-in variety. Most homeowners usually prefer the undermount style.

The undermount style does not include holes for faucets or taps. These sinks be mounted on the wall or the countertop behind. Important to note is that the sink require special cabinet to accommodate its depth and protrusion. consider replacing your sink cabinet if you want to install an undermount farmhouse sink in your kitchen.

The good news is that this special cabinet will support the weight of the farmhouse sink. Here, this cabinet should be able to withstand a weight of more than 300 pounds.

The is usually true when you fill this sink with water. The sink on its own can weigh between 30 and 60 pounds. When buying this sink, you should know its weight so that you can determine the kind of special cabinet that will offer adequate support to the sink.

Given the strength and size of this sink, you can place a 20-pound child in the sink and still fill it with water without worrying about the sink falling down or even cracking the cabinet.

Besides ensuring that the cabinet can withstand the weight, you should ensure that you take extra care to have the joint between the sink and the countertop sealed well to prevent any leakage.

Final Word

When buying the farmhouse sink, you should know its width, depth and even its height. All these details will affect the following:

  • How you cut the countertops
  • How you cut the cabinets
  • How the supporting frame is set up.

An added special cabinet is important as these kinds of sink are usually too heavy to go only with the attachment to the bottom of the countertops. Also, you should ensure that your kitchen is spacious enough as this sink takes a significant amount of space.

However, this sink can be a great option for anyone who is looking for an eye-catching sink that has a large capacity. Install a farmhouse sink today in your kitchen, and you will not regret it.


In summary, we come to the end of the best farmhouse sink reviews, and I hope you have learned why you need to buy a cheap farmhouse sink for your home. There are many expensive models of these kitchen sinks but finding an affordable option is much possible. If you look at the reviews that I gave at the beginning of this post, those kitchen sinks are useful and can be helpful in your kitchen. When you buy any of these models, you are assured of stylish and functional attributes. If you like this article, press any of the sharing buttons below and share it with your friends. Have a good moment and see you in the next article.

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