Buy a Kitchen Sink: Some Tips and Considerations

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Kitchen sink and a faucetBefore you settle on a kitchen sink buying decision, research is necessary; this step-by-step simple guide will help you in making the right decision before you buy a kitchen sink.

When buying a kitchen sink, you need to consider the structure, size, material, style, the outlook of the solid surface, color, and ideal location among many more other essential factors.   

In this first place, before you go to the market to buy a kitchen sink, you should address various considerations. The idea to buy a kitchen sink starts with the decision of the homeowner. Such an arrangement is informed by specific factors, which should constitute a rational decision.


Introductory Thoughts …

Given that kitchen sinks are of various types, sizes, and manufactured by the use of different materials, it becomes essential to make an informed decision.

The primary objective, in this case, is to serve the purpose of the kitchen sink and doing so at an affordable price from the perspective of the homeowner. In this regard, this guide offers some useful tips that you can consider before going into the market to buy a kitchen sink.

Buy a Kitchen Sink With a Focus on Size and Structure of the Kitchen Sink

You can think about the size and structure of the kitchen sink from the viewpoint of the kitchen cabinet’s size. Once you understand the dimensions of your kitchen cabinet, you will have to buy a kitchen sink, which fits such specifications. However, if the kitchen cabinet can be modified, this will be good for you.

The modification will be reasonable in the sense that you are free to buy a kitchen sink of any size. Also, the kitchen size will be instrumental in helping to decide the dimensions of the sink to buy. If the kitchen is too small, this will not warrant a large sink due to the space factor. In such a case, you can review the best kitchen sinks for small kitchen space.

On Contrast

On the other hand, large kitchen space can allow a room for a large sink. The purpose in which you intend to use the sink will also come into play in this case, this explains the reason you might opt to have one, two or even three basin sink structures.

You might wish to have two small sinks or one that is larger than both. The advantage of one large sink is that you will have a lot of space to soak and consequently do the cleaning. The case is not the same when you elect to have a double-basin sink whose bowls are a bit smaller.

But a double-basin sink can enable you to multitask, which is an advantage to you if you always have a busy schedule and don’t want to spend much time in the kitchen. You can see a review of the best double-basin sinks here.

As well, there is a triple-basin sink in which one of them serves as garbage disposal. The size and the structure of the kitchen sink should be an important consideration to you when deliberating on the best option.  

Buy a Kitchen Sink Which Bears Your Desired Style

There are various types of sinks you need to consider in this case. Some of the prime examples include top mount, undermount, apron, and corner & bar sinks.


The way in which these types of sinks are installed makes the entire outlook much refined and lustrous. An undermount sink is mounted under the work surface, and this makes cleaning easy.

Washing the sink is also easy as this will require you to use a sponge and drive the debris straightway into the sink from the cabinet surface. Just have a look at our reviews of the best undermount kitchen sinks here. 

Top Mount/Drop-in Sinks 

Drop-in kitchen sink and top-mount kitchen sink are descriptions that can be used interchangeably. A top-mount style of sink is easy to install; it is fixed on the work surface. Due to the ease of installation, these sinks are cost-effective.

Only one hole is required to attach them to the work surface, and this doesn’t need any special installation techniques. You can review the best drop-in kitchen sinks we have documented here. Nevertheless, since they are mounted on the top, they can make the cleaning of the kitchen platform a bit problematic when removing the debris.

Apron/Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sink and apron sinks are denotations that can be used interchangeably. Farmhouse type of sink gives you an option to have either double or single bowl based on your preferences. The front of the sink is exposed, which offers an archetypal appearance in the kitchen. Their installation requires some professionalism due to its complexity. You can have a review of the best farmhouse sinks in our blog.

Corner & Bar Sinks

They are mostly made to suit limited spaces. They are only manufactured depending on the wish of the buyer. The manufacturer will assess the space size and consequently design the kitchen sink. Given this, they are much expensive to design and install.

The Preferred Kitchen Sink Material

Ease of cleaning and hardness to wear out are some of the considerations that you should make when thinking about the sink material. When buying a kitchen sink, it is important to note that they are majorly made up of ceramic, stainless, and composite materials.

Ceramic Material

The ceramic material is mostly associated with farmhouse sinks. The material is easy to clean and enable to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen. The material is well-built and durable. The ceramic material can allow molding any of the sink structures just like the case with stainless steel.

Composite Material

These materials are human-made and highly durable. Quartz and resin are prime examples of composite materials. The material can withstand high levels of temperature without any side effects and more particularly the resin sinks. They have high stain-resistance levels, and this makes them a bit expensive. Check the best composite sinks here in our blog. 

They can be molded into various shapes, and colors all depended on the wish of the designer. Nevertheless, light-colored granite sinks are susceptible to scratches and stains, and this should be a caution to you. The most important thing is to consider a material that will stand the value of your money.

Stainless Steel

Many people find stainless steel to be the most prominent practical solution. The materials are durable and hard to crack. They employ noise absorption technology, and this makes them efficient in the home. Compared to the other material types, they are cheaper. Also, they can be molded into various shapes depending on the intention of the designer. Review the best stainless steel sinks in our blog. 

Your Ability to be Comfortable When Working on the Kitchen Sink

Comfortability brings about the aspect of kitchen sink’s depth level into consideration. If you are short, you don’t want to buy a kitchen sink that is too deep since you will struggle to do the cleaning.

In this case, you will need to buy a shallow kitchen sink to enable you to feel comfortable when working. On the other hand, when you are tall, it will be reasonable to buy a kitchen sink that is deep as this also means a large capacity of the sink.


Deep and large kitchen sink will be right for you since you can soak a large number of utensils. However, you will have to understand that deep sinks are a bit more expensive than shallow ones.

At the end of it all, all that you are assured is a comfortable working condition with such a kitchen sink. The kitchen surface should be made in a way that it can accommodate the depth of the sink that you require.

If it is much raised from the floor level and you are short, you will struggle when doing the washing. All these considerations should be made before the construction of the kitchen cabinet.

If you are conscious of your comfort level, you will not make a mistake of purchasing a kitchen sink with the wrong depth dimensions. In a typical setting, the sink depth ranges from 6 to 12 inches, which are thought to be the natural make for most people. 

The Outlook of the Kitchen Sink’s Solid Surface

You will realize that there is a difference between a kitchen sink’s build material and the ones that show on the solid surface. Plastic resins and heavy-duty polymers are human-made materials and constitute a solid surface.

On the other hand, the kitchen sink’s material could engross stainless steel, ceramic and composite materials. It is the availability of the sink’s solid surface that makes it appear glossy and polished. The surface of a sink can be changed all as dictated by the preference of the user.

In some materials, this is not possible since a lot of laminating or polishing is necessary and this is not the case with quartz materials.

You will realize that when a solid material is on the surface of your sink, it will prevent constant tear and wear and this ensures a longer lifespan of your kitchen sink system.

My Take 

As a long-term solution, it is good to consider a solid surface, which can be remodeled to enable avoid instances of scratches and cracks. Such a coating will make your kitchen sink is tough and rigid from all the angles.

The impacts of washing dirty dishes will not be felt by instances of odor and untidiness. The surface will not hold bacteria that cause germs, which will be good for keeping high sanitation levels.

Since the outlook of the sink’s solid surface is a point of consideration to you when deciding to buy a kitchen sink, it is reasonable to be aware of the sink’s build material for compatibility reasons.

Consider the Kitchen Sink’s Color

There is a particular appearance that you wish your kitchen to assume. That explains the reason why you consider the color whenever you are buying any kitchen apparatus. The same approach should be applied when you want to buy a kitchen sink, and this should be done for various reasons.

Reason 1

First, you want to buy a kitchen sink that doesn’t show up scratches and stains. The same should not impede with the kitchen decoration of your preference.

For example, solid acrylic resin countertops have a bright and smooth color palette. Some of these surfaces can be top mounted or under-mounted depending on your preferences.

Available Options 

Given that there are color variations in this case ranging from beige to off-white, some people might get confused when deciding the right one for them when buying a kitchen sink. Off-white and beige are considered to be neutral colors and are suitable to integrate into the kitchen since they present an appealing outlook all through.

Once a stain appears on them, it is easy to spot and act on it. High-quality stainless steel is also useful for impact-resistance and scratch-resistance.

Reason 2

You should be concerned about the long-term appearance and functioning of the kitchen sink when making kitchen sink buying decisions.

When you opt for a cheap and low-quality kitchen sink, you will face the challenge of durability since most of these sinks lose their brightness and develop stains and scratches after a short spell.

Decide on the Ideal Location of Your Kitchen Sink

The site inside the kitchen where you wish to install the sink is a much-esteemed consideration when resolving to buy a kitchen sink.

Corner Area Location

In some instances, you might want to locate it in the kitchen’s corner and in such a case, corner & bar sink will be an ideal solution.

If you don’t wish to buy a corner & bar kitchen sink, you will need to reconsider the location and purchase any other type that is available in the market all as dictated by your preference.

Also, the position of the sink in the kitchen must correspond well with the countertop and the faucet system. It will be costly to blindly buy a kitchen sink without considering the outlook of the countertop and the faucets to be fitted.

Location Near The Window 

If you decide to locate it near a window, its faucet system should not disturb the functioning of the window or vice versa.

Moreover, the sink must be compatible with the internal piping system for secure connection and installation. If you chose an excellent location, it would make the kitchen to appear neat and organized.

As a consequence, cooking and cleaning will be accessible to you and your guests who might wish to help you in the kitchen. If your home is large, it might require several kitchen sinks. In such a case, proper selection of the site of location will be much telling.

Why Is Location Important? 

If you install them in the kitchen without an appropriate plan, this will make working in the kitchen a bit discouraging due to the disorganized state of the kitchen. You will like to have a neat kitchen, and this starts right away from the way it is organized.


In summary, if you uphold all these essential tips and considerations when buying a kitchen sink, there is no reason why you will not enjoy working in your kitchen. It will be a depiction of money well spends on one of your kitchen’s most essential apparatus.

If your kitchen sink is giving you troubles because you failed to consider some of these critical tips and considerations, it might be the right time to consider remodeling it.

You want a kitchen sink that will enable you to work comfortably and at the highest level possible of efficiency. Such considerations should be based on the depth of the sink, size, color, nature of the material and the type of the sink among many more others.  We believe this guide offers you detailed information which when you follow will enable you to avoid making mistakes in the future.

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