Are American Standard Toilets Good?

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American Standard Toilets If you are intending to buy a toilet bowl and seat, you must start by exploring the various available options. American standard toilets should be one of the available options for you to examine. Today, I have dedicated my time to help you explore whether the American standards toilets meet your specifications.

In the last decade, the American standards brand has been growing its popularity. This follows the resurgence of the company in 2008 since the break-up of the founding company. Presently, the company is run by a superior combination of Elijer and Crane Plumbing.

Due to the popularity of this brand, it received recognition in 2015 from Builder Magazine. Its great toilet brands were instrumental in the company’s award for brand familiarity. Apart from dominating the toilet industry, the company has already established a great dominance in the bathroom accessories.

Besides recommending their toilets, you can also consider using their kitchen products, commercial, residential, and bathroom solutions. You will have a great experience since American standard toilets have uncompromised quality. Let’s focus on the toilet’s key features that make it outstanding.

American Standard Toilets Features

  • The lowly priced product – if you want to own a cheaper yet high-quality toilet, you have to buy the American standard toilets.
    Compared to highly priced toilet brands of the same quality such as Kohler and Toto, American standards toilets are worth buying. Even when they release new versions that are more modernized, this does not change the pricing significantly.
  • Retaining the traditional style – if you want to own the traditional style of toilets, look no other than the American standard toilets. Some people might not like to own the more modern-looking toilet, which makes the American standard toilets as the best option for them.
    If this is you, you need to decide which model you can own today. The traditional style maintains the simplicity of the toilet, which might be one of your likings about toilet bowls and seats.
    Sometimes, quirky designs of toilets make them less attractive; this brand of toilet avoids this by using only three basic colors for its fundamental style.
    Now that the company keeps the product so plain, this reduces the manufacturing and design costs; hence, customers can purchase the product at a low price. In the end, the product is highly functional.
  • WaterSense-approved toilet – the American standard toilet has the highest power in this perspective in the entire industry. The toilet’s flushing power capacity is incredibly high. In this case, the toilet has a larger trap size compared to the standards set in the industry, which makes it simply exceptional.
  • Low cases of clogged toilets – a clogged toilet makes owners have a painful and terrible experience. Every time that the toilet gets clogged, the owner is always having a hard time trying to figure out how to remove the clog.
    If you own the American standard toilet, you won’t need to worry about the clogs. One powerful flush drives everything down the drain.
  • Longest warranty – with most of its toilets having more than 10 years warranty, this proves the quality that is inherent in these toilets. Most of the other brands in the industry will offer you a warranty for a period of 1-year to 5-years.
    Given the long product warranty provided, this proves that the company has great trust and confidence in its toilets.
    A decade long warranty should be indeed extraordinary. The 10-year warranty offers you flexibility and can be used in various toilets in you consider shifting from location to the other.
  • The Right Height toilets – in most homes, people find it hard to use the same toilets for children and adults. American Standard toilets can be designed depending on height needs of the buyer.
    Also, these toilets come in various shapes and toilets, which make them comfortable for use irrespective of whether a child or adult is using them. You can just opt for familiar dimensions and regular-sized toilets in this regard.
  • Easy to install – since most of the toilet’s parts are preassembled, the installation process is quite easy. If you are a first-time installer, you will save more than 20% of your time and effort when installing this type of toilet.
    The company is entirely aware that there are more than 10 parts that need to be connected along the drain. To make the work easy for the buyers, it has compiled useful videos, which show step-by-step installation process.
  • How it compares to other brands – as earlier introduced, the company offers a 10-year warranty for most of its toilets, which beats the market standards.
    Toilets from other brands have extra features, fancy designs, and pandering. The American Standard brand does not have all these extra features, which helps to augment its simplicity.
    It has an easy installation process due to its preassembled parts compared to other rival brands. The system is tried and test; hence, if you are a beginner, you should not be worried about the installation process.
    The models are made of vitreous china material, which is sturdy and durable. The use of this material is generally applicable in all models.
    When you compare the American standard toilets with other brands, all that comes out are not only the advantages; you will find some limitations associated with American standard.
    The first limitation is that the toilets are only available in three colors; namely, linen, white, and bone. If you don’t like any of the three colors, then this must be bad news to you!


To conclude, the American standard toilets are a great model to own. If you are not a proponent of fancy design, coloring and pandering, this should be the best toilet for you. The toilet has a powerful flush and does not easily get clogged. Besides, this type of toilet will serve you for a long time and the company allows a decade warranty. The models are indeed extraordinary quality you can ever find in the market.

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