Best Toilet Seat – The Complete Buyers’ Guide

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best toilet seat Are you in the market in search of the best toilet seat? What makes toilet seat standout? If you are aware of the attributes of the high-end toilet seats, this can be easy for you. If you are not sure about the attributes of these toilet seats, just hold on and I will introduce you to them.

The following are the best toilet seat brands in the market presently – Bemis 500EC 000, Bath Royale BR606-00, MAYFAIR Toilet Seat, TOTO SS114#11, and KOHLER K-4636-7.

One of the factors that can make you buy a high-end toilet seat is to ensure that your bathroom radiates comfort and elegance. Even though comfort and elegance are a subjective opinion, it is a good idea that the toilet seat that you choose fulfills these requirements.


Bemis 500EC 000 Wood Round Toilet Seat with Easy-Clean & Change Hinge, White


Bemis 500EC 000 is highly recommended for residential use. If you wish to buy and install a toilet seat in your personal toilet, this should be among the best options. You can easily change the inches and clean them since they are plastic made.

For thorough cleaning of the entire toilet seat, the hinges allow you to easily remove the seat. It has twist hinges that you can easily unlock. Besides, the wig nuts and bolts are non-corrosive, which adds to the overall attribute of the best toilet seat that won’t stain.

Since it is made of a molded wood, it is long lasting and leaves a comfortable impression to the user. During the cold weathers, this toilet seat is not too cold to sit on it. Apart from providing comfort, the material prevents scratching and chipping.

Above all, the toilet seat comes from a manufacturer with a huge reputation and a big name in the industry. Bemis is renowned for being innovative, stylish, and manufacturing high-quality toilet seats in the industry.

If you buy a Bemis toilet seat, you are assured to acquire a model of unmatched quality features. They make the best toilet seat brands suited for bathroom needs.

Summary Table



Easy to clean the toilet seatPlastic hinges might snap
Long lasting toilet seat 
Comes from a recognized brand 
Comfortable to use 
Does not scratch or chip 
Stylish and high-quality 



Bath Royale BR606-00 Premium Elongated Toilet Seat with Cover, White, Slow-Close, Quick-Release for Easy Cleaning. Fits All Elongated (Oval) Toilets


Bath Royale is one of the best toilet seat brands that every homeowner would wish to own. You can find this specific model in both elongated and round shape. All you need to know is that the shape of your toilet bowl dictates the shape of the toilet seat since they have to match.

Irrespective of the toilet bowl brand that you have in your bathroom, Bath Royale will just match in perfectly. Also, the toilet seat is quite close and can be ideal for people with back pains and children. In using this toilet seat, you will not need to stoop at all; hence, it is appropriate for people with back pains.

If you want to maintain high levels, then bath Royale is the best toilet seat 2019. You can easily remove the toilet seat and conduct a thorough cleaning. Adequate cleaning of the toilet seat will help to keep a fresh smell around the area besides fighting germs.

Now you know which is the best toilet seat to buy; but asides this, the model is robust, comfortable, and long-lasting. If you want that best toilet seat that won’t stain, this might be the perfect one for you.

Summary Table



Does not chip, fade, or peelLikely to discolor
Stain-resistant toilet seat 
A long-lasting model 
A comfortable toilet seat 
Suitable for people with back pains and children 
Can fit with any toilet bowl brand 
Strong and suitable for heavy person 
Easy to clean since it has a Quick-Release 



MAYFAIR Toilet Seat will Slow-Close, Never Loosen and Easily Remove, ELONGATED, Durable Enameled Wood, White, 148SLOWA 000/1848SLOWA 000


MAYFAIR Toilet seat has a great reputation in the market today. The model has unique attributes, which convince many homeowners to buy them. For example, the seat closes slowly and quietly, which matches the manufacturer’s description.

Also, this toilet seat is easy to install compared to some of other models and brands. You might not need a professional plumber to install this toilet seat if you are confident to do-it-yourself. For instance, with just a wrench, you can install the fastening system of this toilet seat.

Besides, you can easily clean this toilet seat. It is easily and quickly removable, which enables you to clean the entire area adequately. The material making the toilet seat is easy to clean and keep sparkling.

Since it is an elongated shaped toilet seat, it will fit all the toilet bowl brands such as Kohler, TOTO, and American standards. It is made of enameled wood, which helps to resist chipping and scratching.

Summary Table



Resistant to chips and scratchesMight stain
Easy to cleanMight crack
Easy to install 
Matches with any toilet bowl brand 
Elongated toilet seat appropriate for tall people 



TOTO SS114#11 Transitional SoftClose Elongated Toilet Seat, Colonial White


One great attribute of this toilet seat is that it is easy to install. You will not need to pay for additional costs while paying for installation services when you opt for TOTO SS114#11 models. Moreover, if you want to install a different toilet seat, this seat is easily removable. In this toilet seat, you have access to all mounting bolts and installation hardware.

The design of this best toilet seat brand uses of the SoftClose technology. The technology enables you to lower the seat close to the toilet bowl gently and quietly. In such a case, the technology eradicates the incidences of injury to the toilet seat users and damage to the bowl and seat.

If you want a long lasting model, you are welcome to consider this option. With its elongated shape, the design is sleek and creates a seamless appearance in your bathroom. The material making the toilet seat is stable and can support heavy person.

Summary Table



Uses SoftClose technologyLikely to develop cracks around the hinges
Easy to install 
Strong toilet seat 
Comes in a wide variety of colors 
Safe toilet seat 



KOHLER K-4636-7 Cachet Quiet-Close with Grip-Tight Bumpers Elongated Toilet Seat, Black Black


Kohler K-4636-7 is designed to fit an elongated toilet bowl. It is black in color if you like it this way. It is designed with the use of Quiet-Close ™ technology, which ensures your body safety and avoids damage to both the toilet seat and bowl.

Apart from the use of Quiet-Close ™ technology, the manufacturer uses Quick-Attach (R) and Quick-Release ™ technologies all aimed to create a high-quality product for the toilet seat users.

Quick-Attach (R) technology enables to have a secure and fast installation of the hardware. On the other hand, Quiet-Release ™ technology will enable you to easily remove the seat without the use of any tool. You can remove the toilet seat to conduct a comprehensive cleaning.

Summary Table



Easy to cleanMight develop scratches
Has Quiet-Close ™ technology 
Has Quick-Attach (R) technology 
Has Quiet-Release ™ technology 



Why you need to buy the Best Toilet Seat Brands

  • They add comfort in your bathroom – depending on your preference, installing a toilet seat of your choice will seem to add comfort in your bathroom. For example, if you opted for a heated toilet seat, this will help to add warmth when the weather is cold.
  • They add elegance to your bathroom – toilet seats add stylishness in your bathroom depending on their diverse finishes, colors, sizes, and shapes. Since you want to create smartness in your bathroom, you are at liberty to choose the shape, size, color, and finish that resonates with your bathroom décor.
  • The ease of cleaning – in this case, you need to consider buying the best toilet seat that won’t stain to maintain high levels of cleanliness. If you consider the options available in the high-end stain resistant toilet seats, this will give you an advantage of the ease of cleaning; hence, you can maintain hygiene in your bathroom.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Toilet Seat

  • Hinges – in consideration of the hinges’ quality, you need to first determine whether all you have to do is to buy the best toilet seat for heavy person. The toilet seat hinges should provide an area of strength in the overall structure.
    If you end up buying a toilet seat which has low-quality hinges that stains easily, you will have to be prepared for constant replacements.Generally, ensure that you buy the best stain resistant toilet seats, and regular repairs won’t be necessary.
    Don’t be too worried about staining and end up buying seats with plastic hinges from some manufacturers. If you do this, this might be another trouble in making.
    Plastic hinges are likely to snap when the seat flexes and this depends on the designer of the toilet seat hinges.
  • Material – the material of the toilet seat determines important attributes such as durability, ease of cleaning, and comfortability of the toilet seat.
    A large number of toilet seats in the market today are made of wood and plastic. For a considerable number of customers, plastic-based toilet seats are preferable.Foremost, plastic-based toilet seats are easy to clean and affordable. But if you want to acquire the best toilet seat for heavy person, plastic made seats are not recommendable. They are not sturdy and suited for heavy usage. These toilet seats can easily develop cracks and scratches.

    Plastic toilet seats have a great range of colors compared to the wooden toilet seats. They are easy to clean and are the best stain resistant toilet seats.
    For the proponents of the wooden toilet seats, the material makes them durable and comfortable for cold weathers. Some of these wood-based toilet seats might be expensive depending on the quality of the wood making them.

    If you want to buy the best toilet seat for a heavy person, wood made toilet seats should be a point of consideration. However, you have to fight breakages, splintering, cracking, staining and discoloration since they are commonly associated with wooden made toilet seats. Nevertheless, staining is less common.

    Besides, the material making the toilet seat determines their stain-resistant abilities. Last, you can buy soft toilet seats since they are the most comfortable. Regardless of their comfortable nature, beware that they are susceptible to germs and bacteria. However, this can be stopped by constantly maintaining cleanliness in the bathroom area.

  • Shape – the primary area of consideration is that your toilet seat’s shape should resonate with that of your toilet bowl. In this case, you can have an elongated toilet seat matching an elongated toilet bowl or a round toilet seat paired with a round toilet bowl.The other area of focus is the dimensions or measurements of the toilet seat; they have to echo that of your toilet bowl. The installation screws should also match for compatibility and ease of installation.
  • Color – if you need a sleeker and elegant outlook in your bathroom, choose a color that matches your bathroom décor. You ought to opt for a toilet seat whose color creates the mood of a bathroom.
  • Comfort – if a toilet seat is not comfortable to you, you failed to make a thorough analysis before you acquired it. We can only call a toilet seat the best if it is comfortable to the user.
    Toilet seats are intended to make a comfortable experience to the toilet users. Apart from aspects like color and ability to be stain-resistant, this should be the major area of focus for any buyer.


In summary, we have explored examples of the best toilet seat models in each of the five major brands in the market today. Which is the best toilet seat to buy? That question squarely depends on how you have synthesized the article content presented in this case. Your final decision rests on factors such as comfortability of the toilet seat, price, colors, shape, material, ease of cleaning, and ability to add elegance among many more others.

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