How to Choose Bathroom Light Fixtures

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Bathroom Light Fixtures Having a plan on how to choose bathroom light fixtures is as imperative as planning for buying tiling and sanitaryware. You do not just wake up one day and decide to buy bathroom light fixtures without making due considerations.

Depending on your bathroom design and other specific requirements, you should be able to develop a scheme on how to choose the appropriate bathroom light fixtures. You need to consider the functionality level of the bathroom light fixtures that you will settle to buy. In the end, you want to have a perfect ambience for a great bathroom that is sleek in appearance at all the times.

In this guide, I will provide you with the most important elements that you need to consider before you choose your preferred bathroom light fixture. In essence, you need to choose a bathroom light fixture which can complement your lifestyle. Never accept to have a design that will compromise and create discomfort in your life.

Important Factors to Consider when Choosing Bathroom Light Fixtures

You might think to consider the different bathroom light fixtures, which is indeed okay. However, I would like to be more comprehensive and cover other elements that might not be known widely. Below are the essential areas of consideration.

  • The pricing of the bathroom light fixture – you need to be aware that the price range for bathroom light fixtures is wide.
    You will require less than $25 to buy a less complicated bathroom light fixture. On the flip side, you have to part with more than $100 to purchase high-quality and fancy vanity lighting.
    Apart from considering the purchase price, mind that you will still need to pay for the installation costs. But in most cases, people opt for a do-it-yourself approach for those who are determined and confident to research on how to install a bathroom light fixture.
  • Examine your bathroom lighting needs – your bathroom lighting needs can be determined by aspects such as the intended location of the bathroom.
    Sometimes, you might find that the location of the bathroom receives a lot of natural light or vice versa. From the outside of the bathroom area, you might have obstructions such as trees.
    In the same regard, consider the ambience that you desire to establish and architectural details. Invite an electrician and decide on factors such as switches, floor lights, ceiling, and dimensions of doors, windows, and sanitaryware.
  • The design of bathroom lighting – to understand different designs, styles, and colors, you need to research widely. Honestly, it is not easy to explain to you the most beautiful bathroom lighting fixture given that beauty is subjective.
    You need to research widely and interact with diverse colors and try to match them with your bathroom outlook. From the analysis, determine whether the available bathroom lighting fixtures can stylistically fir aesthetically in your bathroom.
  • The installation process – if you intend to do-it-yourself, you need to consider a design that you can easily install. Otherwise, you can still hire a professional electrician to install the lighting fixture.
    Paying the professional might be based on an hourly rate, which will still depend on the complexity of installing the lighting fixture. You can understand the installation process by reading customer reviews on specific bathroom light designs.
  • The nature of bulb – the nature of the lighting bulb that you will opt will determine the energy it uses and its level of brightness.
    Mostly, people prefer buying the standard size bulbs since they are easy to deal with, in the moments of replacement or fixing.
    Some types of bulbs will last long while others will have a short span. For example, CFL is a more affordable option.
    On the other hand, LED is costlier but it will serve you for a long time. In whichever the case, both bulbs have a high level of efficiency and functionality.
  • Energy consumption levels – some bathroom lighting fixtures have a high energy consumption compared to others. I am sure you will need a bathroom lighting fixture that can minimize energy consumption.
    But apart from this consideration, you need to light the bathroom bulb only when it is necessary. Avoid leaving behind switches on when you go away from home to enable save on energy consumption.
  • Safety in damp context – beware that most bathrooms have water heaters already installed such that you can use a hot shower. A hot shower produces steam, which might lead to condensation around the bulb area.
    If the dampness brought about by the shower steams come into contact with electricity, this might lead to safety concerns. Hence, you will need to buy a bathroom lighting fixture that is designed in consideration of the potential hazards from the shower steams. Such a bulb should be able to work finely in wet conditions.
  • The number of light sources and sizes – some bathrooms will be best suited by several lighting fixtures. In such a case, you could be forced to buy vanity lighting, ceiling lights, walls sconces, or pendants that have several bulbs fitted in them.
    The available bathroom space should enable you to decide the number of bulbs that will serve you better. If the space is so large, you need several bulbs to avoid having a deem room.
    The same case is applicable to the size of the bathroom lighting fixture you intend to buy. A large size might mean that you won’t require buying so many fixtures compared to when you opt for a small size.
    You have to consider that you will need to use the mirror and sink in the same bathroom. Such areas will require sufficient illumination of light. Thus, every corner of your bathroom should have sufficient light that is reasonable for you.


To conclude, we have covered the important areas of focus that you need to consider when buying bathroom lighting fixtures. I believe this has been helpful to you. Choosing the right bathroom lighting fixture will be a great source of beauty in your home. When correctly installed, it will be important that it matches your bathroom décor to enable create aesthetics. I will advise you to take time and review the available options for you.

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