Kohler Farmhouse Sink: A Review Of The Sink’s Functionality

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Kohler farmhouse sinkA Kohler farmhouse sink present with the best quality in the modern day world. It has been a tested and proven quality that has performed at the top level for quite some time.

Buying a Kohler farmhouse sink will be money well spent since it offers you a value that you can admire for years to come. It is the expectation of every homeowner to purchase a bathroom or kitchen sink that can prove to be durable and embody a high level of functionality which is just the case with Kohler farmhouse sink.

The category of the Kohler farmhouse sink is incredibly wide and this presents you with a variety of choice to choose from, thus, fulfilling your home life. In this post, I am going to explain to you the various models of sinks, which fall under the category of Kohler farmhouse sink.

In the same respect, I will discuss with you why you need to buy Kohler farmhouse sink by considering various model numbers whose merits and demerits will be explored in this post. Finally, the post will direct you to the best platform where you can buy a Kohler farmhouse sink that you most prefer.

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Kohler Farmhouse Sink Colors

A Kohler farmhouse sink can be designed to adopt various colors. It all depends on the willingness of the buyer to purchase a Kohler farmhouse sink that is made with a given type of finish. In essence, the Kohler farmhouse sink colors help to add sleek into its finish.

In my research, I found four new Kohler farmhouse sink colors that can make a great effect in your home. These four colors that you might not be aware of are Greenwich green, Piccadilly yellow, Annapolis Navy, and Palermo blue.

These new Kohler farmhouse sink colors are available in three main types of Kohler models. They are Iron/Tones, Riverby, and Whitehaven. In this post, we will not address all the three Kohler farmhouse sinks in all the colors mentioned; however, we will focus on the typically known colors for the models of the mentioned sinks. This will come later in this post.

Kohler Farmhouse Sink for sale

One of the best experiences that you will encounter while reading this post is getting the right recommendation for the product and later on taking you to the best online commercial outlet whereby you can buy the product.

If you are in need of this item, which of course is true, I will let you shop from the best seller. I will provide links that will lead you to Amazon after giving you the honest and unbiased review of the item.

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Kohler Farmhouse Sink top mount

The reality is that there are very many types of Kohler farmhouse sink top mount in the market today. Since I want you to get the best value out of your money, I will direct you to buy the best of the Kohler farmhouse sink top mount.

Kohler 3935-4-NA Top-Mount Single-Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

If you are interested in a Kohler farmhouse stainless steel sink for your kitchen, then this is perfect for you. You can trust the make since it is stainless steel hence has a capacity to fulfil your kitchen needs. The sink can fit a 30 inches tall cabinet which makes your working with it pretty comfortable.

If you like working with a single bowl kitchen sink, this will still fulfil your expectations. The kitchen sink has a self-trimming feature which overlaps the cabinet’s front side. At the end of it all, this self-trimming feature enables you to perform an easy installation of this kitchen sink.

This particular type of Kohler farmhouse sink top mount is made up of stainless steel that is resistant to rust. In particular, this model is easy to clean and you only need to wipe it once a week with the use of a sponge. Even hot pans can’t cause harm to this type of Kohler farmhouse sink.

As a matter of fact, this type of Kohler farmhouse sink will complement distinct features in your kitchen. It won’t appear as the one destroying your kitchen theme and decor. It has a sleek appearance and a neutral color which can match many kitchen styles.

Summary Comparison Table

This kitchen sink is highly durableRequires you to understand the size of your counter before doing the purchase
It is easy to install this Kohler farmhouse stainless steel sinkRelatively expensive
High level of versatility 
Easy to clean 
Made with the use of a silentShield technology 
Gives a high level of functionality 
The sink has a deep bowl 
A sink that can return the value for your money 



Kohler Farmhouse Sink 36

When it comes to Kohler farmhouse sink 36 inches, you have a variety of options. In this post, I will give you two Whitehaven Kohler models and a Riverby model that I find possessing a high level of functionality.

Kohler K-6488-0 Whitehaven Self-Trimming Apron Front

This type of Kohler farmhouse sink has a single bowl. It has a white color and can fit a 36 inches cabinet size. This sink cannot burn or crack and is made up of an iron cast metal.

When you buy this type of Kohler farmhouse sink, you won’t need to replace your existing cabinet. This Kohler farmhouse sink is self-trimming which makes the installation process quite easy.

Due to the large bowl size of this Whitehaven sink, you aren’t worried how you will clean the large pans and pots. If you want to buy a double sink, you will still find it in the market.

With the use of this kitchen sink, you are bound to have a stylish kitchen for many years. The kitchen sink won’t burn, crack or chip and will serve you for many years to come.

As I mentioned above, Whitehaven can come with a multiple of colors. You only need to pick the Kohler farmhouse sink which has a color that best suits your interests. Choosing the right Kohler farmhouse sink colors will help to enhance your countertop.

Summary Comparison Table

This Kohler farmhouse sink has the highest value and qualityRelatively expensive
At the time of purchase, you are provided with elaborate installation instructionsCan’t hold up to high heat
The sink adds elegance to your kitchen and is easy to clean 
The sink has a good drainage system 
It is fashionable and stylish 
Have two removable grates to protect the bottom 



Kohler K-6487-95 Whitehaven Self-Trimming Apron Front Single Basin Kitchen Sink

This type of Kohler farmhouse sink has a grey ice color. It is another model that fits the category of Kohler farmhouse sink 36. Based on its design, it can fit in standard apron cabinetry.

The sink has a sound basin depth of nine inches which is indeed appealing. The sink is a single bowl and with its depth, you are comfortable to wash the large pots and pans.

As I said above, Whitehaven gives you an opportunity to choose from a wide variety of colors. With the possibility to choose from the variety, you can get the best match for your countertop. Moreover, the sink will give you a long lasting service since it is manufactured by use of the enameled iron cast.

Though this kitchen sink can appear pricey, it will offer the best quality that you can achieve from a Kohler farmhouse sink. The sink has a good drainage system which makes it drain water adequately. Thus, you won’t need to wipe it out to dry it. Buy this kitchen sink and you won’t regret the price tag in the future.

Summary Comparison Table

It is easy to install Kohler farmhouse sinkNeeds to be washed regularly to avoid staining
It has a large sizeIt is relatively pricey
The self-trimming feature makes it appear great 
Its elegant appearance makes it the focal point of your kitchen 
Offers superior quality 



KOHLER K-5871-4A2-0 Riverby Single Bowl Top-Mount Kitchen Sink

The sink has four mounting holes and is white in color. The four mounting holes will help you to install a compatible faucet without any strain. You will need to understand this element before you choose a kitchen sink faucet.

Due to the two degrees slope in which the bowl is designed, this enables to avoid water pooling which ensures that your sink is kept dry. The gradient provided in the design of this sink facilitates excellent drainage.

This Riverby model is another example of a Kohler farmhouse sink 36. In other words, this kitchen has 36 inches bare minimum bottom cabinet width.

You will be provided with a warranty and in case the item proves defective within the warranty time; you are free to return and be given a new and defect-free one.

For the sake of understanding, you need to understand that this model is a drop-in or top-mount sink. The installation of such a model should be quite easy. But if you don’t trust your skills, you can always call a plumber near your area. The sink is made of iron cast material.

Summary Comparison Table

It is an eco-friendly modelLacks installation manual
Has a good drainage system 
Has a high level of functionality 
Can easily be installed even without an installation manual 
Has an elegant appearance 
Can match your countertop 



Kohler Farmhouse Sink 30

There exist various Kohler farmhouse sink 30 models. In this case, I will just focus on the single best model in the market right now.

Kohler K-6486-0 Whitehaven Self-Trimming Apron Front Single Basin Kitchen Sink

The sink comprises more than 80% recycled content. With its short integral, this can facilitate a retrofit to your present cabinetry. It is designed to fit in 30 inches cabinetry. This model is made up of a strong iron cast material. Also, it is white in color and it is designed in a way that it can’t burn, crack or chip.

The self-trimming attributes of this Kohler farmhouse sink make the installation process quite easy. With its versatility, you won’t need to buy new cabinetry to accommodate a new kitchen sink of this model. Then this saves you the money and you end up getting up the best value.

The single bowl model of this kitchen sink will enable you to wash large pots comfortably. The brand is durable and will serve you for many years.

Summary Comparison Table

Quite easy to installLimited warranty
Easy to fit into your cabinetry 
Large bowl size 
Won’t burn, chip or crack 



Kohler Farmhouse Sink 33

Now, this is the perfect moment to discuss the Iron/Tones. I am going to focus on the best model sink number that will greatly improve functionality in your kitchen.

KOHLER K-6625-0 Iron/Tones Smart Divide Self-Trimming

This is an undercounter kitchen sink which is white in color. With the availability of the smart divide, you are bound to wash your utensils with ease. It is a deep sink standing at the depth of nine inches. Such a depth is incredible and adds into the sink’s functionality.

The sink is constructed using cast iron. The self-trimming feature eases the installation process. It also makes it easy to match your kitchen décor.

You have the ability to choose from the wide number of colors available. It is not necessary that you must choose a white Kohler farmhouse sink. It all depends on what you find appealing to you.

Summary Comparison Table

The sink has a deep and large bowlNot too practical for excessively tall people
Has a great designLimited warranty
It is a drop-in sink that can fit your kitchen needs 
Makes a good blend of style and functionality 




After buying the Kohler farmhouse sink, you can watch this video to understand how to easily install your new sink.

Here is the video! 


All in all, you have now heard all about the Kohler farmhouse sink. Your understanding regarding Kohler farmhouse sinks has been enhanced by considering the various models. The reality is that all the models mentioned above have a high level of functionality. Even if you decide to buy this sink today, irrespective of the cost, you won’t regret that value of your money in the long run. With the use of this honest review, you are bound to make the best shopping today.

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