Types Of Bath Faucets: A Simple And Complete Buying Guide

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types of bath faucets

If you have just acquired a new home or renovating your modern bathroom, then you need a quality sink faucet to match your great bath. This means that you need to exercise great care when picking the types of bath faucets to install in your bathroom. However, you will find different types of bath faucets on the market which make selecting the best one challenging for you.

Well, worry not because you are at the best place to find which among the types of bath faucets that are available in the market is a standout. We know that you need to acquire an excellent looking faucet with a great design that can even match a unique bathroom pedestal sink if you have it in your home. This is why in this guide, we bring you taps which apart from having a good plan, they have proper controls for both cold and hot water. We cover some of the most commonly used types of bath faucets which mean that you don’t have to risk since some of the users are already enjoying the benefits of this device. With their excellent design, they can be used in various types of baths which include your master bathroom.

So, let’s get started.


Types of Bath Faucets

If you are looking forward to adding a new bath faucet to an existing sink or alongside the installation of a new sink, there are several types of bath faucets to choose from as this post explains. However, it is essential to ensure that the design that you want matches the drain hole opening in the sink. If you do that and know how to install a bathroom faucet, the installation process will be quite easy.

Additionally, making sure the bathroom faucets complement the rest of the fittings you have in your bath is vital in maintaining the bath’s appearance. With that said, here are some of the common types of bath faucets:

1. Spread Fit Faucets

These types of bath faucets are designed with three different pieces which emerge from the surface of the sink. The three parts are the central spout which you use to control cold and hot water. Apart from having a great design that adds a refreshing look to your home, they come with a refined appearance and a class. Spread fit faucets are built to offer you improved flexibility, and they allow you to adjust the pieces when mounting them to up to 12 inches apart.

Moreover, if you choose to mount them on a countertop which is near a sink, you can place the handles and the spout off to one side. Their handles are constructed to fit tight installations which don’t have space for installing a full faucet beneath the sink basin. The good thing about these types of bath faucets is that you can combine various styles of spouts and handles to get a customized look; a feature you rarely find in other types of bath faucets.

2. Sprinkle Faucets

Sprinkle sink faucets are made to use unique types of spouts. Unlike the common cylindrical spouts in many types of bath faucets, they are designed to produce water in a unique rectangular pattern. They have several borders around the spout with the flat body at the center allowing water to come out gently into the sink. In some types of bath faucets, a cover could spread on the whole surface of the spout, thus, giving it a unique look.

3. Center Set Faucets

A centerset faucet is among the most common types of bath faucets found in many bathrooms. It is designed with a small body with cold and hot water controls. Their single body looks excellent, and their great design features make them attractive.

4. Bridge Faucets

These types of bath faucets are built with a tap that is positioned on the top surface of the sink. They are designed to work efficiently with two different water controls for cold and hot water. The controls are mounted on the surface of the sink with the spout at the middle. With their design, they give an impression of a bridge which resulted in their name.

5. Single Handle Faucets

These types of bath faucets are designed with a single handle just as the name suggests. Adjusting the temperature of the water is quite simple; you turn the handle in the right or left direction. The handle is located exactly behind the spout. With a smaller mounting space, you need little drilling when installing these types of bath faucets. Also, you can fix it to a spout which is between 2 to 3 inches wide.

6. Wall-Mounted Faucets

Wall-mounted faucets are unique as compared to other types of bath faucets. If most of your plumbing fixtures are secured to the walls in your bathroom, then you will find a wall mounted faucet quite suitable. Depending on how you organize your bath, this faucet can be fixed nearly anywhere on the walls.

This means that you can install the faucet just above the sink basin. It is designed with a protruding spout which is several inches long allowing water to flow into the bowl. Although getting these types of bath faucets is much easier when your plumbing fixtures are around the walls, you can have the plumber to readjust the plumbing to suit your needs. In such a case, you don’t need to worry about how to install a bathroom faucet.

Watch the video below to help you understand more about types of bath faucets.

Materials Used To Build Various Types Of Bath Faucets

After you have opted for the types of bath faucets that you need, the next thing is deciding on which kind of material you need. This involves establishing the construction and finish of the type of faucet that you are considering. Most top-notch types of bath faucets are those customarily designed to feel stable and substantial in your hands. However, the choice of material that you choose affects the maintenance, price, and appearance of the bathroom faucets.

Here are some of them:

1. Stainless Steel Faucets

Faucets designed with stainless steel materials are among the most common types of bath faucets. Stainless steel gives the bathroom faucets a classy look, which remains attractive when handled correctly. This metal is more laborious than chromium and nickel and can last longer. If you are looking for bathroom faucets with the excellent durability, you should consider getting one of these types of bath faucets. However, stains on the bathroom faucets are easily noticeable which means that you should be ready to clean them regularly if you have settled on these types of bath faucets.

2. Brass Faucets

Brass is constructed from a combination of zinc and copper to form an alloy. The mixture of the two metals gives this faucet a bright yellow tone which is very attractive. As well, some brass bathroom faucets are constructed using aluminium which makes them resistant to corrosion and it enhances the strength. Some of them are also built with tin, a metal that plays a crucial role in preventing dezincification. This enables the bathroom faucet to retain its zinc properties even with continuous exposure to water.

3. Zinc

When it comes to the best types of bath faucets, choosing zinc is a great option. Zinc is commonly used as an alternative to brass since it is less costly. This metal has a dull grey look, but it can be plated using chrome to give it an attractive appearance. Zinc is also light-weighted and can withstand corrosion. However, it is essential to understand how the zinc works in your faucet before getting it. This will enable you to get properly organized and know how to handle the faucet in advance.

4. Plastic Faucets

Faucets designed from plastic materials are popular than other types of bath faucets because they are easy to install and are affordable. If you need a bathroom faucet that has a sturdy body and is resistant to corrosion; then you should consider getting a bath faucet with a polythene construction. There are various types of plastic bath faucets which vary concerning design hence you hardly miss one that is impressive.

However, plastic should not be a priority when choosing the type of faucet to install in your home. This is because plastic can break easily and it might not be so attractive since it does not have one of the best appearances to rhyme with most of the plumbing fixtures in your bath. Therefore, you should consider faucets with plastic materials as the last option. But, if you exclusively need one with the plastic design, then you should get one of them to be satisfied.

Size Of The Bath Faucet

All types of bath faucets are manufactured in various sizes. This means that before buying any types of bath faucets, it is imperative to know the correct size that you need. For instance, if you will be using a bath faucet that is designed with a single plate, then you need a space of about six inches for it to keep the whole plate intact.

Are you still asking; what is a 4-inch center set faucet? If you need something that uses separate parts, then you should expect to take three to four inches between each of the parts. For instance, this entails the 3 to 4 inches that is between the central spot and the cold water. However, these measurements depend on the distance between the hot and cold water.

Typically, a bath faucet that is 12 to 16 inches in length is usually suitable. This is because the faucet needs to emerge far enough on the body of the sink for proper functionality. However, the types of bath faucets that you need do not exclusively rely on the size of the space in your bathroom.

Cost Of Bath Faucet

Another factor that varies in different types of bath faucets is the price. This is mostly depended on how much money you are willing to part with to acquire the end of the bath faucet that you need. However, the cost of any bath faucet is also based on the following factors:

  • The material used in constructing the bathroom faucet.
  • The design and size of the bath faucet.
  • The choice of location for installing the bathroom faucet.


Traditional types of bath faucets usually cost less. This is due to the features the bathroom faucets are designed with, by the manufacturer. You will have an option to buy Kohler bathroom faucets, Delta bathroom faucets American standard bathroom faucets and many more others. Some types such as bridge faucets are more expensive as compared with other types of faucets. Spread fit faucets could also cost more due to its considerably higher installation costs.

Wall-mounted types of bath faucets could be even higher since apart from their cost, you will need to pay for the wiring and plumbing required around your bath for the faucet to be functional.

The choice of material used in building the bath faucet you need is also likely to add to its value. For instance, faucets designed with brash could cost more. Those fitted with the modern technology such as the efaucets can also cost you more money.

You should also remember that in all the bathroom faucets installations, there are the labor costs for all the plumbing work if you will not be doing the job yourself. The price could vary depending on who is doing the work, and the range of plumbing features required.

Extra Features To Consider When Selecting The Types Of Bath Faucets  

There are specific features that when included in your bathroom faucets make using them more relaxed and more comfortable.

Here are some of them:

1. Stopper

Sometimes when using the bathroom sink, you might need to prevent the water from draining. This means that you need something to stop the water, this is why having a stopper is quite vital. It uses a pull or lever which is triggered to close the sink. Due to its usefulness, various types of bath faucets usually come with a stopper when bought complete with a sink.

2. Soap Dispenser

Adding a soap dispenser is one of the ways of making your sink more useful. However, you should consider buying types of bath faucets that have a design which accommodates the use of a soap dispenser. Ensure that it is placed some distance away from other parts to avoid inconvenience.

3. Flexible Head

If you need to wash a toothbrush or a shaving razor, then you need types of bath faucets that you can pull the head from their base. A faucet with a flexible end will be suitable for this case.


With the various types of bath faucets available in the market, when it comes to selecting any bath faucet, there are lots of factors to consider. However, tastes and preferences vary from one individual to another which means that you should know the features that you need before buying one. With a large number of faucets in the market, you can hardly miss one that has the properties that you need. Additionally, how much money you have for spending matters a lot.

Apart from the look of the bath faucet, ensuring that the bathroom faucet is built with high-quality materials is essential. Always, pick types of bath faucets with a good strength which provides that their durability is enhanced. This is because no one wants to spend money often either I repairing or buying a new bath faucet. To save you from the extra expenses, getting it right when purchasing a bathroom faucet is crucial.

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