8 Small Bathroom Makeover Tips

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Small Bathroom Makeover TipsDon’t let a tiny bathroom cramp your style. Even if space is not on your side, there are ways to enhance your limited square footage using these 8 small bathroom makeover tips that I’ll share with you.

Maximize the impact of your smaller space with these design tricks that will create the illusion of a larger room. Whether you just moved into a new home or have been living in the same home for years, here are eight tips to revamp your small bathroom.


1) Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Mirrors create the illusion of a larger room. Thus, the more light that reflects in the space, the bigger the feeling. Consider it an optical trick to elongate your bathroom. A long, narrow mirror amplifies the space.

Also, think about a mirrored wall or extending the ‘traditional’ mirror with additional panels or a larger fixture.

2) Check Your Colors

This is not the time for a bold hue [here’s looking at you, deep red], as it can shrink the space. Dark hues and contrasting patterns are not your friends. Stick to a neutral palette or softer shades.

Worth noting is that neutral is not synonymous with boring. Neutrals give a sleek, sophisticated look while still being inviting. A bright towel, toothbrush container, or soap dish that departs from the color scheme can be the precise accent the room needs. It offers a pop of color without dominating the entire space.

3) Large Print Wallpaper

While this may sound counterintuitive, there is something about a large, repetitive print that boasts an expansive effect. Larger stripes, wide scales, and larger patterns trick the eye into feeling there is more of a spatial element to the room. Countless examples can be found on Pinterest or design websites attesting to the efficacy of this technique.

4) Shower Curtains

A shower curtain provides another way to add some personality to your space. Incorporate any of these other design tips regarding color or pattern into your shower curtain, but whatever you do– avoid a bulky, glass door fixture.

Having a flexible shower curtain enables you to twist it out of the way, thus expanding your bathtub area. Invest in a sash to cordon off your curtain and display your bath goodies on the ledges of the tub.

5) Shelf Smartly

Perhaps the most essential component when it comes to a small bathroom is utilizing every square inch of storage space. Shelves are a fantastic way to achieve this objective. Cabinets can consist of a lot of room, whereas shelves allow for a great way to store items while also displaying precious vanity items.

The not-so-cute stuff can go in an opaque bin or drawer. And ladies– in case you didn’t know– makeup should never be stored in the bathroom because of the moisture and humidity. It can break down the particles of your cosmetics, weaken their potency, and drastically reduce their shelf life. So always keep your makeup in the bedroom or closet and bring a tote with you to the bathroom mirror.

6) Put your bar on the door

Not that kind of bar, as that would take too much volume in an already cramped room. You will say cheers, however, to space you free by putting your towel rack on the back of the door, as opposed to on the wall.

Hanging those bulky towels from the wall swallows precious space. The door gets shut whenever the facility is occupied– so nothing will be directly behind the door to interfere with the towel situation.

7) T is for Trough Sink – C is for Corner Sink

A trough sink or a corner sink are the two best ways to enhance that with which you are working. Both models exponentially increase space. Especially if you have a half-bathroom, these options are the way to go for creating surplus space.

Particularly when it comes to a corner sink, it barely takes up any space, as it blends seamlessly with the corner without adding any extra area. Especially if you pair it with the following…

8) Fantastic Faucet

A towel rack shouldn’t be mounted to the wall. Yet a faucet…that’s an entirely different story. A slender, monochromatic water spout affixed to the wall makes the sink situation considerably less bulky. There is no need for clunky knobs, extra ceramic space, and the like.

Another way that your fantastic, wall-mounted faucet can free up space is by allowing additional room for a larger vanity. Plus, how cool does the faucet look when not attached to the sink?! It just screams sophisticated and modern.

Having a pint-sized powder room should not leave you feeling constricted. The aforementioned 8 small bathroom makeover tips are merely the beginning. What are your suggestions? How have you made the most of your small bathroom? Let us know down below!

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