Farmhouse Bathroom Sink Reviews: Best 5 Designs

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Farmhouse Bathroom sinkHave you ever know what a farmhouse bathroom sink can do to your home decor? There is limited information regarding how this type of sink can become a focal point of your entire home.

Today, I find this opportunity to give a detailed analysis concerning a farmhouse bathroom sink and how well it can boost your bathroom décor. Alongside this, I will provide you with the study of the top models in this category of sinks that you can consider to shop today.

If you have an adequate bathroom space, the best sink to fit in that space is a farm-style bathroom sink. You also need to buy this one alongside the best bathroom faucet to boost the efficiency of the entire system. These sinks are made of various sizes which imply that it is not a condition for you to have a large bath space. Farmhouse bathroom sink gives your bath a contemporary and rustic appearance.

From where the sink is seated, a farmhouse bathroom sink will have the front part jutting forward from the cabinetry. The exposed portion of your farm sink offers a beautiful outlook of your bathroom. They are made of various materials such as stainless steel, fireclay, and porcelain.

People who are fond of traditional style in the bathrooms will opt for iron cast or porcelain whereas those with the liking of a more modern appearance choose to have a stainless steel or fireclay material. In this post, we will discuss farmhouse bathroom sinks made of different materials. But before we do this, I would like to present you with five best models that you might wish to buy today.



Shades Of Stone Rectangle Bathroom Vanity Sink Above Counter Vessel, Undercounter Or Apron Front Farmhouse Installation Styles (Red Travertine)

From the outlook, this is a fantastic farmhouse bathroom sink. It gives you three options for installation when you buy it. There is an undermount installation, farmhouse upfront, and vessel above the counter.

The model is 100% stone hand-carved. Since there is the presence of sleek lines on the front side of this farmhouse bathroom sink, you want to use an apron front installation method to boost your bathroom décor.

Due to its modern rectangular shape and smoothly curved corners, this gives your bathroom a contemporary outlook. The front part is polished smooth and can transition well with the countertop that you have in place. Also, there is a free matching soap tray which offers your bathroom a natural appearance.

One thing that I will always recommend is that you should first understand the available space in your bathroom. If the space is too small, this farmhouse bathroom sink might not be the suitable one for you.

Measure the dimensions of the countertop and go shopping the sink. In doing this, it will enable you to confirm that the sink can fit in the available space in your bathroom.

Summary Comparison Table



Large bowl sizeRequires a professional installation
Apron front installation enables a seamless appearance 
Have smooth corners 
Can transition well with your countertop material 




SimplyCopper 18” Oval Copper Vessel Bathroom Sink with 3” Skirt

Since this farmhouse bathroom sink is not extremely heavy, the installation process does not need a lot of personnel. In some cases whereby the sink is heavy, the person installing the sink will require assistance from others to lift the bowl.

Also, a lot of internal support is necessary so that the sink does not collapse after installing. All this is costly and not many people will be happy with all this. In this case, the model is easy to install and lightweight.

18-gauge is a suitable thickness for this copper farm-style bathroom sink. When the gauge is too high, this should be a worry to you. When it is 14, 16 or 18 gauges, you should not feel worried because this stands for an exceptional level of thickness. When the material is thick, you can have confidence regarding the durability of the sink.

Finally, the sink has an optimized drainage system to help prevent water pooling. The drainage opening is drilled at the bottom and center of the sink which allows all water to flow down the drain.

Therefore, it is quite easy to keep this farmhouse bathroom sink dry. Avoid leaving the toothpaste spits on the surface. Always ensure that they are rinsed after you are through with the brushing duties.

Summary Comparison Table



Beautiful and gorgeousThe copper can be soap scarred if not well maintained
Easy to install 
Easy to clean 
Can easily match your bath décor 




Shades Of Stone Rectangle Bathroom Vanity Sink Above Counter Vessel, Undercounter Or Apron Front Farmhouse Installation Styles (Light Gray Marble)

When you want to buy a bathroom sink, you consider aspects such as dimensions, color, durability, and cost among many more others. If we don’t consider the dimensions, this will cause troubles when installing the sink. On the other hand, you can buy the sink and customize the countertop so that the sink can fit well.

People assume that all bathroom sinks are of the same sizes. Nevertheless, this is not always the case as some of the bathroom sinks are larger or smaller than the standard size. For instance, this farmhouse bathroom sink model is larger than the standard sizes which imply that you need to understand its dimensions before shopping.

If you address the issue of dimensions, other aspects of consideration will be quite easy. All you need to know about this farmhouse bathroom sink is that it is a farm-style apron front installation style. Given its design, it will help to boost your home décor. Its corners are well carved and smooth which gives the sink a lustrous appearance.

Summary Comparison Table



A durable sinkMight require expert installation
Farmhouse-apron front installation leads to a flawless appearance 
Has an appealing light gray marble color 
Have silky lines that transition well with the countertop 





33” Copper Farmhouse Sink with Rounded Front, Two-Tone Scroll Finish

14-gauge makes this farmhouse bathroom sink the most durable. The thickness makes many people admire this design. In reality, the thickness of the material forming a sink whether it is copper or stainless steel determines the durability of the sink. You know that thin materials will easily develop dents which imply that you will have to keep renovating your bathroom.

Is renovating your bathroom every summer the best idea? I think it is not the best idea because it is much costly. That explains the reason you need to have a top quality bathroom sink in your home.

The finish on the surface of this farmhouse bath sink is dark smoke which helps to retain the cleanliness of the sink at all times. Notably, it is effortless to clean and maintain this bathroom sink.

Lastly, a farmhouse-apron-front installation facilitates accomplishing a sleek outlook of your bathroom. You want to wash your hands and brush teeth from a very comfortable and nice looking place. The 33” copper will serve you well in this regard given its two-tone scroll finish and a rounded front.

Summary Comparison Table



14-gauge copper bathroom sinkMight be costly to some people
Beautifully handmade 
Easy to clean 
Develops a beautiful patina to prevent corrosion 
It is a customizable model. 





Whitehaus WH3018-SBLU Home Indoor Farmhouse Kitchen Bathroom Duet Reversible Fireclay Sink with Smooth Front Apron WH3018-Blue

WH3018-SBLU model has a fireclay finish which makes it one of the most durable sinks. Fireclay material entails heating clay at an extremely high temperature so that it can harden.

The farmhouse bathroom sink encasing is designed before it is exposed to the high temperatures. After being exposed to a high heat environment for approximately two days; this makes it very durable.

Sapphire blue color makes this farmhouse bathroom sink unique. There are a few bathroom sinks in the market today which bear a blue finish. You don’t want to own a bath sink which has a color that is similar to that of everyone. Sapphire blue color will make your bathroom beautiful and attractive at all times.

Summary Comparison Table



A unique sapphire blue colorHard knocks might crack it
Fireclay material makes the sink durable 
It is easy to install and washable. 
The sink is deep and large. 




Types Of Farmhouse Bathroom Sink Styles And Materials

As I promised you in the introductory part of this post, we shall now focus on the different types of materials that make farmhouse bathroom sinks. And here we go!

Vintage Bathroom Sinks

If you are seeking to add visual interest to your bathroom, then a vintage bathroom sink will be best suited. Most of them are created in the shape of farm-style bathroom sinks which means that they are large, deep, and offer your bathroom a rustic outlook.

If you know about pedestal sinks, you can find vintage sinks that are made to assimilate this outlook. The pedestal base stands upright which allows you to perform your bathroom routines comfortably.

If the space in your bathroom is small, I can recommend that you buy a unique bathroom pedestal sink and you will receive top class services in the long run. There are many replica sinks in the market today, and that is the reason I would urge you to buy from the authentic outlets. I mostly recommend where you can purchase top class products in my posts.

Glass Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks made of glass appear contemporary and stylish. Glass bathroom sinks are efficient and easy to clean since you only need to wipe the dirt out. You have a wide range of options to choose from because they can have different colors and styles.

Vessel sink is one of the famous glass bathroom sink designs. Just like the case for any farmhouse bathroom sink, these sinks are not attached to the faucet system. They sit on top of the countertop, and this standalone quality makes many people employ the design in modern homes.

Their striking appearance is an eye-catching aspect to most homeowners. Since they have a middle ranged price depending on their sizes, many people decide to own them.

Cracking and scratching should be your main point of focus when you choose to buy this bathroom sink. You need to pay attention to the quality of the material so that you don’t buy an inferior model.

Granite Bathroom Sinks

Granite bathroom sinks are known for their attractiveness and durability. Most people who own granite countertops prefer matching them with this type of a bath sink.

These bath sinks come in a variety of colors and styles. Granite offers a high level of resistance to scratching, cracking, chipping or any other form of damage. It is merely like a hard diamond. Due to this aspect, you should never need to be worried about the durability of this material making your bathroom sink. Given its longevity which is considerably renown, the value for your home gets boosted.

Porcelain Bathroom Sinks

Porcelain bathroom sinks are both stylish and iconic in your bathroom. Porcelain sinks are durable, affordable, convenient, and available in a wide range of colors and styles. Most people have the opinion that only white porcelain sinks are available in the market. The manufacturers have considered widening the options for the buyers, and you are now free to select a color that seems best to you.

These sinks are now being manufactured in various styles such as vessel, undermount, and drop-in among many more others. Undermount bathroom sinks can be hard to replace in case anything happens but they are easy to clean. Drop-in bathroom sinks are difficult to clean but widely available and universal.

Vessels sinks are expensive, but they offer your bathroom a striking and eye-catching visual design. These sinks are priced differently which provides you with an opportunity to shop based on your budget.

Copper Bathroom Sinks

Copper bath sinks are sturdy and stylish. Copper bathroom sinks are available in a wide range of qualities and strengths. They are attractive and durable options for your bathroom.

One property of the copper material is that it is ductile and malleable; that is, it can easily be molded and shaped into desired shapes. Given this, copper bathroom sinks are efficiently designed to add a visual appeal which complements many bathroom decors.

A farmhouse bathroom sink made of copper can last for an extended period provided that you opt for the best quality. One quality I like about copper is that it has a living finish. Copper undergoes a patina process which enables it to resist corrosion. The patina that grows over time will also make your copper bathroom sink to appear beautifully designed.

Stainless Steel Bathroom Sinks

For a contemporary and a sleek appearance of your bathroom, you require a stainless steel bathroom sink. The price for stainless steel bath sinks is varied to suit your budget. They come in a variety of styles, sleek and are much durable.

Also, they will give your bathroom a significant visual focus. For both traditional and modern bathrooms, you can consider buying a vessel bathroom style. It will strikingly fit on your countertop and match with the vanity.

Have a view of this small farmhouse bathroom sink in the video below.



We have come to the end of the post, and you have seen different farmhouse bathroom sink models and various materials that make them. In this detailed analysis, I have recommended the farmhouse bathroom sinks that can offer you a high level of functionality. Apart from providing you great feature, they are well designed and stylish. Various materials that make these bathroom sinks have also been expounded leaving you to opt for the best based on your judgment. If you like this material, share it with your friends.

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