Porcelain Kitchen Sink Reviews: Top Rated Models

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porcelain kitchen sink reviews Porcelain is one of the best materials that are used to make kitchen sinks. As we will learn in these porcelain kitchen sink reviews, the model has other components in the material such as stainless steel or enamel cast iron.

Either stainless steel or cast iron is used in the construction of the body, and then porcelain used to cover the surface. These kitchen sinks come in a variety of colors, and this makes them better than stainless steel kitchen sinks. Additionally, the surface of these sinks is easy to clean and durable.

As you will understand from these porcelain kitchen sink reviews, you will find it reasonable to buy porcelain kitchen sinks since they are resistant to heat. They don’t develop scratches, stains and can’t easily wear and tear.

But one thing you need to understand before you buy them is that they come in a variety of shapes as well. You need to select the shape that fits your desires. They come in both dual basin and single bowl which offers you options.

Based on the way they are designed, you can opt for a unique installation style. Notably, there are farmhouse kitchen sinks which allow you to perform an apron-front installation. Drop-in kitchen sinks are installed through the top of the counter and are cheaply available in the market.

Then there are undermount sinks which allow you to install them under the counter. Finally, we have an undermount drop-in hybrid which is versatile and can fit both drop-in and undermount installation.

Down here, we analyze the best models in these porcelain kitchen sink reviews. 


Kitchen Sinks White Porcelain Kitchen Sink Cesame Italian

The versatility displayed by this kitchen sink design lures my people to own it. First, Cesame Italian has double bowls. If you like multitasking, this will be a great deal for you. There are those people who get less time in their kitchens due to busy schedules. In such a case, they find Cesame Italian a reliable option given that they can soak dishes in one bowl as they skin and prepare food in the other one. Seemingly, this saves time.

Also, when washing dishes, it is possible to have one basin filled with soapy water and the other filled with water for rinsing. All this is aimed to save time and water. Given that this is a drop-in kitchen sink, the installation process is quite simple. You don’t need an expert installation in this case.

When a cutout is made at the top of the countertop, the rest of the work is simple. As outlined in these porcelain kitchen sink reviews, you need to understand the dimensions of your sink before you make the cutout. If done well, you will effortlessly perform this simple task.

Lastly, this model is durable and attractive. You don’t want to keep renovating your kitchen every summer. If this is the case, you will have to purchase a durable porcelain kitchen sink, and Cesame is the right deal. It is quite affordable which means many people can own it.

Furthermore, it is a functional design that makes your kitchen attractive. It can simply match any kitchen décor and has an overflow hole.

Summary Comparison Table



Matches the kitchen décorBowls not large enough to accommodate the large pots and pans
An attractive design 
Has an overflow opening 
It is self-trimming and easy to install 
Affordable kitchen sink 
Good for multitasking because of a double bowl 




Houzer PCS-2500 WH Porcela Series Porcelain Enamel Steel Undermount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink, White 

Given that it is an undermount installation, many people will like its seamless appearance when installed. As explained in these porcelain kitchen sink reviews, Houzer PCS-2500 WH makes the cleaning of the countertop quite easy.

You only need to wipe the countertop, and the food remnants fall straight into the sink. It is different from the case of a top mount kitchen sink where you will struggle with the cleaning process due to the presence of a rim that rests on the countertop.

As well, this porcelain kitchen sink is glossy with a non-porous finish. Its attractive appearance is second to none and will undoubtedly improve the outlook of your kitchen décor. Its enamel steel incorporation makes for a durable design. It is white which matches the colors of many countertops. Due to this, this porcelain kitchen sink can complement your home décor today and for the days to come.

Finally, this sink has incredible depth. When people are struggling to wash large pots, pans, and cookware, your cleaning process will be quite easy.

Even with the occasional knocks on its surface with the large cookware, it is not possible to break it or cause a dent, and this presents an outstanding quality of this porcelain kitchen sink. Hence, these porcelain kitchen sink reviews recommend Houzer PCS-2500 WH as one of the best in the market.

Summary Comparison Table



Has a sound guard undercoatingMight require an expert installation
Deep and large 
Durable design 
Complements your kitchen décor 
Undermount installation makes it easy to clean. 





Houzer PCH-3700 WH Porcela Series Porcelain Enamel Steel Undermount Offset Single Bowl Kitchen Sink, White

The model has a single offset bowl which is large and deep. You will effortlessly wash your dishes with ease. As described in these porcelain kitchen sink reviews, Houzer PCH-3700 is a design intended to solve the modern day problems in the kitchen. Many users in the contemporary day world are obsessed with both functionality and design.

Unless the design of the kitchen sink seems attractive, many people won’t consider buying it. All of this emanates from the fact that people are nowadays using open-plan kitchens which means there is some exposure to visitors.

If the sink matches the kitchen décor, this will be a massive boost to them, and this is what Houzer PCH-3700 does because of its unique design. When this porcelain kitchen sink is installed in your kitchen, you will love its faultless appearance. Apart from how this sink appears, it will offer you a top level of functionality.

First, you will easily clean this kitchen sink and the countertops. The material surface is easy to clean by wiping with a non-abrasive sponge or piece of cloth. Second, it is durable, and this explains the reason it comes with a ten years warranty. As pertained in these porcelain kitchen sink reviews, Houzer PCH-3700 offers the best value for your money.

Summary Comparison Table



An undermount installation for easy cleaningNeeds a professional to install the sink
Ten years warrantyMostly white finish
Has a deep bowl 
Has a lustrous surface 
The material is non-porous 





Houzer PCG-3600 WH Porcela Series Porcelain Enamel Steel Undermount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink, Large, White

As I mentioned in the introduction section of these porcelain kitchen sink reviews, the model can have cast iron or stainless steel in its interior. Then porcelain is coated on the surface of the structure and thus the name porcelain sinks.

Stainless steel is usually lighter than cast iron, and some people will refer to have a porcelain kitchen sink whose interior is made of stainless steel and this is again supported in these porcelain kitchen sink reviews. When a sink is made of cast iron, it is heavy and awkward to install.

In case the porcelain gets scratched, this exposes the metal leading to rusting of the structure. As revealed in these porcelain kitchen sink reviews, the same argument can’t be said about Houzer PCG-3600 WH which is made of stainless steel.

Besides, this model is resistant to chips, scratches, and cracks. Its drainage opening is large enough to avert water pooling in this porcelain kitchen sink.

When the water is running, and the dishes are clattering, you won’t be disturbed by the noises because the sink is fitted with super-silencer pads. They make the kitchen quiet when you are operating from the sink which is desirable for the modern kitchen.

If you buy a regular stainless steel kitchen sink, it is likely that it has issues such as developing water spots. On the other hand, you purchase stainless steel which has been coated with porcelain; you are assured of owning a sink which doesn’t develop such watermarks. The model is easy to clean and efficient.

Summary Comparison Table



Chip-resistantMight easily scratch if not well maintained
Does not show watermarks 
Easy to clean 
Lighter than cast iron 
Fitted with a soundproofing technology 
Has an efficient drainage system 





Houzer PCG-3600 BL Porcela Series Porcelain Enamel Steel Undermount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink, Large, Black

With the non-porous sleek finish, Houzer PCG-3600 BL offers your kitchen a unique design. Few people own these modern types of sinks which means that your kitchen will seem unique and more appealing.

After the undermount installation is done, your kitchen décor gets significantly improved. You are not afraid to welcome visitors to your open plan kitchen. Due to its lustrous appearance, they will give you positive compliments.

If you struggle to wash your large cookware, this porcelain kitchen sink should provide a solution to your problem. It has a large bowl which will allow you to clean your large dishes, pans, and pots. It is deep, wide, and rectangular which fits the specifications of many kitchen users.

Finally, this sink has a ten years warranty. Its durability allows you the freedom to work with the sink for an extended period. If anything that is not your fault happens within the warranty period, you are bound to be compensated with another one. All this is an indication that the quality of this kitchen sink is guaranteed which meets the needs of every kitchen user.

Summary Comparison Table



The sink is durableWill require an expert installation
Has a ten years warranty 
Deep and large bowl 
Matches well with your kitchen décor 
Ideal for modern kitchens 
Light design 
Resistant to chips, scratches, and stains 





How Can I Clean My Porcelain Kitchen Sink?

As opined in these porcelain kitchen sink reviews, it is very much possible to keep your model sparkling and shiny for many years. At the time you are ready to start the cleaning process, make sure that you have dish soap and a sponge. The type of sponge that you have must be non-abrasive to avoid scratching the surface of your sink.

You are also advised to stop the use of steel wool and scouring pads. Pour the dish soap on the surface and take your sponge ready to start the wiping in circular motions. It won’t take you long before your sink is ready for rinsing.

As you wipe it, you should be preparing hot water since this will offer you the best results when rinsing your porcelain kitchen sink. In step two, you need to have baking soda which will help you to remove any stains that remained after performing the above procedure.

Pour the baking soda into the identified areas showing the stains. Since baking soda is a mild abrasive substance, it will only remove the stains and leave your porcelain kitchen sink unscratched. Use a sponge to scrub the stains and again, use hot water to rinse your sink.

If you need more power to fight the stain, you can use a mix of lemon juice and ammonia. In the third step, you require paper towels and bleach. You need to coat your porcelain kitchen sink using the bleach after which you should cover it with paper towels.

You are advised to leave the site this way overnight to allow the bleach and the stains to react. In the morning, remove the paper towels and rinse your sink. A word of caution! Ensure that you are using the bleach in a well-ventilated room to avoid inhaling too much of the fumes.

In the fourth step, you now have to remove the watermarks using vinegar. Start the process by having the sink’s drain closed and then fill the bowl with hot water.

Add a cup of vinegar into the bowl and allow it to stand for three hours. After the moment of three hours elapses, drain your sink and rinse it. I hope this cleaning guide can even enable you to remove stains from your porcelain kitchen sink.

People will ask many questions regarding the issue of scratches and stains that they find in these types of kitchen sinks. How can I remove stains from my porcelain kitchen sink?

If this is your question, you already have it answered. All you need to know is that though porcelain can develop some stains; those stains are not permanent and can easily be removed to keep your sink shiny and sparkling for many years.

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In brief, after reading these porcelain kitchen sink reviews, you can now pick your preferred model. You have seen the best models on the market today, and I hope this has been helpful to you. You need to select the sink based on the various aspects that we have addressed so that you can enjoy the efficiency and high functionality of your porcelain kitchen sink. If you like these porcelain kitchen sink reviews, share them with your friends.

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