Office Kitchen Etiquette: 9 Simple Tips to Keep Your Office Kitchen Clean

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Office Kitchen EtiquetteThe office is like a second home for your employees. That said, it is not surprising that some areas and equipment will be subject to wear and tear. But above all, observing some office kitchen etiquette is fundamental.

It is also possible that the nooks and crannies in your office are accumulating dirt. And if you have an office kitchen, it can be one of your messiest areas.

That’s because this is where the majority of your employees gather. Plus, this is where they eat and store oft-forgotten food.

Since this is the case, it is better for everyone’s health and safety that the kitchen in the office is clean and sanitized as often as possible. To make that possible, here are nine simple tips that will keep the office kitchen clean:


Put Up Signs in the Kitchen

It’s always right to follow-up office policies with visual reminders, especially when it comes to everyday operations.

For example, if you’re implementing specific kitchen rules, ensure that you include signs that state these rules. Plus, it would help if you put up the signs in the appropriate areas of the kitchen.

If you have a rule that encourages people to stop leaving dirty dishes after using them, put up a sign right by the sink. If you want people to stop leaving the trash bin full, put up a sign by the trash bin encouraging them to take the initiative to take the trash out.

Sanitize Countertops

The countertops are subject to a lot of touching and food debris by numerous people. That means that it can be home to all sorts of germs.

That’s why when you’re cleaning the kitchen, or you get someone to clean the kitchen, make sure that they take the time to sanitize the countertops.

Besides, people use countertops to place other items aside from food on there. From bags to documents, and many more, that’s why it needs proper cleaning. Something more than your usual wipe down.

Mop the Kitchen Floor Often

The kitchen floor is another part of the office kitchen that is subject to all sorts of abuse and wear. Aside from people coming from the outside using their shoes, some spills and messes inevitably happen when handling food.

If you leave your kitchen alone and don’t mop it, the kitchen floor can get quite disgusting and sometimes even sticky. Therefore, remember to mop the kitchen floor often as part of an office kitchen etiquette. It isn’t like the usual floors in your house.

After all, the kitchen is serving more people daily than your home kitchen ever will. That’s why you need to mop it more often than you would with your kitchen floors at home.

Avoid Accumulating Dishes in the Sink

As much as possible, discourage people in the office from leaving their dirty dishes and other office cutleries in the sink. It’s poor hygiene and impolite. Plus, it’s fostering germs and bacteria.

It will also attract pests to come into your office kitchen, which is a health hazard.

Remember to include dishwashing materials readily available in the kitchen sink, so there’s no excuse not to wash the dishes. Also, put up signs everywhere to remind everyone to clean as they go or use the items.

Remove Your Food Before it Spoils

There are way too many people who forget their lunch or any food item in the office fridge until it ends up spoiling.

According to the professional cleaners at Maid Sailors NYC Office Cleaning Company, employees should have the initiative to throw away expired food. More so, if it’s their food we’re talking about.

Please don’t put in any food items that you don’t have any plans on eating on the day you put it in the fridge. Otherwise, you can easily forget that you put food in the office fridge.

Place Trash Cans in the Kitchen

If you haven’t already put it in the kitchen, make sure that you have a sizable trash bin in the kitchen. That way, people who have garbage with them have someplace to put them instead of placing them on the countertops.

Also, since it’s the office kitchen, you should get a larger trash can because it’s inevitable that many people will use it. If you don’t put a large one, you will need to make trips more often to take out the trash.

Clean When Needed

Encourage everyone in the office to clean whenever they’re in the kitchen. Having a dedicated cleaning day might mean that it’s okay to be messy and cluttered in the office kitchen during non-cleaning days.

That’s why you should encourage employees to keep in mind the general cleanliness and sanitation in the kitchen. Your employees should have the initiative to take out the trash or ask your cleaning staff about the trash bins when they’re full.

Remind them that it’s for everyone’s overall health and safety in the first place.

Make Everyone Responsible

The key to keeping a clean office kitchen is through the cooperation of everyone in the office.

If you have regular staff meetings, always bring up any issues regarding office kitchen cleanliness. Use this opportunity to remind everyone why it matters to keep the office kitchen clean.

Make them stop and think about their kitchen habits and which ones they should change to be more courteous and cleaner in everyday life.

Establish an Office Kitchen Policy

Of course, it will be hard for your employees to follow your rules in the kitchen if there are no rules set in the first place.

Thus, make things more official. Create and explain any office kitchen policies you have.

Making it straightforward for them what the rules help establish the tone of how they should treat their office environment.

In sum, the office kitchen etiquette discussed in this article equips you with knowledge on how to maintain cleanliness in your workplace. The office cleaning tips listed above are meant to maintain a pristine employee kitchen. You want everyone to be comfortable in the office to ensure that they always do their best. And a clean office kitchen is one way to achieve that.

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