Can Floor Tile be used in Shower?

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Can Floor Tile be used in ShowerWhich is the best tile for the shower? This is a question that most homeowners normally ask out there. In most cases, most types of porcelain, ceramic, stone, and glass tiles are deemed to be perfect for the shower environment. They are more practical options to consider for bathroom tiling.

Chances are you have some floor tiles that you bought and you would like to install them in the shower area. You might be asking yourself, can floor tile be used in the shower? What is the best flooring for a shower?

Well, some floor tiles are ideal for the shower area. However, others are not ideal for this section of your bathroom. Does this get so confusing to you? Should floor and shower tiles be the same? Well, here we go!


What Kind of Tile can be used in a Shower?

Again, what kind of tile can be used in a shower? First and foremost, there are certain qualities that the floor tiles should meet so that they can be ideal for your shower. These include:

1. They should be slip-resistant.

2. The tiles should be relatively impervious to water.

3. They should be sized appropriately for the bathroom space and the slop of the shower pan.

What size tile is best for a shower? Ideally, the shower floor tile should not be larger than 6 inches square. This goes a long way in allowing for a greater amount of grout. As a result, they will offer a better grip and stability to the shower user.

The amount of water that will flow in the bathroom should be considered too. Here, it is not ideal to use large tiles as they can become more slippery and can lead to bathroom accidents in the long run. If you choose to use large floor tiles, it is ideal that you use them on the wall area of the shower.

Shower Tile Options

If you want to renovate your shower area, the following are the shower floor tiles that you should consider:

1. Porcelain tiles

If you are looking for long-lasting tiles for your shower area, porcelain tiles are ideal for you. One advantage of buying these tiles for your shower areas is that they are highly water-resistant and do not get scratched easily.

Besides these advantages, these tiles can help create beautiful effects and usually come in an array of colors. This makes them a perfect floor tile for your shower.

2. Ceramic tiles

These tiles are normally made from the same material as the porcelain tiles. However, you will note that these tiles are less finely ground. As a result, these tiles are less water-resistant and hard-wearing.

However, if you can seal them well, they can be a good option when you want to tile your shower area. Most people like them as they are long-lasting.

Besides being long-lasting, these tiles can be used both on the wall and floor of your bathroom. This way they can go a long way in creating a seamless look in your bathroom. Also, these tiles are relatively cheap and are easy to maintain.

They come with a wide variety of colors. As a result, you will be able to create a luxurious look even when you are operating on a budget.

3. Marble tiles

If you want to make your shower area look more luxurious, marble tiles are the best option that you should consider. You will realize that this tiling option is subtle and beautiful. With this tiling option, you will be able to add texture to your bathroom design due to the veins of color that run on its surface.

The other advantage of marble tiles is that it works well both in traditional and modern decor schemes. Therefore, it will be perfect for creating feature elements in your shower area. This tiling option does not need a lot of maintenance and can remain in style for longer.

4. Mosaic tiles

One of the most fashionable tiles for the bathroom is the mosaic tiles. You will note that these tiles are made of different tilling materials such as marble, ceramic, glass, and so on. These tiles are usually small in size. Therefore, they can be placed together to create a fascinating effect and design.

Also, they come in many colors and patterns. This way you will have an easy time choosing the one that suits your shower area. If you want to inject your own personality into your bathroom space, mosaic tiles top the list.

5. Limestone tiles

Tiles made of limestone are a perfect choice for natural-toned design schemes. You can readily find these tiles in different colors such as brown, beige, grey, and even brown. Such colors will add some warmth to your bathroom.

Also, these tiles feel soft and more comfortable when used in the shower area. If you opt to use this tiling option for your shower area, you should ensure that it is well sealed.

Although it might be porous at some point, it is both attractive and is made of versatile material that enables you to have a warm, beautiful bathroom.

6. Vinyl tiles

This is one of the most popular bathroom flooring materials used in most homes. This material is liked as it is relatively cheap and is more practical. This tile flooring can fit any bathroom out there. Besides being more practical, it is more durable and safe. It is also more comfortable.

If you want to increase the aesthetic beauty of your shower area, you can still consider this tile flooring. There are endless colors and designs that are available to suit all tastes.

Once you buy these tiles, you will have an easy time installing them. This is because the material is both self-adhering and can be cut using an ordinary knife.

Should you Consider Glass Tiles for the Shower?

Glass tiles can make it easy for you to stamp your own personality onto your shower area. They usually come in different colors and shades. Besides this versatility, this tiling option can reflect the light around your bathroom well.

However, they are not ideal to be used on the floor. You can consider installing them on the walls of your bathroom. By installing these tiles on the walls of your bathroom, you will be able to make your bathroom look more spacious and bright.


Can floor tile be used in shower? When choosing the tiling option for your shower, you should try to be as creative as possible. These options can work wonders for you. However, you should avoid installing slippery floor tiles in your shower area. This can help prevent accidents which can make you dig deeper into your pocket in the long run. Floor tiles can work well for your shower. However, only a number of flooring tiles are ideal for this purpose. Consider these shower floor tiles today and your shower area will have a different look.

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