Best Whole House Water Filter and Softener Combo

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Best Whole House Water Filter and Softener Combo Water is something that we cannot live without. You will need the best whole house water filter and softener combo to ensure the constant availability of safe drinking water in your home. Most people use water for cooking, cleaning, drinking, watering plants, and so on. There are two types of water; these include hard and soft water.

Ideally, you should not be drinking or using hard water at home. This is because this water can cause some plumbing issues in your home, such as the blockage of pipes, and can make your appliances break down. Nevertheless, you can still flush your plumbing system. 

Besides this, hard water takes time to lather with soap. Therefore, you might end up using more soap than usual when cleaning clothes. This is the reason why you should consider buying the best whole house water filter and softener combo today.


Why Buy The Best Whole House Water Filter And Softener Combo?

By investing in this filter, you will be able to get rid of hard minerals in the water. As a result, you will turn it onto soft water. Besides this, you will be able to filter the water from impurities.

Some of the minerals that you will be able to remove include calcium, magnesium, and iron, and so on. This way, you will be able to have clean water to drink. Also, your pipes will remain in good condition for longer.

6 Best Whole House Water Filter And Softener Combo

The following are the best whole house water filter and softener combo that you should consider:

1. Iron Pro 2 Combination water softener iron filter Fleck 5600SXT digital metered valve 64,000 grain, 64k for whole house


This is one of the best water softener systems from Fleck. You will note that this water softener and filter combo not only softens hard water but also gets rid of iron completely. Besides iron, it can eliminate calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and even sediments. This makes it an ideal unit for your home.

It comes with the Fleck 5600SXT model that works as a softening unit. Also, this unit comes with a plastic cone where you can replenish the salt during the regeneration process. Apart from the softening unit and the plastic cone, this unit comes with a bypass valve.

The purpose of this valve is to stop the soft water from rushing out when you are not using it. This is usually the case when you are watering plants in your home or even filling up a pool.

One advantage of this unit is that it is very durable and convenient to use. For ease of installation, you should read the instruction manual that comes with it. This way, you will have an easy time when installing it.


2. Aquasana EQ-SS20 SimplySoft Salt-Free Water Conditioner (Only replacement item)


This unit normally uses innovative SLOW PHOS salt-free water conditioning technology to condition your water naturally. Also, this technology can protect your water pipes from corrosion without the need to use the added sodium.

This technology usually works by altering the ionic charge of hard mineral carbonate crystals to reduce their attraction to one another in your water. Once the ionic charge is changed, hard minerals in your water will no longer clump to create a scale. These hard minerals include calcium, magnesium, and so on.

Apart from this, SLOW PHOS Phosphates usually act as a protective barrier in your plumbing to prevent the corrosion of the pipes. Unlike other salt-based water softeners out there, this technology will not completely get rid of minerals in your water.

Also, this technology will help conserve the environment as you will not add excess minerals such as sodium into the communal water system.

This system can eliminate about 97% of all the contaminants in the water. Since this water has been filtered, it will be safe for drinking.

One advantage of this system is that it has low maintenance costs. Here, you do not need electricity or backflushing. It is also more durable and environmentally friendly. This makes it a good option for your home.


3. ABCwaters built Fleck 5600sxt Water Softener and Upflow Carbon Filtration – 48000 Capacity


This is another unit that combines both the water softener and filter system all in one. The carbon filter can get rid of the calcium, chlorine, magnesium, and other hard minerals. Also, it is capable of removing contaminants and other harmful chemicals.

If your family is not comprised of many people, you can consider investing in this unit. However, this system is only able to soften water that has a water hardness level of 20 GPG.

For optimal performance, you should maintain this water softener and filter combo regularly. This way, you will be able to get rid of the buildup residue that might be present in the tanks and so on.

Besides this, you need to add a new bag of salt to the system every four weeks. If you dislike sodium, you can consider using potassium. The filter is very durable as it can last for about six years.

It is very easy to install this unit. However, you need to set a budget for this system as it is quite costly compared to its counterparts.


4. Dewifier Shower Water Softener – Shower Head Filter for Hard Water – Shower Water Filter – Remove Chlorine and Fluoride – Hard Water Shower Head Filter


This carbon filter water softener system is normally ideal for local water softening. You can connect it to the showerhead of your bathroom.

However, it is suitable for those showers that are 0.5” wide. Since it is easy to install, you will not need any sophisticated tools to set it up.

The system of this unit is highly efficient as it has more than one water softener filter media. It features 6 different stages. In the end, you will be able to get clean water for both drinking and showering.

This unit normally uses carbon activated media and KDF-55 for filtration. It also has stainless steel mesh and polypropylene cotton as pre-filters. Its ceramic balls play a major role in removing chlorine. Since it is lightweight and compact, it is ideal for your home.


5. Aquios AQFS220 Full House Salt Free Water Softener and Filter System – New Model


This unit is a salt-free and is more advantageous to those who dislike having sodium in soft water from salt-based systems. It usually uses a different method to filter and soften water compared to its counterparts.

When it comes to water pressure, the unit has no problem with it. You will realize that the flow rate usually is 120-150gallons per minute. Therefore, they can be used in large homes. When it comes to installation, this system is easy to set it up. In fact, it will not take you more than 2-3 hours to put it together. All you need to know is a basic knowledge of plumbing tools and DIY.

Worried about maintaining this system? Worry not because this unit is easy to maintain. As long as you can replace the filtering cartridge when it is needed, the unit will work optimally. It comes with a 20-year warranty. This way, you will be able to get value for your money.


6. Whole House Water Filter & Water Softener Alternative (4-6 Bathrooms)


Since this unit has 4 stages of softening and filtering water at home, this unit is a whole water filter and softener combo. By investing in it, you will be able to drink clean water and even get clean water for showering and cleaning your clothes.

This unit can get rid of large particles in water such as rust, sediment, dust, and so on. Besides removing impurities in water, it can help reduce chlorine in your water.

The removal of chlorine is made possible by the pelican media guard or KDF-55 copper and zinc oxidation media.

You will be surprised to note that this unit can process up to 130000 gallons of water. When it comes to maintenance, the sediment filter should be replaced every 6-9 months. Also, the filtration media should be changed after every five years.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Whole House Water Filter And Softener Combo

1. Capacity

This refers to how long the water filter media will last before you replace it with another one. This is because water filters usually need to be replaced once the media cannot reduce contaminants anymore.

In most instances, the filters are usually given a monthly, yearly, or gallons capacity rating. Since carbon is like a sponge, it cannot soak up or get rid of impurities if it stays in the water for a very long time. Also, it might not be effective if a lot of water has to pass through it now and then.

If the time capacity or flow capacity is reached, you should not hesitate to replace the filter of your unit. If you go past what the manufacture has recommended, the system might not be able to filter contaminants more effectively.

2. Do you have a large home?

If you have a large home, chances are, more water will be used daily. This will directly affect the flow rate of water in your home. Ideally, there should be no reduction in water flow during the peak-use hours, such as morning hours. This is the reason why the proper sizing of the whole house water filter is essential for your home.

The flow rate or gallons per minute of the system will affect the convenience you will enjoy when using water in your home. Therefore, as you purpose to but this unit, you should be keen to note that the unit meets these needs.

3.Warranty period

Most of these units usually come with different warranties from their respective manufacturers. Some of them typically have a longer warranty than others.

Ideally, you should go for the one that has a longer warranty period so that you can get the value for your money. In case the unit gets faulty, it will be repaired for you free of charge.

4. Ease of installation

Once you buy this unit, you might choose to install it on your own. After all, you might have some knowledge of plumbing tools and DIY.

A good unit should be easy to install. Ideally should take you a few hours to set it up. This way, you will be able to save more time in the long run.

5. Maintenance

Is the system difficult to maintain? Some systems usually require to be maintained from time to time. This means that you should keep an eye on them regularly.

If you do not have time for this undertaking, you might get inconvenienced when the system fails to work as expected. Therefore, you should choose the system that requires little or no maintenance at all. This way, you will be able to save time and money too.

6. Cost

Is the unit expensive? If the unit is costly, only a few customers will buy it. It is worth noting that the prices of these units usually vary depending on several factors such as the features, output, and technology, and so on.

Those models with a simple technology might not cost a lot of money. However, it has some complex features, be ready to dig deep into your pocket. If you have more resources, you can go for the best model out there. After all, this investment is worth it.

7. The reputation of the manufacturer

To know more about the reputation of the manufacturer, you should check customer reviews online. If you note that more customers are complaining about a particular brand, you should not but a unit from that brand. Instead, you should consider that brand that has many positive reviews online.

Sometimes, you can ask for recommendations so that you can make the right choice. This will save you the agony of wasting your money on a product that will only end up disappointing you. If the manufacturer is reputable, you can trust that the system will be effective.

8. Durability

No one wants to keep on replacing the whole house water filter and softener combo now and then. Therefore, you should consider choosing the most durable model so that you can save more money in the long run.

This way, you will have some peace of mind as you will not have to worry that you have to replace the unit after a few months or years.


Buying the best whole house water filter and Softener Combo is the wisest decision that you can make for your home. This unit will enable you to get clean water and even lengthen the life span of your pipes among other appliances in your home. The systems mentioned above are good and have proved to be very useful. Invest in them today, and you will enjoy the results.

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