Bathroom Plumbing Tips – Make It Seamless!

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Bathroom Plumbing Tips Are you in search of great bathroom plumbing tips? Bathrooms are more likely to have clogged sinks and leakage issues as they are daily used and therefore, it is extremely important to clean them more frequently to avoid any unnecessary leakage or blockage.

Other issues can be broken exhaust fan or cracked tiles. Keep a plunger, termination band, and pipe cleaners handy in your storage.

Given all these possible challenges that you might encounter in your bathroom, you need to be aware that a few bathroom plumbing tips can come in handy.

The plumbing fixture tips that we are going to cover in this article are all-encompassing. The following are some useful tips and techniques to keep your bathroom in a proper working condition:


Proper Maintenance of Bathroom Showers

Showers can help a person relax after a long and busy day. However, the entire showering experience is not as fun if the water pressure is low. The following are some handy tips and tricks to ensure the proper functioning of your bathroom shower:

  1. Make sure to clean your showerhead as frequently as possible. The salt particles in water can clog the showerhead.

    Therefore, the best way to clean it is to dip it in a vinegar and baking soda solution overnight and let the salt particles dissolve from the openings of the showerhead.

  2. Make sure to keep your shower drain clean from hair and grime. Once you have taken bath, simply use a bucket or a strainer to collect any dirt or hair residue to avoid it from entering into your shower drainage.

Make sure to clean your strainer afterwards and clean the drain itself by using a good quality liquid cleaner to prevent any soap or shampoo residue from blocking your shower drainage.

Proper Toilet Maintenance and Care

Bathroom Plumbing Tips A proper functioning toilet condition is crucial for keeping your bathroom clean and free from germs and bacteria. Toilets tend to clog more frequently if they are used on a daily basis. The following are some useful tips to keep your best toilet clean and sparkling:

  1. Make sure to keep a dust bin handy inside your bathroom to prevent disposing trash such as wet wipes and baby diapers directly into your toilet.

    Unlike toilet papers, baby wipes and other types of facial tissues do not easily dissolve in water and can clog your toilet.

  2. If your toilet gets frequently clogged then it is better to use a plunger to get rid of any unnecessary blockage from your toilet’s drainpipe.

    A plunger is one among the important tools that every novice/professional plumber should have.

  3. For finding a leakage in your toilet, simply drop some washable liquid color into your toilet tank and flush to check whether or not the same color appears in the areas where there are chances of a leakage or a crack.

    If there is a loose seal, then it is better to get some professional help and get it fixed immediately.

Maintaining a Clean and Sparkling Bathroom Sink

Bathroom Plumbing Tips Bathroom sinks are mostly clogged by strands of hair and soap residue that gets accumulated into the sink’s drainpipes and causes a blockage. Usually, bathroom sinks do not get clogged instantly.

Therefore, if your bathroom sink is draining water very slowly, then the following are some helpful tips and tricks to fix it yourself without getting any professional help.

  1. The best way to prevent your bathroom sink from clogging up is to clean it frequently with a liquid drain cleaner and remove any hair, grime or dirt with a thin pipe cleaner.

    If you don’t have a good liquid drain cleaner, then you can use a vinegar and baking soda solution to remove any dirt or soap residue.

  2. If the water pressure in your sink’s faucet is too low, then it is better to scrub the aerator to increase the water pressure. The aerator usually gets clogged by salt and mineral residue.

    The holes in an aerator are very small and therefore, they can get easily clogged. If your aerator is removable, then you can dip it into a dash of vinegar and baking soda solution to clear out its holes.

    If you don’t want to remove the aerator, then you can scrub it with a small sponge or a brush to clean out its holes. You can also clean the holes with a long pin or a needle.


In sum, not everyone is a plumbing expert. However, there is no harm in learning how to fix a simple day to day plumbing issues. In fact, this can even help you save a lot of money as plumbers can charge a lot for even fixing minor plumbing problems. By following the bathroom plumbing tips that are mentioned above, you can easily solve minor plumbing issues yourself and prevent it from becoming more complex that can only be fixed by a professional plumber.

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