How to Choose the Perfect Shower Faucet?

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How to choose the perfect shower faucet?If you are seeking the know-how on how to choose the perfect shower faucet, this is the best publication for this. For a lot of people, bathroom fittings are not much of concern till the time they are in working condition. But for others, this is the one thing that they want to be perfect and want to be according to their choice.

A bathroom fitting can bring a lot of change not only functionally but also in looks too. Apart from that, the outdoor and inside of the bathroom both have their own style and functioning. If a person has enough space to put an outside shower then they can create a totally different aura of the area by making it a different experience.

While either you are looking for outdoor shower faucet or indoor there are numerous numbers of things that one should consider before buying just any faucet fitting. These considerations won’t only make a difference in the look of your bathroom but will bring a change in your experience of using the faucet.

So some of the things that one should look before buying perfect shower faucet are:-

How to Choose the Perfect Shower Faucet – Tips

1.) Material: – The first and foremost thing to look when you are going to buy shower faucet for your bathroom is the material that is used to make it. There are plenty of options available in the market according to the budget of the person.
While solid brass comes under the most expensive ones but this will last almost forever with you but also one can choose from the budgeted option like copper, aluminum or iron.
Before deciding the material to buy, one should always consider the one which will not cost further expenses in maintaining it. As regular changing and plumbing happen, the shower faucet might only increase the budget ultimately.

2.) Shower Faucet Type. :- The shower faucets are generally categorized into two types; one is fixed and positioned on the wall above your head level to give you the effect of shower or one can say rain that generally covers the whole of your body but with this, there is less option of changing its position.
The second type shower faucet is the one that is movable, this is installed on the wall but it has a cable with a shower handle attached to it and you can move it wherever you want. This allows you to use it according to your wish and this shower generally rests on the side or a handle to hold it when not in use.
To get the best experience of these shower faucets, you need to install the best shower mixing valve, which helps you to get the exact water pressure that you want. This type of shower has many designs available in the market.

3.) Faucet Control:- The most important aspect while choosing the shower faucet is how you want its thermostatic control to work. Like the general and most old-fashioned single handle control that is easily available in the market and requires less of the efforts in installing; however, it doesn’t allow you the freedom to choose what temperature of water you want from your shower.
The second one allows you to mix the cold and hot water according to your need or the latest digital temperature settings that allow you to decide the exact temperature of water you want while taking the shower.
The later options are expensive than the former one but are most desired and gives you a lot of options to set the temperature of the water, which is required by people who are sensitive towards the temperature change of the water.

4.) Style of Faucet: – The styling in the interior is no more limited to the living and bedroom but your bathroom also depicts your style. For example, if your bathroom is done in the “old roman style” then you definitely won’t want a chrome finish, sleek and modern looking shower faucet, no matter how much you like that as that won’t work with the style of your bathroom.  Instead, you will look for the faucet that not only fulfills your need for controls but also fits your style. And of course, a complete look of a bathroom in one style makes a lot of difference in its appearance and will never fail to impress your guests.

5.) Practical Use of Shower Faucet: – While there are many types of shower faucets available in the market that sounds really interesting but are not practical enough to get installed in the bathroom, like if you don’t have enough space in your bathroom you cannot have the spa shower fitting as this will not only cost you a lot of money but will be hard to use practically. So before going for the glitters of the market one should always look for the practical usage of the same.


Is still how to choose the perfect shower faucet a problem for you? By considering these tips you will be able to make a selection according to your choice, style, liking, budget, etc. and this will allow you to decide smartly and you will not regret your buy in the future.

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