Why Is Bathroom Sink Leaking? How To Fast Fix It

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Why is bathroom sink leakingThere are several reasons why your bathroom sink is leaking. Once you realize that your bathroom sink is leaky, you need to identify the defective part which is responsible for the leakage. “Why is bathroom sink leaking?” is a question that every homeowner will ask once this condition occurs. You don’t want to have water falling in your cabinet because this will not be good for the products that you store there. You need to keep inspecting your cabinet to notice whenever a leakage happens so that you can swiftly fix it.

A bathroom sink can leak due to a loose pipe connection, bad drain pipe, and a leaky sink drain flange. Also, the problem might be caused by the basket strainer and if this is the case, you need to replace the leaky basket strainer. Before you think about how to fix the leaky bathroom sink, you need to understand the exact defective part. Otherwise, you won’t have done anything if you don’t understand the problem that you are solving.

Fill your bathroom sink with a lot of water and use a tissue paper to test the exact location where there is leakage. Under your bathroom sink, there are many components and any of them might be defective. There is basket strainer, gasket, drain pipe, and locknut. If you fill your bathroom sink with water and use a tissue paper to test the precise location of the leakage, you will be on your way to solving the leakage issue.



How To Fix A Leaky Bathroom Sink

Understanding the exact location where the leakage in your bathroom sink is occurring should be given the utmost priority. If you cannot identify the problem, then you cannot have a solution. You start with determining the problem and weighing out which solution is the most applicable to that case. Then, why is bathroom sink leaking? Is it due to a loose connection? Is it due to an old basket strainer? Or leaking rubber gaskets? If you start at this point, you will readily point out the problem and find a resolution.

At the end of it all, you want to understand why bathroom sink is leaking and sort out the issue. If you try all the measures advised in this post, but you don’t curb the leakage, it will be advisable to call a plumber who is a professional in this area. You can ask for recommendations from people who are pretty sure about his/her services. They will help you to get the professional with ease. However, if you follow this guide well, you should be able to solve the leaky bathroom sink issue. The following are some common causes of a leaky bathroom sink and how you can solve them.


Why Is Bathroom Sink Leaking? Sink Drain Leaking At Connection

Why is bathroom sink leaking? This could be purely due to a loose connection. If a loose connection causes the problem, this is easy to solve. First, you will need a pipe wrench to tighten the nut under the sink. This will help to hold the drain flange more firmly. By use of the channel locker pliers, you need to tighten all the loose connections between all the pipes under your bathroom sink.


Bathroom Sink Leaking At Base

If your bathroom sink is leaking at the base, this could be an issue with the locknut. Sometimes, you will need to re-tighten the nut. In case there is no plumbers’ putty, you will need to have it sealing the small openings in the outlet flange. Alternatively, you can buy a rubber sealing washer which will help to over-tighten the connection such that you might not experience the leakage at the base again.


Sink Drain Pipe Leaking At Connection

If the issue revolves around the sink drain pipes, this is still solvable. First, you need to shut off any water connection that is going to your bathroom or fundamentally the entire house. You will realize that there is a connection between the wall drain pipe and the sink trap. Disconnect this link by use of a channel lock pliers whereby you will remove the slip nut.

Directly underneath the sink, disconnect the drain pipe and detach it from the sink drain. From this sink cabinet, remove the entire drain assembly. After doing all this, you will have the tailpiece and sink trap in one piece. You now need to visit your nearby hardware store with all this assembly to help make the perfect replacement of the components. Don’t forget to collect the three vital slip nuts from the hardware store.

Around all the exposed pipe thread, wrap the plumber’s tape. All over the unthreaded end of the new tailpiece, slide a slip nut with the threaded section of the nut pointed out. After that, connect the sink drain to the tailpiece and by use of the channel lock pliers, tighten the slip nut. You have now used the first slip nut and all looks fine but incomplete.

Now, it is the time to use the other two slip nuts. On each end of the new sink trap, slide the two remaining slip nuts. Using the slip nut, connect the main drain coming from the wall with the sink trap. Next, you will need to attack the tailpiece to the other end of the sink trap. Finally, tighten down the slip nut, and the problem is solved.



In summary, you have seen the possible reasons why your bathroom sink is leaking. Since you have found why your sink is possibly leaking, you don’t want to keep the problem for long. You want to be practical and implement what you have learned. Without implementing this knowledge, then you have not done anything important. Understand the specific cause of the issue in your bathroom sink and apply the solution appropriately. Why is bathroom sink leaking? Should never be a question to bother you in the future. If you like this material, share it with your friends.

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