Which Kitchen Sink Cleaner do you Require?

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kitchen sink cleanerWe all want our kitchen sinks sanitized. All this starts with finding the right kitchen sink cleaner. Due to dirt, some kitchen sinks emit a terrible smell. A kitchen sink is the focal point of every home. It is the most used spot in the kitchen. You don’t want the most used appliance in your kitchen to be the dirtiest, and this prompts you to look for the best kitchen sink cleaner.

When it comes to finding the right kitchen sink cleaner, you will think about things such as vinegar, lemon juice, hot water, and baking soda among many more others. These are the conventional products that are used occasionally to clean our kitchen sinks. Kitchen sink cleaning can also be done by use of cleanout plug, cleaner powders, cleaner liquids, and a cleaning brush.

If you have a kitchen sink, you need to know the different types of kitchen sink cleaners. In case a kind of kitchen sink cleaner is not working well for you, you can decide to try the other one. It does not depend on which material is used to make your kitchen sink because you can always keep swapping the materials. Remember, particular sink materials get affected by the use of specific cleaning agents. For example, you will need to find a suitable kitchen sink cleaner for a copper kitchen sink.

Before you decide the kitchen sink cleaner to use, read the different examples below.


Kitchen Sink Cleaning Brush

A kitchen sink cleaner brush will make your overall cleaning process quite easy. You can decide to buy a multipurpose cleaning brush or a sponge brush. Either of the two will work well in the kitchen sink cleaning process. If you have a sponge brush, it will clean all the appliances that are related to a kitchen sink such as:

  • Pans
  • Cutting boards
  • Plates
  • Pots

The multipurpose cleaning brush can remove dirt and soap scum in the areas where the sponge brush cannot reach. You can as well use it to clean the pipes and faucets.

Also, it will be vital to have a flexible drain cleaning brush. By use of this cleaning brush, you can remove hair clogs from the tubs and the sink drain. The process will help to prevent the clogging of your kitchen sink when the cleaning is done regularly. It can be used to clean the sink’s overflow and shower drain. If you have the right kitchen sink cleaning brush, the work will be easy.

Kitchen Sink Cleaner Powder

If you have a clogged drain, the use of kitchen sink cleaner powder can be helpful. Various types of chemicals are used in the manufacture of these powders. You need to read the instructions thoroughly before you use them. These powders are used to remove any dissolvable obstruction along the kitchen sink drain. Some of these dissolvable obstructions include:

  • Vegetable leftovers
  • Animals’ fats
  • Grease
  • Tissue paper
  • Most foods
  • Human hair

Powder drain cleaner is an excellent example of such chemicals. It has high levels of caustic, and its reaction with water seems dangerous. You are advised to use small quantities when doing the cleaning process. Always, observe the precautions that are written in the manual. The good thing is that these kitchen sink cleaner powders are economical and practical. They are easy to apply and will give you the result that you expect.

Kitchen Sink Cleanout Plug

The kitchen sink cleanout plug will be useful when you want to clean the drain. Of course, you can’t wipe the bowl without cleaning the drain, and this is where the kitchen sink cleanout plug becomes handy. Though the use of chemicals that are sold in the market to unclog the sink can be an idea, this is not always the best option. Remember, some kitchen sink materials are not supposed to be washed by use of particular cleaning chemicals.

Either a plunger or snake will be best suited for this work. Buy a dedicated plunger for your kitchen sink. Avoid the use of the same plunger when you are cleaning the toilet. Otherwise, you can buy the plumbers snake which will equally function well. These tools will help you to remove grease, fats, and oils in the drain.

Kitchen Sink Cleaner Liquid

If you want to use a kitchen sink cleaner liquid, it is possible to manufacture your sink cleaner. All you need is a spray bottle, vinegar, and warm water. You need a mixture of distilled vinegar and warm water in the spray bottle. You can start by spraying this kitchen sink cleaner in the bowl. Allow the liquid to sit for around two minutes.

After the lapse of the two minutes, wipe out the sink using a damp cloth. Run the water from the faucet to rinse the sink. Use the wet towel to buff the sink together with the tap until they appear clean.

Kitchen Sink Cleaner DIY

What happens if you don’t want to buy the chemicals and brushes that we have discussed? This does not mean that you let your kitchen sink stay dirty. There are other options. In this case, warm water, vinegar, and baking soda become useful. How do you get started?

Ensure that you have a sponge to scrub water spots, food stains, soap deposits, and rust. You can use the lemon juice to get rid of all the spots. Use the kitchen sink cleanout plug to kill all the germs in the drain. In this step, fill the kitchen sink with hot water and add some bleach. Use vinegar to get rid of the lime spots in your kitchen sink.

Since you don’t want any clog to form in the future, you need to use the baking soda continually. Whenever stains seem to develop, use the baking powder to fight out the effect. After you clean the sink using the ordinary means, pour the baking soda powder down the drain followed by some warm water. In doing this, your sink will be germs-free, clean, and sparkling.



In summary, there are many kitchen sink cleaners in the market today. You need to understand the different varieties to help you know how to keep your sink clean. With the use of these cleansing agents, the kitchen sink cleaning process will be natural. If you use the right tool, the work will always be easy. Whether you own a granite composite kitchen sink or a fireclay sink, this knowledge is pretty crucial. It will help in the maintenance parts of these different types of kitchen sinks.

Always remember to clean the faucet in the kitchen sink cleaning process. Remove all the visible water spots so that your kitchen can look clean. When buying the kitchen faucets, find the models that don’t show a lot of water spots. If you like this material, you can share it with your friends.

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