Types of Toilets for Modern bathrooms

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Types of Toilets What are the different types of toilets? A toilet is one of the few home elements that get more use. Over the years, the toilet industry has kept evolving and producing new toilet designs, which is much to the interest of the end-users.

Unlike in the past, you can now buy and use touchless toilets and many more other modern designs. Due to the need for power flush toilet, you can find the most powerful flushing toilets in the modern market.

Some toilets are designed to be do-it-yourself friendly, which means you might never incur extra cost trying to pay for professional plumbing services. If you want your toilet to serve you for long, you need to invest in a more durable and highly functional design. Take your time to explore all the options in the market before settling for the right one. We now review the different types of toilets.


One-Piece Toilet

The design involves the manufacture of bowl and tank is one unit thereby appearing as a piece of ceramic. For small bathroom spaces, this might be the right option given that there is no crevice in the middle and the tank size is small. It might be an expensive option but it comes with the toilet seat in most cases. To maintain hygiene is quite easy because the cleaning process is straightforward.

Flushing Toilets

A flushing toilet is designed in such a way that when you pull a trigger or press a button, water flows down the pipeline. Depending on the model you buy, this can be a great option. You can see our review of the best flushing toilets.

Two-Piece Toilet

While for a one-piece toilet the manufacturer designs the water tank and the bowl together, for the two-piece toilets, the water tank and the bowl are separate elements. In this case, the water tank is large and can accommodate a lot of water. Depending on the brand you choose, a two-piece toilet can be a powerful and durable model.

Small Compact Toilets

If you are worried that your bathroom space is too small to install a toilet bowl, we’ve got you covered. These toilets are designed for those who wish to save space.

Upflush Toilet

This type of toilet uses Saniflo technology and can be installed in any place in your house simply because it does not require the drain lines. It is a mobile toilet and you can move with it in case you relocate. You can always call professional plumbers to check for minor issues such as clogging and other minor repairs. Overall, Upflush toilet is a great design.

Corner Toilet

If you want to fit a toilet in your bathroom corner, this should be the right choice. This toilet has the shape of a triangle that enables it to fit into the bathroom corner. It might be a rare option to find in many homes, but it all depends on the interest of the user. From the look of how it is designed, you can clearly see that it saves on space usage. It leaves you with adequate space for doing other things in the bathroom.

Square Toilet

If you want a toilet with a large water storage tank, this can be a great option. They might be rare in the market but they are popular among the people who know them due to their high-performance levels. For aesthetic reasons, you can decide to buy and install these types of toilets in your bathroom.

Wall Mounted Toilet

The toilet bowl is always attached to the wall. The bowl attached to this bowl is always hidden in the wall and is not visible to the toilet users. People might actually think you are using a tank-less toilet if they are not aware of the existence of wall-mounted toilets.

The most interesting thing about this toilet is the cleaning process. Without the tank is visible, the cleaning process is quite easy and takes a few minutes. Moreover, you are never concerned that your toilet tank is leaking. Besides, the toilet’s functionality and lifespan are high.

Tankless Toilet

We have said that a wall-mounted toilet might seem to the end-user as if it is tank-less, you did not think that tank-less toilets actually exist. The design of this toilet seems a little bit intricate. Well, the toilet has a wider pipe connected to it. There is an electric pump, which is aimed to make the flush more powerful as the water runs down the pipe.

The toilet is small and suitable for small bathroom space. The only issue is the installation process, which might require a professional. Also, dead battery power means you cannot use the toilet.

Touchless Toilet

For this toilet model, you are not required to press a valve or any button to trigger the flush. It makes it very easy for you to stop the spread of deadly germs and diseases. The toilet has a sensor that detects the trigger movement. Depending on how whether you want to open water flow into the bowl, the sensor will make the valve to automatically open. In this case, we have greatly renowned toilets brands such as American standard toilets.

Dual Flush

If you want a highly efficient toilet, this should be the best choice because it saves you the high water bills. Since they conserve a high amount of water, they are considered environmentally friendly. Due to their high level of functionality and efficiency, they might be more expensive compared to other models such as American standard toilets. However, they are worth every dime.


To summarize, there are many types of toilets in the modern-day market. You need to take your time and research well before spending on a specific type of toilet. You need to invest in a toilet that is long-lasting and can serve you efficiently. In this article, we have covered some of the commonly known types of toilets to help you in making a buy decision.

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