Types of Lighting for your Modern Home

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types of lightingLighting brings great experience in your home because it makes a big difference in terms of improving comfort levels and safety. Inside a well-lit room, you will perform tasks with ease since everything is visible to you. Besides, depending on the types of lighting, your room becomes beautiful and attractive.

If you have a well-lit room, this can make your large room to appear inviting and cozy; your small room will appear airy and open, which is indeed stimulating, relaxing, and entertaining. Compared to other remodeling or decorating options, different types of lighting can be an inexpensive approach given that apart from decoration, they help illuminate your room to enable you easily perform your tasks at home.

Given the diverse types of lighting, types of the lighting system, types of lighting fixtures, types of lighting in interior design, and types of indoor lighting, you can opt for one of them depending on your lighting needs. You need to choose the lighting option that can complement your lifestyle at home. What does this mean? Develop a lighting plan for your home. Consider the atmosphere you want to create in each room, decorative aspects you want to have in the room, and the nature of tasks to be conducted there.

In this discourse, we will discuss both the types of lighting and fixtures for your home. Based on function and style, the basic lighting can be accent, task, and general.


Basic Types of Lighting

General Lighting

If you want an overall illumination, general lighting, which is also known as ambient lighting, should be your pick. It will radiate a comfortable degree of brightness in your room, which will enable people to comfortably and safely walk in and out of the well-illuminated room.

You can use types of lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, recessed, wall-mounted fixtures, and track lights among many more others. In view of how general lighting works, it is a form of light that replaces the general sunlight to enable you to perform the fundamental tasks at home.

Task Lighting

You need task lighting to perform some specific functions such as homework, cooking, hobbies, sewing, games, reading, balancing your checkbooks and many more others. Portable lamps, pendant lighting, tape, and track lighting, and under-cabinet are some of the different types of lighting fixtures that can help you have task lighting. To prevent any possible eyestrain, task lighting should be bright and free of distracting shadows and glares.

Accent Lighting

If you want to create visual interest and add drama in your room, accent lighting should be the choice. You can use this type of lighting for outdoor landscaping, drapery, highlighting the texture of a wall, or decorating sculptures, houseplants, spotlight paintings, and other prized possessions.

Tape, under cabinet, track, or wall-mounted fixtures are the types of lighting fixtures suitable in this case. If you very well understand general lighting, you need to understand that accent lighting should triple that amount of light provided by general lighting.

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Light-Emitted Diodes (LEDs)

For residential lighting applications, LEDs is an energy-efficient option. LEDs offer great flexibility in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom. For general lighting or task applications, LEDs can be a great choice given that it can use white, blue, and other forms of colors for displays.

Compared to incandescent and CFL lamps, LEDs offer lighting at a higher level of efficiency. For under-cabinet lights, desk lamps, recessed cans, decorative string lights, and outdoor pathway lights, LEDs can be an option.

Incandescent Lighting

A considerable number of people don’t believe that incandescent lighting is a modern type of lighting fixture. For those who are familiar with the types of indoor lighting that were used in the past before the discovery of many more other options, they can acknowledge that they knew incandescent lighting since those days.

One disgusting thing that you’ll find about incandescent lighting is their energy inefficiency nature. To produce the light, the light bulb will require approximately 15% of electricity, which is then lost in the form of heat energy.

Modern owners of this technology have phased out the old version and introduced new energy-efficient bulbs. Compared to the old generation bulbs, the present ones introduced in 2014 can save 30% of your energy usage. These forms of light are suitable where a high amount of focusing is necessary.

 High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lighting

Do you know the nature of lighting you normally see in parking lots and along streets? This should be HID lighting. Metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and mercury vapor are the different requirements in the manufacture and functionality of HID lighting.

In your home, you can use HID light for outdoor lighting purposes such as lighting the driveways, tennis court and swimming pool among many more others. However, if you want more control, better quality color, longer lifespan, and energy-saving lamps, use LEDs lighting.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)

CFLs lighting has been popular for the last four decades. These lamps are inexpensive and have improved light quality. While providing the same quality of lighting, they use a quarter of as much light as incandescent lamps use. The former lose a large amount of electricity to heat them before lighting, which is not the case for CFLs.

Since you can find most CFLs with the same dimensions as incandescent lighting, you can replace the latter with the former because the former is high performing. CFLs are dimmable, which makes them extremely flexible. The lamp is safe for use in your home. However, for safety reasons, you need to dispose of them off properly since they contain mercury in case they break down or are no longer in use.


In summary, there are different types of lighting, lighting system, lighting fixtures, types of lighting for interior design, types of indoor and outdoor lighting. CFLs and LEDs are some of the best lighting fixtures you can think about installing in your home. Finally, the task lighting, general lighting, and accent lighting fit different lighting applications.

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