Moen Bathroom Faucets: What you need to know about them

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Moen bathroom faucets present one of the best models you can ever find in the modern market. The models are not only functional but durable as well. However, when buying Moen bathroom faucets, you need to know some information about them. For example, you need to know how to uniquely install a Moen bathroom faucet.

As well, you need to learn about the maintenance practices that should be carried on Moen bathroom faucets. The reason is that all faucets are not subjected to related conditions of care and maintenance. For some faucets and depending on the material, you are not allowed to use the bleaching agents and scrub them when cleaning them while there is no caution when doing this for others.

In case of any damage, you need to know how to find out the source of the damage and how you can easily fix it without the need to invite a plumber. Therefore, I prepared this guide to enable you to understand the key areas that you need to know about the Moen bathroom faucets. I hope this article will prepare you to enjoy the functionality of this great model trouble-free.


How to Install Moen Bathroom Faucets and Drain

When you go shopping for a Moen bathroom faucet, the seller won’t come and install it for you. In this case, you have got two options; you can call a plumber in your area or do-it-yourself. The installation process will depend on the type of Moen bathroom faucet that you will decide to purchase. In the market, you have options such as Motionsense, Pulldown, Pullout, reflex system, single-handle, double-handle, and many more others. Each of these Moen models has a unique way of installation. You can refer to the installation manual in this case. Make sure you ask the seller to provide you with the installation manual.

How to Repair Moen Bathroom Faucets

In case your Moen bathroom faucet is malfunctioning, this should not scare you. You can always test the part of the faucet that is malfunctioning. You need to unscrew the nuts holding the cartridge and find whether there is a problem with the aerator. In case the cartridge or the aerator is defective, you need to buy new ones and replace the old ones. If you find this complicated, you need to call a plumber.

How to Unclog Moen Bathroom Faucets

Another important thing you need to know about Moen bathroom faucets is how to unclog them. In reality, it is difficult to prevent the clog from forming in these faucets. What you need to learn is how to eradicate the clog since this happens without our awareness. When do you realize that your Moen bathroom faucet has a clog? In most cases, water flows at low pressure? In typical circumstances, bathroom water should flow at a standard pressure when the faucet is turned on. If there is no adequate pressure, there must be a clog formed in the faucet’s pressure. In such a case, you need to thoroughly clean the aerator, which means that you have to unscrew up the faucet to have every part cleaned before reassembling the parts.

How to Replace Moen Bathroom Faucets

If you realize that the available Moen bathroom faucet is too old and needs a direct replacement, it is time to think about how this can be done. If you wish to replace with the exact model, just remove your old Moen bathroom faucet and take it to your nearest home improvement store. Explain to the seller that you wish to replace with the same match and the process shall be easy. If you remember how you installed the new Moen bathroom sink, the replacement process should be straightforward; otherwise, call a plumber to help you out.

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