How to Install Moen Shower Faucet

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install Moen shower faucetIf you don’t want to bear extra cost after buying a new Moen shower faucet, you need to learn how to install Moen shower faucet. Knowing the process will not only make you feel like a self-fulfilling DIY but also enable you to complete the bathroom fixture in the way you wish. If you are convinced that the old Moen shower faucet needs to be replaced, then this piece of writing is very useful to you.

Otherwise, you might be wishing to install Moen shower faucet in your bathroom for the first time. In most cases, this might happen if you wish to carry out a total bathroom remodeling. If you have shifted into a new home you don’t like the bathroom fixtures in place, this is the perfect time to consider replacing your shower with a Moen shower faucet.

Your role is to start by understanding the key dimensions of the Moen shower faucet that you would wish to install. In case you want to replace your Moen shower faucet, you need to first understand the following. For replacing with an existing Moen faucet, ensure that you understand the valve type on the wall. The valve could be Moentrol, Posi-Temp, or Standard. These valves might look similar, but they have unrelated trims.

But first, you need to have the new Moen shower faucet. How do you get it?


Buying a New Moen Shower Faucet

Shopping for the new Moen shower faucet does not have to be difficult for you. In fact, you can easily shop it online and get one of the highly valued assets in the world. First, understand the nature, size, and other attributes of the Moen shower faucet that you would wish to have in your newly bought model.

Just understand that in the market, you will meet diverse types of Moen shower faucets. If you are not sure which Moen shower faucet could be the best considering durability, service, and efficiency, I can recommend a good model whereby you have to shop online. I will give you a directive to the online seller for the best Moen shower faucet.


Now that you have purchased the Moen shower faucet of your choice, it is time that we get to know how to install Moen shower faucet. For more comprehensive procedure on how to install Moen shower faucet, you first need to have the following tools and materials.

Install Moen Shower Faucet: Tools & Materials you require

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Propane torch
  • Pipe cutter
  • Tape measure
  • Silver solder, flux
  • ½-inch copper pipe
  • ½-inch male adapters
  • Newly bought Moen shower faucet

Procedure: Install Moen Shower Faucet

  • Now that you have all the requirements to have the work completed in the next couple of minutes, I would urge you to start by connecting the Moen shower faucet body with the ½-inch copper people. In this case, connect the shower faucet body to the three sections of the ½-inch copper pipe.
  • At the end of the section of the copper pipe, there is a soldered male adapter that is threaded. Before screwing together, the male adapter threads were coated in pipe dope. To turn the male adapter and use its threads to connect to the Moen shower faucet body, both large adjustable wrench and a pipe wrench are necessary.
  • If you ended up deciding to buy a Moen shower faucet that has a soldered connection instead of threaded connections, this was the best idea because you will be able to make a more water-tight connection.
  • If you have a threaded Moen shower faucet, you will require a lot of torque to prevent any possible leaks.
  • After you have made the connections, the next step should be how to tighten the connections. If you went for the threaded option and have threaded pipes, you need to seal the connection tighter to prevent any possible leakages.
  • While doing the connections, start off by use of your hands, after you cannot make more turns; use an adjustable wrench to make the connections more secure.
  • The next thing you have to do is to connect the Moen shower faucet to the water supply lines. Adjust the pipe arrangements until you settle at a position that does not lead to water pressure loss.
  • After you have made the connection to the water supply lines, turn on the water at some pressure to test whether there are any leaks.
  • If you do not realize any leaks in the entire shower system, you can install the drywall and conceal the pipes.
  • At this point, you should be having a fully functional Moen shower faucet. That is great! You now know how to install Moen shower faucet.


In summary, if you want to install Moen shower faucet, this first step is acquiring the pertinent knowledge. In my conviction, this guide explains to you all that you need to have a Moen shower installed effortlessly. Understand the tools and materials required well and know the nature of Moen shower faucet that you need to shop. After all, this is done carefully, you will enjoy learning how to install Moen shower faucet and having an entirely functional model in your bathroom.

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