How To Replace A Bathtub Faucet In A Fraction Of An Hour

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How To Replace A Bathtub Faucet There are many reasons that can prompt you to change a bathtub faucet. Probably, you did not know that a bathtub works well with a stand-alone tub faucet and you now wish to make the adjustment. In any the case, you need to understand how to replace a bathtub faucet before working on this DIY project.

If you like doing market research, you must have realized that innovation has led to the discovery of new efficient products. Thus, a new bathtub faucet might have tempted you to replace the old one. By doing the replacement, you come up with a decorative faucet which augments the aesthetic value of your entire bathroom.

If your bathtub faucet is old and leaky, you can still learn how to replace a bathtub faucet as the knowledge will help you to fix it. You only wish to have a bathroom appliance that works at the highest level of efficiency.

The water pressure should be standard enough to guarantee top functionality. If your bathtub faucet is not too old, you can still repair it to avoid more leaks. Learn how to repair a leaking bathtub faucet. But in this post, I will show you how to replace a bathtub faucet.


Tips About The Best Bathtub Faucets

If you were really prepared to replace your bathtub faucet, you must have researched a little bit about the best bathtub faucets. You have already pointed out to the model that you wish to purchase. In the modern day market, the following are the popular designs; Waterfall, Garden, Roman, and Vessel.

The best bathtub faucet models are designed using materials such as nickel, copper, brass, stone, bronze, and porcelain. Mostly, these bathtub faucets are polished with chrome. When buying the bathtub faucet, ensure you recognize where you want it to be installed after replacing the old one. It might be on the edge of the bathtub or the wall. It should reasonably sit where the old faucet was removed. You can shop online for the best bathtub faucets from Amazon.


Procedure: How To Replace A Bathtub Faucet

In this procedure, I will walk you through the process of replacing the bathtub faucet assuming that you did not wish to replace the faucet spout. Thus, the replacement procedure will involve only removing and installing afresh a bathtub faucet.

Tools and Materials Required

  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Teflon tape
  • New bathtub faucet
  • Caulk
  • Rag
  • Bucket
  • Pipe wrench
  • Allen wrench

 Bathtub Faucet Replacement

  • Make sure the main water supply line is turned off before starting the replacement process.
  • Inspect whether you bought a single handle (washerless), two or three handles (washer-type) bathtub faucet. I am sure you replaced your bathtub faucet with a model that is alike with the old one. That way, the replacement process won’t be tricky.
  • Use a flat-head screwdriver to unscrew the screws that hold the faucet handles in place. You start this by prying out the decorative cap if at all it was there.
  • Expose the valve by pulling out the handles and unscrew the faucet stem attached to the bathroom pipes.
  • The worn out washers might have been responsible for leaks; you have to inspect them. If they need a replacement, replace them though this will depend on whether the other parts of the faucet are working effectively.
  • Now that you’ve already purchased the new model, the task ahead is how to replace a bathtub faucet. Commence this by wrapping the exposed threads on both the bathtub pipe and faucet with Teflon tape.
  • Use your hands to rotate the newly bought faucet and ensure that it fits well in the bathtub or the mounting wall.
  • Re-install the faucet handles on the stem.
  • You can now test whether there are any leaks by turning on the water supply.
  • If you don’t detect any leaks, the work is complete. Now, you know how to replace a bathtub faucet. It was just within a fraction of an hour and you now possess unique knowledge. Congrats!


All in all, you have realized how to replace a bathtub faucet and the procedure was just easy. You start by considering why you need to replace a bathtub faucet and then you research. It is recommendable to replace the old faucet with a model that increases the aesthetic value of your bathroom. Moreover, the model should match your bathroom décor and appear more modernized. If you follow this procedure keenly, you will find that the work can be done within a fraction of an hour.

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