How To Change Bathroom Sink Faucet Handles

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How To Change Bathroom Sink Faucet HandlesWhen a bathroom sink faucet handle is broken down, you will find it hard to turn it on and off. In connection with this, you need to know how to change bathroom sink faucet handles to enable you to address such breakages.

If you want to keep working with broken faucet handles, their sharp edges might harm you as you handle them. If you have a single-handled bathroom faucet, the problem becomes even complicated and you might not be able to use it unless you learn and implement how to change bathroom sink faucet handles.

Sometimes, the problem might not be too big to require the replacement of the entire system. You might only be required to change some parts and the bathroom faucet handle starts functioning effectively once more. In fact, this moment might present the best opportunity to change your faucet in a way that will match your bathroom décor.

Probably, you might have replaced your bathroom sink recently and forgot to match it with your faucet. Then this presents the appropriate opportunity to amend the old error.

Correspondingly, this might be the best opportunity to economically start changing the entire outlook of your bathroom. If you start slowly by changing the bathroom faucet handles, it is only a matter of time before everything is replaced in your whole bathroom.

In most cases, it is recommendable to replace the faucet handles with models similar to the ones that you have. However, if you want a total change, you might decide to buy a model that you have never used before but you are pleased with its functionality and appearance. Below are some bathroom faucet options that you have. Depending on the model, this is how to change bathroom sink faucet handles.


Procedure # 1 On How To Change Bathroom Sink Faucet Handles

 In this case, we consider the case of both lever and rotary handles. We will discuss each part separately.

Rotary Bathroom Faucet Handles

You need to understand that each faucet handle will have a unique way of replacement. For rotary handles, you start with reaching under your bathroom sink and turning off the water supply.

You will find two valves in which you are required to turn them in a clockwise direction so that water does not flow when you are changing the bathroom faucet handles.

On top of the faucet handle, there is a seam. Also, you need to understand that this is the same zone where you will find a securing screw hidden under the cap. Using a utility knife, pry the cap open. Then use a Philips-head screwdriver to remove the screw at the center of the bathroom faucet handle. After that, pull off the faucet handle.

Having done this, you will need to install the new bathroom faucet handle. In doing this, press the new bathroom faucet handle over the cartridge or stem; follow this by securing it with a screw. Snap the screw cover cap and then turn on the water valves.

Lever Bathroom Faucet Handles

Again, you need to start with turning off the water supply. After this, remove the screw using Phillips-head screwdriver. For handles with a cap at the top, you will first need to remove it. The use of this screwdriver will depend on screw’s head. Once this is done, you will need to pull out the old faucet handle. Replace it with the new faucet handle. You are then at liberty to allow the water flow.

Procedure # 2: How To Change Bathroom Sink Faucet Handles

 To some people, this might not be all that they need to understand how to change bathroom sink faucet handles. Perhaps, you own a bathroom sink faucet whose configurations cannot be helped by the above-described means. Using this alternative method, and depending on your faucet handles, might be what you have been waiting.

  • As usual, start with shutting off the water flow from the main meter, or shut-off valves. You will only turn the valve in the clockwise direction and ensure you have done so tightly.
  • If it is a two-handle bathroom faucet, you will have to remove the cap although the same might apply for a single-handle faucet depending on whether the manufacturer included the cap. Insert a flat-head screwdriver in a slot at the cap’s edge. Expose the faucet handle’s screw by lifting the cap.  
  • Next, you can now remove the screw that secures the handle to the faucet’s stem. From the base of a single-handle bathroom faucet, remove the small setscrew and lift off the handle.
  • Finally, replace the old handle with a new one and secure it with a screw. You will need to use a setscrew to secure a single-handle bathroom faucet. Cover the screw with a cap and turn the water on.

Procedure # 3: How To Change Bathroom Sink Faucet Handles

Finally, this is how to change bathroom sink faucet handles without turning off the water supply. In the first step, you will start by removing the faucet’s cap cover. Use a flat-head screwdriver to pry the cap. While doing this, be cautious not to break it because it is made of a plastic material.

In the subsequent step, you will remove the retaining screw. The retaining screw will only be visible to you once you remove the plastic cap cover. The screw serves to hold the handle onto the faucet stem. You will need a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the retaining screw.

After that, you can now remove the old handle. Removing the old handle will be quite easy because it has remained loose after you removed the retaining screw. You will just need to effortlessly pull it off.

Last but not least, you will insert the new bathroom faucet handle by sliding it down the stem. Secure it with a retaining screw; you can tighten this one with your hands. Follow this by concealing the retainer screw with a cap cover.


All in all, you have seen various methods that you can use to change a bathroom sink faucet handle. Knowing how to change bathroom sink faucet handles is a piece of important knowledge because whenever you want this to happen, you will no longer need to call for expensive services from a plumber. You must have realized that the entire process is easy and you can easily do it yourself. If you like this post, share it with your friends.

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