How do you maintain a Whole House Water Filter?

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How do you maintain a Whole House Water FilterHave you invested in the best whole house water filter? There are many factors that you should consider. First, you will note that this system is a good investment for your home. It will ensure that you will get clean, safe, and healthy water to drink for your family at home.

Therefore, you can rely on this system for quick and easy drinking water when you are in a hurry. This has made it become part and parcel of many homes today.

However, did you know that a whole house water filter needs to be maintained for it to work optimally? This way, it will be able to remove contaminants from your water and even make your water have a pleasant taste.


How to maintain a Whole House Water Filter 

The following are ways on how to maintain a whole house water filter:

1. Have a regular cleaning routine

One of the most important ways to maintain a whole house water filter is by cleaning it frequently and thoroughly. By doing this, you will be able to avoid the build-up of minerals, contaminants, or even dirt in the filter.

When carrying out this undertaking, you should avoid using harmful toxins on your filter as these chemicals can get absorbed into the water that you might finally drink at home.

It is important that you clean all the elements of the system. This should be done preferably weekly. Also, it is essential that you sanitize the different parts of the system when you are cleaning this filter. This includes the water dispenser, line, and even the cap assembly.

Since this filter might have a water softener, it’s worth noting that the softener can contribute to the build-up of salt in your water filter. Therefore, you need to clean your system more often.

Sometimes, excess salt might block your system. When cleaning this filter, you should switch off the system and then remove the excess salt physically. You can also use hot water to dissolve the blockage.

2. Water filter replacement

Just like any other household appliance, your whole house water filter usually has a suggested lifespan. After this lifespan is over, these filters need to be replaced. If you fail to replace them, your drinking water might not be filtered well.

Using an old water filter can put the health of those whom you love at risk. Eventually, your system will be less effective. To maintain your whole house water filter, you should not fail to replace these filters in a good time. This way, you will be able to get better tasting and healthier drinking water.

3. Use compatible filter cartridges only

Before you think of buying new filters, you should first check and see if they are compatible with your filter system. Ideally, they should be compatible for you to get optimal results.

You should not use filters that are not of the same brand and model as that of your filter system. However, if you plan to get off-brand filters, you should ask the vendor to see if they will match with your system.

4. Buy the filter cartridges early in advance

It is always a good idea to buy all the filters that you need for the annual maintenance of your whole house water filter system. Sometimes, the quality of your water might change, and you might, therefore, need to replace these filters sooner than you expect.

If you had already stocked up, you will be able to replace them and thereby ensure that your family gets clean drinking water. Also, this will enable you to enjoy more convenience.

5. Replace the water softener

Did you know that sometimes, you need to replace the water softener? This will ensure that you continue getting pure water for drinking in your home.

Sometimes, your water softener might be depleted such that it does not soften hard water the way it should. Ideally, a water softener normally uses ions to trap ions such as calcium and magnesium from the mainstream. It uses the salts present in order to soften the hard water. Sometimes, these salts usually get depleted.

Once these salts get depleted, water will start having a bad taste and odor. If this happens, you should know that time is ripe for you to replace the water softener. By buying a new water softener, you can be sure that you will continue getting safe water for drinking.

6. Disinfect the system

Besides regular cleaning, you should disinfect this system for you to continue getting clean water for drinking and doing other things. This will ensure that the system remains optimal for longer.

As you carry out the disinfestation process, you should consider replacing the filters so that the device looks as good as new after the maintenance process is over.

When disinfecting this system, you should use the right chemicals. For instance, chlorine and vinegar can help you get the job done. To start with, you should remove the filters and the membrane.

Thereafter, you can replace the housing and run water through the system and follow this with about 6 ounces of hydrogen peroxide or chlorine.

If you happen to use bleach or vinegar to disinfect your system, you should ensure that the dilutions are the ones recommended by the manufacturer. This will prevent further damages that might make you dig deeper into your pocket.

Once you are done, you can finish it up with at least two rounds of water to wash away the bad odor and taste from the chemicals used.

7. Let a professional plumber inspect your system once in a while

Sometimes, you might have a busy schedule to the extent that you do not have enough time to maintain your whole house water filter. In this case, you should not neglect it as this can make it less effective in the long run.

You can, therefore, hire a professional plumber for regular checkups. This will help you diagnose different problems that your system might have.

Also, you will get professional advice from this expert. This will help you make a better decision regarding your whole house water filter. This exercise might cost you some money, but it is actually worth it.


Your whole house water filter should always be in good condition. The ideas mentioned above will help you achieve this goal. Consider these ideas today, and your system will serve you for longer. Also, you will be able to prevent illnesses that might result from taking contaminated water. Consider whole house water filter maintenance ideas today, and you will not be frustrated.

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