Best White Farmhouse Sink Reviews (Updated Buyers’ Guide)

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White farmhouse sinkBuying the best white farmhouse sink can be a great addition to your kitchen. Two major best white farmhouse sink brands are fireclay and porcelain sinks. The two main white farmhouse sinks differ in regards to the material that make them.

In the making of a fireclay farmhouse sink, clay is heated at an extremely high temperature to make the material strong, durable, and dependable. For that reason, fireclay farmhouse sinks are more durable than porcelain sinks. On the other hand, fireclay farmhouse sinks are more expensive than porcelain farmhouse sinks.

You must be firmly aware that the best white farmhouse sink made of this clay will resist scratches and chips which makes it a long-lasting model.

It might not be the case for a porcelain farm sink which is made of black cast iron and then sprayed with a white coating to meet the criterion of the best white farmhouse sink. Porcelain farm sinks will easily chip to expose the interior black cast iron which might not be a good appearance for your kitchen sink.

One thing that you can now understand from the two leading bets white farmhouse sink brands is that they differ significantly. While you can buy a porcelain sink at a lower cost compared to a fireclay farmhouse sink, the latter will be durable and will present you with an opportunity for money well-spent in the long run.


Kohler K-6486-0 Whitehaven Self-Trimming Apron Front Single Basin Kitchen Sink With Short Apron, White

The first member of the best white farmhouse sink brands I will highly recommend you is Kohler K-6486-0 Whitehaven. The model has self-trimming edges which allow you to make an easy installation.

You only need to perform a rough cut on your cabinetry, and then the rest of the work will be easy to do. Not most apron-front kitchen sinks will have this attribute.

In most cases, you will be required to buy new cabinetry when purchasing a new apron-front kitchen sink and this is not the case with Kohler K-6486-0. Thus, this saves you money since you have to use the old cabinetry in case you are remodeling your kitchen.

By just the appearance of this Whitehaven apron-front sink, you will realize that it is a single bowl which is substantial. If you have large pots and pans, you won’t struggle to clean them because the sink is large to accommodate them.

In this article, our emphasis is on the best white farmhouse sink, but with Kohler farmhouse sinks, the color should not limit you. These sinks come in plenty of colors which offer you personalized ownership.

The material used in the making of this best white farmhouse sink is enamel cast iron which is very much durable. Typically, these materials don’t develop chips, burn, or cracks, and this means that the sink will serve you for a long time.

Summary Comparison Table



Has a slanting base for efficient drainageLimited lifetime warranty
Large bowl size 
Don’t chip, burn, or crack. 
Easy to install 
Complements any kitchen décor 
Fits well to the existing cabinets 
Cleans easily 




Nantucket Sinks T-FCFS-30 30” Single Bowl Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink, White

A fireclay kitchen sink stands in the category of the most trusted brands in the modern market. The model is a combination of the many attributes that solve the problems of today’s kitchen users. One of the best white farmhouse sink brands in this category is Nantucket model number T-FCFS-30.

The model combines the top level of functionality with style. It adds beauty to your kitchen by complementing your kitchen décor.

Nowadays, people are finding kitchens as suitable places for gathering with visitors, and there is a need to make them attractive. Nantucket has this attribute and most modern day families are enjoying having it.

30-inch is a perfect dimension for many kitchen users. It has a glossy finish and has no visible imperfections. The sink adds some calm and relaxing character to your kitchen. Though its surface is not very much smooth, the entire structure is just subtle. It has a grid, and a drain and its installation will make your kitchen appear complete.

Summary Comparison Table



Combines functionality with styleHas a flimsy screen
Has a lustrous finishDoes not have a perfectly smooth surface
Easily complements your kitchen décor 
Includes a drain and grid 




Barclay FS24 24” Fire Clay Farmer Sink, White

Barclay FS24 is an excellent model and among the best white farmhouse sink brands that I can recommend. Most of the farmhouse kitchen sinks don’t allow you to fit garbage disposal, but this model is designed to enable you to fix it.

After you buy the sink, you need to find garbage disposal that can efficiently work with this kitchen sink. If you fit the disposal well, you are bound to work with this best white farmhouse sink having no challenges at all.

Fireclay farm-style sink is beautiful and will fit well in your cabinetry. When buying this best white farmhouse sink, you will need to find the best faucet which can fit and match it well.

At the end of it all, you need a high level of functionality and style in your kitchen. Having this model fulfills all your concerns since it is an apron-front model.

Barclay FS24 is an epitome of a country-style kitchen sink that is suitable for the modern lifestyle. One thing that I would like to remind you about the perfect kitchen faucet to this sink is that make sure it has a sprayer handle. If you want to learn more about kitchen sinks fitted with faucets that have sprayers, you can still learn. Notably, doing this will enable you to push down all the food particles on the corners since the model is not well sloped at the bottom.

Summary Comparison Table



An efficient kitchen sink model1-year warranty against defects
Can fit a garbage disposalHas a flat bottom
It is a country-style kitchen sink 
Can fit in a small countertop 
It is deep and has a pleasing shape, and finish. 




KOHLER K-5827-0 Whitehaven Self-Trimming Under-Mount Single-Bowl Sink With Tall Apron, White

With KOHLER K-5827-0, you don’t have pre-drilled faucet holes, and you only have an option to drill them on the counter or the wall. In this case, you have the freedom to choose the kitchen faucets of your choice that fits your preference and the kitchen décor.

Given that this best white farmhouse sink has a self-trimming edge, you can easily install it on your cabinetry. It has an under-mount feature which makes it fit well in your cabinet.

Since the basin slopes down at the bottom, this helps to prevent water pooling. Additionally, its drainage opening is large enough to allow water flow with ease.

The model is made of enamel cast iron which is a durable material. If you install it well, you are assured to get served for many years. The sink does not crack, chip or burn which is a useful attribute for long-lasting models.

Finally, you are not only tied to buy the best white farmhouse sink since there are plenty more colors from Kohler farmhouse categories.

You have a wide range of options to choose depending on the color that seems attractive to you. It all starts with the color of your countertop. You need to purchase a model that will complement with your cabinet and the whole kitchen décor. KOHLER K-5827-0 should be an excellent choice for you because of its high functionality that is coupled with style.

Summary Comparison Table



An excellent drainage systemNo pre-drilled faucet holes
Self-trimming for easy installationLifetime limited warranty
Doesn’t crack, chip, or burnMight need support when installing because it is heavy
Has an under-mount feature 
Has enough workspace 
Heavy and durable 




Zuhne Ostia 30 Fireclay Farmhouse Apron White Reversible Kitchen Sink

Zuhne Ostia can fit in a medium sized cabinet. When you are remodeling your kitchen, you might not be required to replace your cabinetry which saves you the cost.

It is one of the best white farmhouse sink models you can buy online today. Its beauty will not go unnoticed by guests who visit your home; you are likely to receive many compliments for having this gorgeous kitchen sink.

You might have heard about the rumors of splashy kitchen sinks out there, but this farm-style kitchen sink is unique and isn’t splashy.

You won’t be wetting your clothes when you are working with this best white farmhouse sink. Moreover, it has a drainage opening that can fit a garbage disposer. It is also equipped with a drain strainer and has angled walls.

Finally, you might require assistance from a professional when installing this kitchen sink. If you get an expert, the installation process will be easy, and the outcome is assured to be good. It does not have a cutout template, and an expert will do all this work without facing any difficulties.

Summary Comparison Table



Has angled wallsYou require an expert installation
The sink drain is compatible with garbage disposerCutout templates are not provided
Has a glossy surface 
Can withstand thermal shock 
Have a drain strainer and a grid protector 




Barclay FS30 30” Fireclay Farmer Sink, White

If you decide to purchase a Barclay FS30, you won’t need to buy a flange since it is not a requirement for this farm-style sink model. The fireclay makes it durable and can be used alongside garbage disposal. The garbage disposal comes with a trim kit, and you will require a 33-inch cabinet base to install this best white farmhouse sink.

When you buy any fireclay model, one thing that I can assure you is its durability. It does not develop chips, scratches, and burns. The sink is large and easy to clean.

Also, this best white farmhouse sink is exquisite and complements well with your kitchen décor. If you want to renovate your kitchen, I can proudly recommend this model because of its high functionality. The sink is typically designed to resolve the modern day kitchen issues, and many users are finding it excellent.

Summary Comparison Table



No chips or cracks1-year warranty against defects
Deep and large 
You can fit a garbage disposer. 
Easy to clean 
Elegant and complements your kitchen décor 
Highly functional 




How To Clean Your Best White Farmhouse Sink

People forget that they should wash their kitchen sinks more often to keep them clean. Most are the times that after washing utensils, all the dirt and grime are just left on the kitchen sink, and no one bothers to clean it.

Today, I want to teach you an easy way of cleaning your best white farmhouse sink so that you can have a better experience with this model for a long time. Here is what I learned from my mum and it has dramatically worked in our home.

In the first place, when you are ready to get started, make sure you have a lemon juice and baking soda. If you can’t find a lemon juice, try to get vinegar, and it will work the same way and bring a similar effect.

Sprinkle the baking soda into your best white farmhouse sink and squeeze some lemon juice into it to make a mixture that will react. You can use a scrub brush to rub the surface for some time as the fizzing reaction between the two takes place.

As you scrub, prepare some hot water which you will use to rinse the reactants. After rubbing for five minutes, it should be clean, and you can now rinse with hot water.

Your best white farmhouse sink should be now clean. Ensure you repeat the same process at least twice each week, and you will have a good experience with these types of farm sinks. The same method can be used even to unclog a kitchen sink which happens mostly to the kitchen sinks that are not well maintained.

You Can Watch This Video To Understand How To Clean Your Best Farmhouse Kitchen Sink



In summary, the best white farmhouse sink can offer you excellent services over a long time if it is well maintained. If you understand how to take care of your best white farmhouse sink, you will love to work with it in your kitchen. I have presented you with a list of the top-rated white farmhouse sinks with proven high functionality. If you buy one of these kitchen sink models today, you won’t regret in the future. If you like this article, share it with your friends by pressing the sharing buttons below. Have a good day and see you next time.

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