6 Simple Ways You Can Use to Unclog a Bathroom Sink

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Use a plunger to unclog a bathroom sinkYou will need to unclog a bathroom sink in case water is not flowing steadily down the drain. By use of this step-by-step guide, you can unclog a bathroom sink.

Having a clogged bathroom sink is a common problem in every home. Many people are still finding it challenging to unclog a bathroom sink. Some of them might have lacked the right procedure to unclog a bathroom sink, and this leaves them helpless.

Today, I would like to share with you some of the means that work well in solving the issue. You will acknowledge that the presence of soap scum, hair, and toothpaste waste alongside other clean up chemicals leads to the creation of a clog in your bathroom sink.

Once some people realize this issue, they tend to call a plumber to sort out the problem. Here, you need to realize that there are inexpensive means you can use to unclog a kitchen sink. In this respect, you need to understand some precautionary signs of a bathroom sink that has developed a clog.

Such a bathroom sink will not allow the quick flow of water as it has been the tradition. Some unpleasant odor will also develop in the entire bathroom due to the substances causing the clog in the sink.

In some cases, you will notice some water forming a pool at the foot of your bathroom sink. It is from such warnings that you will have to devise a mechanism on how to unclog a bathroom sink to avoid getting the worst out of it.

In any case, if you don’t unclog a bathroom sink, it is likely that its drain will completely get blocked and this will be catastrophic for you. I am sure you will not like to arrive at this stage, and this is only possible if you respond to the initial warnings swiftly.

A bathroom is only useful when all the connections and constituent tools are working efficiently. Then this highlights the need to unclog a bathroom sink whenever it is necessary. Here are some measures that you can employ to unclog a bathroom sink.

You Can Unclog a Bathroom Sink by Use of a Bent Wire Hanger

I am sure you are happy because you can quickly locate this tool rightly comfortable in your house. However, you will need to do some amendment on the outlook of this device by straightening it and making a hook at one of its ends.

At this stage, you will be prepared enough to unclog a kitchen bathroom by use of a bent wire hanger. The first thing you will do is to position an empty bucket under the sink before turning off the water in the tap to do some cleaning underneath the bathroom sink. Ensure that the stopper is completely closed at this point.

After all, this is done; you will now have to get rid of the stopper from the bathroom sink. That might appear a bit complicated to perform by you? Don’t worry because here is the way you will do it. Look at the underneath of your bathroom sink and find the spring clip.

Once you locate it, squeeze it, and this will help you take away the pivot rod from the clevis strap. The resultant effect will enable the stopper to pop up in which you can pick it out. At this point, wear rubber gloves since you are now getting into the center stage of your work.

Start with the cleanup of all the stopper mechanism by pulling out the debris, hair, and dirt. Use a different source of water and not the one from the faucet connected to this bathroom sink while doing all this work.

You are now some steps to unclog a bathroom sink, and the next thing you should do is to work on the drain. Pick up your modified wire hanger and seek to remove the blockage in the duct. Insert it into the pipe and twist it severally to remove the gunk.

You will also fish out the hair, debris and any other form of dirt. Since the bent wire hanger might not be enough to unclog a bathroom sink at the required level, aid it with a toothbrush that you don’t use. That will help you to perform some cleaning at the interior parts of the bathroom sink system.

You can think of working on the U-bend still to unclog a bathroom sink if all the efforts employed have not successfully achieved to drive away the clog. In most cases, you will not need to arrive at this stage and all this depends on whether you customarily unclog a bathroom sink whenever the warning sign starts to show up.

Once you are convinced that the sink’s condition is now okay, you will need to reassemble everything back to its position. After you are through with reassembling the connection, heat some water and ensure it is sufficiently hot.

You will then have to run the water down the drain to test the working of the bathroom sink. In case there is any leakage, adjust the reassembling until everything is back to normal. Now you know how to unclog a bathroom sink by use of a bent wire hanger.

Unclog a Bathroom Sink by Use of Vinegar and Baking Soda

The use of a baking soda and vinegar works amazingly to unclog a bathroom sink. It is the instance of the reaction between the two substances that help in driving away the clog from your bathroom sink.

You will have to mix equal proportions of vinegar and baking soda. For example, you can opt to mix ¼ of the capacity of the measuring cup by adding both substances in equal amounts. The size of each ingredient will be your own choice in this case, but the commodities have to be of similar measures.

Immediately you mix the two, pour the mixture in the drain as the fizzing reaction will be much relevant here. Give it enough time to help remove out the clog from your bathroom sink. I will advise you to leave it overnight for the reaction to complete successfully.

There is also an alternative way to work with both the vinegar and baking soda. This time around, you will first have to pour dry baking soda in the drain. When you are convinced that this is enough, measure the equal proportion of vinegar and pour it into the sink drain. Then wait for the reaction to take place overnight.

In the morning wake up and heat some water. The quantity of the hot water is not necessary here. Once it is hot, flush the drain. By this time, you now know how to unclog a bathroom sink by use of vinegar and baking soda.

You can Watch this video to understand how to unclog a bathroom sink by use vinegar and a baking soda.

Unclog a Bathroom Sink by Use of Caustic Soda and Boiling Water

Sodium hydroxide is another name for caustic soda. It is a chemical that can cause a burn on your skin. Before you use it to unclog a bathroom sink, wear rubber gloves to cover your hands.

If you don’t know where to get this chemical substance, just visit a local hardware store, and it will get sold to you. You are now ready to start the work. Fill the ¾ of a bucket with water, and then add 3 cups of the caustic soda.

Use a wooden spoon to stir it up until a fizz starts coming out. At this point, the mixture will have started to generate some heat.

You can now pour it into the kitchen drain and wait for approximately 30 minutes. The heat produced by the reaction mixture will help to remove the blockage, and this will help you to unclog a bathroom sink.

As the reaction in the drain is taking place, you will need to fill a kettle with water and boil it. After the lapse of the 30 minutes time, you now need to pour the hot water down the drain.

You can repeat the process until you are satisfied with the flow of water in the bathroom sink. That is how you can unclog a bathroom sink by use of caustic soda and boiling water. You can see the method is rapid and easy.

Unclog a Bathroom Sink by Cleaning Up the Pipe

You will need to place a bucket underneath the bathroom sink and wear rubber gloves. Ensure that the empty bucket is just beneath the U-bend pipe. The bucket will be used to collect the water that will spill in the course of the work.

Use a plumber’s wrench to loosen up the nuts on both sides of this pipe. Remove the U-bend pipe and fish out its content into the bucket. Rinse it with some water to ensure that all the debris has been removed and anything else that caused the clog.

The same cleanup exercise should be done on the connected pipes after removing the gunk in them too. When you have done all this, reassemble the piping and run some water through the sink drain.

By now, water should be running through without any problem. Now, that is how simple the method is to unclog a bathroom sink. I am sure you are now convinced that you don’t require to call a plumber for this simple task.

You Can Use a Plunger to Unclog a Bathroom Sink

Use of a plunger to unclog a bathroom sink is widely known and applied. People like it because it is safe to the drain and cost-effective.

However, you need to understand this method well for you to benefit from it. You will first have to remove the stopper from the sink. A stopper is that piece of equipment on the sink that helps to prevent objects from moving down the drain.

Once you remove the stopper, put some water in the sink and try to stuff the overflow. This is important to prevent the loss of water pressure and can be achieved by use of a rag.

At this point, start plunging the bathroom sink and perform it repeatedly until the flow of water in the drain is back to normal. You see how easy it is to unclog a bathroom sink by use of a plunger? That is all.

Unclog a Kitchen Sink by Use of a Sink Auger

A sink auger is a tool that will help you to break the clog. In this case, the piece of work is done underneath the sink. Place an empty bucket underneath the U-bend pipe and by use of a plier; loosen up the nuts holding it.

Once you have made it lose, remove the P-trap and evacuate its content into the bucket. You now need to turn the crank by placing one end of the auger into the sink drain.

The process will help the drill reach to the clog in which you will need to pull it out for you to unclog a bathroom sink. When the entire clog has been dislodged, reassemble all the parts of the bathroom sink system and test the flow of water down the sink drain. You can also read how to unlock a kitchen sink >> unblock a kitchen sink


After reading about all these methods used to unclog a bathroom sink, you should not be worried when you face the condition in the future.

As well, you can see you don’t need to call a plumber to help you out whenever you want to unclog a bathroom sink. You now have the knowledge that can help you to overcome the challenge.

If you struggle to implement any of the methods above, just try the other one because, at the end of the day, you want to unclog a bathroom sink. Understand any signs of a clog in a bathroom sink and strive to implement any of the means above to avoid a situation whereby your bathroom sink is entirely blocked. It will be a disaster once you wake up one day and find that water cannot flow down the drain.

Once you observe that the flow of water is slow down the drain, find your free time and work with any of the above-mentioned methods and it will pay off well. Read this 

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