Spring Break Home Improvement Projects to undertake

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In the next couple of weeks, the majority of people will be going on a staycation for their spring break. During this time, you may not travel and attend sporting events all the springtime. On the other hand, you may take some home improvement activities that will improve your home and thus financially benefit yourself by engaging in these hugely rewarding activities.

Besides, staying at home and tackling several home improvement activities may be a source of comfort. Apart from feeling comfortable, you feel a lot of pride in completing these projects yourself. Things that you’ll do in the coming spring break will create great memories and become a source of family joy.

So, what are these spring break home improvement projects to undertake? Below is a brief overview.


1. Painting

Spring Break Home Improvement Projects to undertake

The work might seem simple but it will require some professional guidelines to make it appear professionally done. You might have done some simple art and crafts when you were growing but this is the best time to find value in what you were doing those days.

You need to come up with a painting plan to effectively complete this work. Come up with some décor ideas in your mind and find a way of making them turn into reality. For example, picking the color patterns for the walls; you can also think about the finish: glossy, metallic, or matte?

When you are armed with these ideas, put all the requirements together including the basic tools, equipment, and colors ready to start the work. To make sure you don’t miss any essential necessity, make a checklist.

Now that things will get messy during the painting process, move all the furniture and other items that are close to the wall. You can move furniture and appliances to another room or cover them with a large nylon paper.

You can prepare up the walls by removing any dirt on them. You can use a dishwashing liquid to remove grease, dust, and dirt. Deal with any cracks and holes on the wall before painting. To smoothen them, you can sand and scrape them. Ensure you remove the particles of sanding before moving to the next stage.

You need to apply a coat of primer and prime up the walls; and for precision, paint by hand.

2. Replace your sliding

Sliding adds value and character to your home and protects your house against harsh conditions. If you want to improve your home appearance, one aspect you look at is replacing your sliding.

When decided to make a change, you have many sliding options. It all depends on the benefits you would like to acquire. The three basic types include wood, fiber-cement, and metal; from this, you can realize that sliding is a building material. Important to consider with these sliding options are environmental responsibility, ongoing maintenance, cost, and reliability.

3. Kitchen

Spring Break Home Improvement Projects to undertake

Do you have an idea of building a new kitchen or remodeling the existing one? What home improvement activities can I do around my kitchen to improve my happiness and satisfaction? There are pretty many small projects around the kitchen that will enhance your experiences here and I will share them with you today.

Have you ever thought of tiling the backsplash? If you adjust the backsplash tiling style, this might bring a new feeling around your kitchen. You can also upgrade the cabinets, which will be quite easy task.

Do you want your kitchen to look shiny? You can buy a priceless stainless steel sink and faucets. On your appliances, you can paint them with liquid stainless steel. Otherwise, you can basically organize your kitchen to look neat.

4. Deck Upgrades

If you did not include deck needs in your checklist you need to revise it. The deck is always exposed to outside elements and is thus hard to maintain. During the rainy and snowy months, your deck will beat.

If you want to enjoy your deck in the summer, you need to upgrade it this summer. To ensure it is in good condition, begin by checking the frames and structure. Check for loose nails, rotten decking boards, and cracks. If there’s any deterioration underneath, you can replace the affected parts immediately.

5. Gutter Replacement

Spring Break Home Improvement Projects to undertake

If you want the structure of your house to look great, replacing the old gutter would do. Efficient gutters will also help in the drainage and transfer of water resources. Depending on the gutter type, installing gutters should be a straightforward process. We have half-round and k-style gutters. You can replace based on the model of the old arrangement or change the gutter type. It all depends on your personal choice.

6. Replace Fixtures

You can swap all your fixtures at home to bring a new look. Indeed, this is one of the most cost-effective updates to can do this spring. In less than 10 minutes, you can swap chandeliers, pendants, sconces, hooks, towel racks, door handles, taps and faucets, and melon lights. Other things you can change include styles and finishes.


In brief, you can save a lot of money in the next spring break by working on some home improvement DIY projects. Instead of touring all the tourist attraction sites you’ve known so far, you can spend this time economically. The small things that you’ll do in your home will bring a lot of impacts. Finding some little but inspiring home improvement projects that will be impactful in your family should be your goal for spring break.

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