How To Install & Clean A Kitchen Sink Grinder

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kitchen sink grinderMany people complain about clogged kitchen sink drains and many side effects that are caused by such blockages. Kitchen sink grinder might be a new term to many people. Have you ever thought of having a garbage disposer in your kitchen? In this case, I mean a garbage disposer that is powered by electricity and installed beneath your kitchen sink.

A kitchen sink grinder is designed to prevent many instances of plumbing blockages whereby large food particles are broken into small particles. These particles can pass through the kitchen sink piping system without causing any blockage. I think you now realize the usefulness of a kitchen sink grinder, also known as a garbage disposer, waste disposal unit, garburator, or a garbage disposal. Then how can we now define a kitchen sink grinder given the simple explanation that I have given? Here is my definition of a kitchen sink grinder.



What Is A Kitchen Sink Grinder?

A kitchen sink grinder is merely a garbage disposal unit. It is a device that is installed between the kitchen tap and the sink drain. The device is powered by electricity to break waste food particles into small pieces that can pass the plumbing system without causing a blockage.


How To Install kitchen Sink Grinder  

Before a kitchen sink grinder becomes useful to you, you will need to install it. In this case, it is important to study the installation procedure well so that you don’t commit any mistake on the way. Today, I will give you an actionable installation procedure for this simple device. But before you get started, this is the list of what you will require.

  • Plumber’s putty
  • Kitchen sink grinder
  • Safety glasses
  • Screwdriver
  • Putty knife
  • Hammer
  • 1-Quart Bucket
  • Wrench

When explaining the procedure on how to install a kitchen sink grinder, I might use terms that are not familiar to you. If you bought the garbage disposer directly from the retailer, you must be having a manual. The manual will help you to understand these new terms because it will show you the labeling of the grinder’s parts. These new terms are merely different parts of the sink and the waste disposal unit.

When you have all the requirements ready, turn off the circuit breaker that leads to your kitchen. Place a bucket beneath the P-trap and start by disconnecting the drainpipes. Remove the sink strainer and any excess plumber’s putty around the area. Around the flange of the kitchen drain, apply the plumber’s putty and place it to its position.

You now need to keep the kitchen sink grinder moving by setting the garbage disposer on the flange and laying a towel on the sink. Onto the underside of the sink flange, slide a backup flange, the fiber gasket, and a mounting ring. Pull the snap ring open and install it in the place. After doing this, tighten up by the use of screws and remove any excess putty when finished.

From the inlet on the disposal, remove the drain plug by use of a hammer to facilitate the connection of the dishwasher drain. You can then connect the electrical cord because the device will be operating by use of electricity. The connection is quite straightforward. All you need to do is removing the wire cover plate and then matching the wire colors.

Once you are through with the connection, you can squeeze the wires back and return the wire cover plate to its position. If your kitchen sink grinder was not sold alongside the electrical cords, you will have to purchase them separately.

The point is that at the end of it all, you will have a kitchen sink disposer which is attached between the sink and drainpipes. In the final step of the installation process, find the discharge outlet and insert the gasket. As well, fasten the discharge tube with bolts and flange.

Align the three tabs with the mounting ring to hang the kitchen sink grinder. Secure the tabs over the flanges by use of a wrench. Next, connect the dishwasher drain and finally the drainpipes. If all the alignments and connections are properly done, you have your kitchen sink grinder ready for use.

You can test whether everything is okay before you let go. Start by placing a stopper in the sink drain and halfway fill the sink with water. Inspect whether there are any water leaks. Turn the power on for the kitchen sink grinder. If everything was done well, you should not see any water leaks. How can you clean and maintain a kitchen sink grinder? This is what we discuss in the next subheadings.


How To Clean Kitchen Sink Grinder

If you want your home to appear clean, you can’t deny that you always clean your kitchen sink and faucet. If the kitchen sink is not cleaned, it will clog and emit a foul odor. If the kitchen faucet is not kept clean, it might start delivering water at a low pressure or even develop other problems. The same case applies to a kitchen sink grinder. It can be kept clean and this is how you do it.

Start by pouring a cup of baking soda down the kitchen sink drain followed by two cups of white vinegar. Allow the two reactants to react for around 30 minutes. Meanwhile, boil some water and pour it down the drain after the lapse of these 30 minutes.

The next step is to fill the kitchen sink drain with three cups of ice followed by a cup of salt. Turn on the garbage disposal and run the cold water until all the ice is gone. The purpose of this step is to allow get rid of the debris and grime from the grinding elements.

Finally, since you want to boost the smell of the entire unit, you will require a lemon. Cut lemon into pieces and while the kitchen sink grinder is running, add the pieces one at a time. At the end of it, you will realize that the lemon has helped to deodorize the kitchen sink garbage disposer.


Care and Maintenance Practices Of A Kitchen Sink Grinder

The following are essential care and maintenance practices that you need to execute on your kitchen sink garbage disposer.

  • Don’t overfill it.
  • When grinding food, use cold water.
  • Don’t grind the materials warned against in the owner’s manual such as bones, fibrous materials, and rubber, metal, glass or coffee grounds.
  • Don’t use bleaching drain cleaners down the system.
  • Run the kitchen sink garbage disposer regularly even if you have nothing to grind.
  • Run the garbage disposer longer after use to ensure that all the food has been flushed out. This helps to prevent clogs and odors.
  • Always, cut the waste using the garbage disposer when already in small pieces.
  • At times, grind the citrus fruits to deodorize the unit.


If you were seeking for a guide to help you install, replace, care and maintain a kitchen sink grinder, then this was the best website to visit. In this post, we have explained how you can install a kitchen sink garbage disposer using the simple steps. Many are the sources that give hard to understand procedures. As you buy the best kitchen sink from the unrivaled market sellers, you will purchase it alongside a kitchen sink grinder. If you find this material useful, share it with your friends.

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