How to Install a Bathroom Sink (Incredibly Practical)

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How to Install a Bathroom SinkDo you know that learning how to install a bathroom sink is quite easy? The process of installing a bathroom sink can be a very challenging project for a new DIY plumber and at the same time be a very satisfying job when done on a full-time basis.

In case you are a new DIY plumber, you will be in a position to save money when compared to hiring a professional plumber to help you install a bathroom sink.

However, you cannot save this enormous amount of money if you fail to commit and learn how to install a bathroom sink. Thus, this article comes in handy for you.

Before you get to understand how to install a bathroom sink, it is advisable that you first take stock of your skill level and ensures that you know what you will be doing.

Keep note that the money you save might be of great importance to you if you can avoid any hidden leak that can lead to expensive flooding in the bathroom. In this article, I will take you through the steps on how to install a bathroom sink.

Materials Required

Before you embark on the process of installing your bathroom sink, it is important that you have the following materials.

  • Basin wrench
  • Plumbing sockets
  • Pipe wrench
  • Silicone caulking
  • Slip joint pliers
  • Plumber tape
  • New bathroom sink

All these are considered to be important materials when it comes to bathroom sink installation. You need to realize that learning how to install a bathroom sink starts with understanding the necessary tools.

Procedure: How to Install a Bathroom Sink

  • Shut off Water Supply. Ensure you first check under your existing sink. In most cases, you will find two valves one for cold and another hot water. Have them completely closed and test if it’s successful by turning on the water faucet.
    In case no water comes out, you can proceed. If water comes out, try closing the valves again and if it fails, you will be forced to go to the main water supply to shut it down.
    One last thing you will want is to have water spilling after you have installed your new bathroom sink.
  • Have the Existing Sink Detached. There are sinks which are connected in different ways. However, this step will be determined by your current sink. There are others which are held in place by the help of metal clips while others are held in place by gravity.
    It is important that you examine the sink before you start installing the new sink. You can consider using a putty knife around the perimeter to help you lose the caulked sink and make it possible for you to fit the loose easily.

It does not matter what the style of sink is, the drain will be fairly universal. Ensure all the supply and drain lines are disconnected from the faucet. Thereafter, disconnect al sink from the drain by use of a large nut. Wrench or locking pliers will come in handy.
In case you are in a position of removing the U-bend, do it. Installing it afterward will be much easier. In most cases, you will come across a small leak from the water that was in the tube already. Ensure you just have a bowl, towel or bucket ready to collect the leakage.

Although the pedestal sink installation can be challenging, it can also be a very rewarding project. It does involve more work than other types of sinks.

  • Have the Sink Area Prepared. Ensure the area around the sink is properly cleaned and dried. You can consider using a towel or bathroom cleaner and a scrubber if necessary to help you remove caulk, dirt or any nastiness which might have been trapped on the edges. In most cases, the area will never be cleaned again until when you will be performing another sink installation in the bathroom.
    Hence; it is advisable that you ensure you get everything right. This is also the right time for you to cut the area in order to prepare it to accept the new sink installation in the bathroom. Ensure that you are sure with whatever is it that you are doing.
  • Install the Sink. Ensure you correctly follow all the instructions with your sink for the installation. Make use of whatever mounting hardware or clips that came with the sink when installing it.
    In case you are reinstalling a porcelain sink which will be held into place by gravity, ensure that you carefully apply the caulk around the edges where it will get in contact with the counter surface.
    You will definitely be interested in a good seal around the sink, hence ensure you correctly apply the caulk so that water does not leak and cause damage under the sink.
  • Have both the water and drain lines installed. Have the drain connected into the hole that is beneath the sink. You will be typically installing the rubber gasket that squeezes against the sink together with a nut and a washer.
    Whether there is or there is no gasket, if not, consider using the plumbers putty or silicone to help shore the seal. You can add protection by running a bead of caulk around the gasket.
  • Ensure the water lines are connected to the faucet on the sink. The sink should include the right connectors or a set of instructions.
  • Have the Drain plug installed and finish up. Ensure you correctly follow the instructions with your sink when installing the drain plug. Caulk or putty might be of great help at this point in order to help you in creating a great seal.
    Ensure you double check everything especially the U-bend and the drain pipe. Wait for 24 hours for the caulk to dry. Thereafter, open the valves and turn on the faucet and test the water.  You are now done!


In brief, most DIY plumbers are known to make mistakes when installing a sink in their bathroom. However, with the above guideline, you will never experience any difficulty when it comes to sink installation. The procedures are easy to understand and less technical skill will be required during the entire process of installation.  It is important to be keen in order to avoid some slight injuries during the entire process.  This how to install a bathroom sink guideline also provides you with a list of materials you will require during the entire process.

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