How to Choose the Best Kitchen Faucet

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kitchen faucetA kitchen faucet adds more than a pretty face to your kitchen. The faucet also helps with washing, cooking, and serving. You’ll need a quality faucet whether you plan on preparing foods or you’re looking for something you can clean yourself off with.

But what are you going to do when finding a top-rated kitchen faucet for your home? You can use a few points for helping you to find the best kitchen faucet for your home.


What Is the Handle Like?

A single handle is often all you need for a kitchen faucet. You can use that one handle to adjust the intensity and temperature of the water. The single design is useful for people who need something easy to adjust.

A hands-free feature may be found on some faucets. A hands-free design offers a sensor located in the middle or top part of the faucet. The sensor will identify hand motions and trigger the water to come out for a brief moment. A handle may appear on the side to help with adjusting the temperature of the water, although this feature is not always prominent.

Can You Pull It Down?

Many kitchen faucets offer pulldown bodies. The design is one of the best options to utilize. A pulldown faucet features a spray wand that pulls down so you can adjust how the water is positioned. You can use the kitchen faucet to reach hard to access spaces in your sink. This feature is ideal for when you’re washing dishes or cleaning off foods.

Some models feature large handles near their tap spaces. The handle may include a button that triggers the flow of water.

What Is It Made Of?

The faucet should be made with a good body. Brass is ideal for your faucet in that the surface lasts longer and is easy to clean off. The brass surface does not scratch or fade either. The metal is heavier than most other design options though, so make sure your countertop can handle the added weight produced by a brass body if you wish to go in that route.

Stainless steel and copper are also noteworthy for offering attractive designs. But you must also watch for how one of those surfaces could scratch and wear out after a while. You’ll need to choose only the best material for your faucet to find something that fits well for your use.

A brushed nickel adds a beautiful silver look, but this works best when a titanium coating is applied. A titanium coat will keep the faucet from tarnishing or scratching.

You could also consider a chrome surface, but that might be tough to handle. Chrome can be hard to handle due to the added fingerprints around the surface.

Review the Valves

The valves used in your faucet are responsible for allowing water to flow towards your tap. You need a valve that will stay intact and create a firm seal. The goal is to keep the water from leaking.

A ceramic disk valve is one option to note. This valve features two disks. The first disk stays in its place. The second unit moves to block or open the water flow.

A ball valve is another choice to review. A rotating metal or plastic ball will control the flow of water. A cartridge valve that uses rubber O-rings in a cylindrical cartridge to control how water flows may also work.

What Is the Aerator Like?

An aerator can be found in a faucet. An aerator is a unit that will mix air with water and produce a better flow. The feature will help you save water and keep the flow consistent. You should look at how well the aerator in your faucet is designed and if the surface can work well within your unit for a better all-around flow. In case your faucet develops flow rate issues, this is how to solve low water pressure for your faucet.

Analyze the Holes

You might not consider the holes in your faucet installation when finding a good faucet, but you’ll have to watch for how they work. The holes are responsible for producing a good space for installation. Your faucet will need the same number of holes in your deck as the old faucet you are using. The holes are needed for fitting the materials that you will utilize in the setup. Some separate points may work for the spout and handles.

This aspect of your faucet focuses mainly on the installation process. You’ll need a model that is easy to install in your home if you want to make this work. The holes will guide you through the process and ensure you can produce a firm installation. You also have the option to produce new holes through your counter if you wish, although that might be harder to complete than you might expect. Besides the idea of holes, you need other considerations when choosing a kitchen faucet.

A Final Note

Your effort for finding a quality kitchen faucet should be planned well. You have to look well at what you’re getting out of your faucet so you have a model that you will appreciate. Be sure to look around well when finding a quality faucet model that makes it easy for you to get the water you require.

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