Determining the Characteristics of Your New Home

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Determining the Characteristics of Your New HomeIf you’ve decided it’s time to search for a new home, either to buy or to rent, you’re likely in the process of determining your needs and wants. You probably have a good idea about what’s important to you, but planning now could save a lot of regret down the road. So today, Pizzchzz invites you to think about the following considerations.


Buying or Renting

First, determine whether you want to buy or rent your new home. Buying a home, of course, means taking out a mortgage and being fully responsible for all improvements, repairs, taxes, and insurance. However, you earn equity and have an investment for the future.

Renting also offers the advantages of greater flexibility to move if you aren’t planning to stay in a location for a long time.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs or the obligations that come with homeownership. If you’re rather low on money for a down payment or don’t care to go into debt, renting may be the right choice for you.


As you think about your new home, you must also consider location. It’s best to be close to the people and places that matter most to you.

Your family and your job likely stand at the top of the list, but you may also want to think about stores and services you use frequently, including your doctor, favorite grocery stores, and coffee shops, public transportation, gyms, trails, lakes, or parks.

While you probably aren’t able to check every item off your list, prioritize your most important elements when choosing your location. Also, make sure your potential new neighborhood is safe and well-kept.

Living Space

When considering a new home, make a list of all the features you want your living space to have. If you need or want a particular number of bedrooms and bathrooms, note that.

If accessibility is an issue, identify your needs. Decide, too, if you prefer a one-story layout or two or more stories. Determine the minimum square footage you need to fit all your possessions, and be sure to look at floor plans that accompany and listings.

It’s likely that no property meets all your requirements, so you have to distinguish your must-have items from your like-to-have items.

Outdoor Areas

If you’re an outdoorsy person, consider your new home’s outdoor areas. An apartment with a small patio or deck probably doesn’t work very well for you, and it may be wise to look for something with a yard or at least a nearby park with walking trails and play space.

If you aren’t much for outside activities, you may prefer something with less outdoor maintenance.

Dog owners will do well to look for properties that offer a fenced in area, or the type of backyard that can be easily fenced.

If you find a property you love that lacks an enclosed backyard, go ahead and reach out to a reputable fencing company to get a quote.

They can help you determine the cost (note the national average is $4,500), which can be included in your negotiations or added to your remodel budget.


Last but certainly not least, consider the price of your new home. Before you start house or apartment hunting, carefully examine your budget, so you know exactly what you can afford for mortgage payments or rent.

Also take into consideration taxes, insurance, inspection, and utilities, depending on whether you plan to buy or rent. Be careful not to stretch yourself too thin financially.

Ready to Move

Moving can be stressful, as can any major life change, but it’s also your chance to start an exciting new chapter of your life!

All it takes is preparation. After you’ve considered whether to buy or rent, thought about your preferred location, and determined your needs for living space, outdoor areas, and price, dive into your home search and get ready to enjoy your new place!

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