6 Backyard Office Shed Ideas for Remote Working in 2021

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Backyard Office Shed Ideas for Remote WorkingWork from home is the new normal. 2020 brought the pandemic along, and ever since, all of us have been spending most of our time in homes. With this, remote working also gained popularity and has become a new normal today. 

The employers and the employees are gradually becoming comfortable with the work from home concept. The employers are discovering that remote employees can be just more productive and cost-effective from their homes themselves! But, there is only one hindrance to the employees’ productivity, and that is a perfect work-space in the house. 

Work-space setting has a significant impact on the productivity of the employees. For those with separate office space, basement, or den, the answer is pretty simple. But for those with a home, including kids, finding a quiet space to work is challenging. 

If you have a backyard, then there is nothing like it. Install a shed in the backyard and make it your work-space.  A backyard office shed adds value to the property. It is an asset that only increases in value over the years, making work from home an enjoyable activity. 

Now let us dive into some backyard office shed ideas and make your work from home setup enjoyable. 


Studio Office Shed

This is one of the most popular shed ideas for your backyard. A studio shed is available in numerous sizes according to the requirement. This shed can also be customized in the 3D configurator and tailored to fit the exact space needed. 

It has a number of window and door orientations that can capture abundant natural light. To work at night, you have to install the appropriate lighting fixtures. Studio sheds are built with a variety of green sustainable materials. Many current homeowners have found that their studio sheds have added more value to their home than the value they paid for it. 

Shipping Container Office Shed

Renting an office space is fine, but why would you opt for it when you have a backyard space that can be smartly done into a comfortable work-from-home setup. Shipping container office shed is an excellent low-cost alternative.

You can transform this industrial shipping container into a studio, in fact, a cozy work studio for your remote working. Working from home for a long period can be mundane and lead to low productivity gradually. A comfortable work-from-home space with all the necessities will be the savior.

Prefab Office Shed

Do you have a clear enough space for your work from home setup in the room or do you have a shed outdoors? A prefab office shed is a good option that is economical, easy to install, and time-saving. 

A prefab shed can be customized into a beautiful, well-built shed structure that adds value to your property. You can customize everything from flooring to wall decor, working tables to furniture in a prefab shed. 

Timber Office Shed

Timber office shed is a cozy backyard office space option with cedar panels of timber and a vast storage system. If you want an aesthetically low-maintenance appealing space, then a timber office shed is just what you want. This office shed is a self-sufficient space where you can ponder, be creative, and maximize productivity. 

Saltbox Office Shed

What about matching your work-space shed with your home? Yes, the saltbox office shed is the one that allows you to match its look with your current home look. It is flexible and can be given any size too.

You can also utilize this saltbox shed as your kids’ playhouse. These sheds are attractive and functional.  The roof of these sheds is the differentiating factor from all the shed types.

The roof of one side of the shed is shorter than the roof of the other side. The saltbox sheds are easy to install and are multi-functional too. You can use them to store whatever you want or turn them into a cozy work-space. 

Metal Office Sheds

Last but not least, metal office sheds are one option that seems just right. These sheds are made of steel, iron, or aluminum and are sturdy and sustainable.

These metal sheds are resistant to fire, pests, and corrosion and can stand any disastrous weather condition. Perhaps, there are some drawbacks to these metal sheds.

The aluminum sheds can be easily invaded by thieves and can be dented with falling limbs, hail, or even an errant baseball. Thin roofs of such materials may not be able to withstand heavy snow in the winter either. 

Steel buildings are the right option in such situations. Steel has the edge over the other metal sheds and buildings. They rust less, are economical, and can be designed into a fantastic remote working setup just the way you want. 

Remote Working is the Future…

Remote working is going nowhere in 2021. It has become the new normal, and people have started liking this new normal. 

These few shed types are exactly what you want to turn your mundane work from home setup into an interesting and cozy one. These sheds will not just give you a perfect work from home space but will also add aesthetics and value to your property!

Summers are here; wouldn’t this time be the best to build a shed in the backyard? Safeway Steel can walk you through a myriad of steel shed options for your backyard office space. Get in touch today. 

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