Are Toilet Seat Sizes the Same?

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Toilet Seat SizesIf you just judge toilet seats casually, you are likely to establish the assumption that all toilet seat sizes are the same. When you head to the market to shop for a toilet seat, you will either buy elongated or round shaped seats. However, the sizes won’t be the same, and in fact, you can ask for more customization to have the toilet seat fit the size that you wish to have depending on the different toilet needs.

In doing all this, the most important point of consideration to always keep in mind is that the size and shape of your seat have to match up with that of your toilet bowl. Otherwise, if you buy a toilet seat of different shape and size, you won’t be able to install it unless you uninstall your toilet bowl and buy another one whose specifications meet those of your toilet seat.

Before you head to the market for shopping, you need to make accurate measurements since eye-guessing will create more troubles. Imagine guessing with your eyes only to find that the newly acquired toilet seat cannot serve the purpose that you wished and cannot match up with your toilet bowl! This can be very disgusting!

Why we Stress on Compatibility

If you ensure that your toilet seat entirely matches in size with the available toilet bowl, you will avoid unnecessary expenses. One, what will you do if you find the sizes do not match up? Will you not go back to the market to buy a matching set? Don’t you see this will be an additional and unnecessary cost? Even if a toilet seat looks best for you, don’t avoid focusing on its size and match it up with your toilet bowl before buying.

If you take the measurements before making a purchase, there is no possibility of buying the wrong size and shape. Understand the nature of hinges, screws, and blocks in the seat kit before buying it to avoid getting frustrated when they fail to work out as you expected. You need to consider whether the hinges and screws are large or small, and judge the nature of screws and hinges that will be helpful to you.

Determining Toilet Seat Sizes: Tips and Considerations

  • Children – do you want a toilet seat only for your children? If this is the case, you have an option to resize 16, 15 or even 14 inches. You need to teach your children all life skills, hence having toilet seats sized for a child is essential. If you’re concerned about your child’s safety, having these size-specific toilet seats can be a great way. Always, match it with the right bowl size.
  • Extended sizing – with regards to extended sizing, this can be informed by the size of the toilet bowl & seat user. If a toilet seat is designed small such that it cannot fit you comfortably, the option for extended sizing can be of great help to you. An extension of more than three inches should be possible to enable you to resize the toilet seat based on your body dimensions. Note that if you extend and resize your seat, this fits a large bowl and should not be installed in the same bathroom as the children’s small toilet bowl & seat. The reason is that you don’t want to risk your children from drowning.
  • Space for customization – if you have a large bathroom space, it is possible that you might wish to impact various customizations to achieve diverse shapes. It does not matter whether you have an elongated or rounded toilet seat. Having a toilet seat that can adopt different customizations can be ideal for pregnant women or men and women who suddenly grow overweight.
  • Supportive to recovery processes – you need to buy a toilet seat that is specific to resolving your healthcare needs. For example, if you have backaches, pains, recently got a surgery, or you pregnant, specific types of toilet seats will be best for you. In moments of experiencing diverse pains, padded toilet seats or raised toilet seats can be ideal. These toilet seats are designed to offer support for you along with warmth and comfortability. With the continued use of these types of toilet seats, they become ergonomic, meaning that they will take your body’s proportions hence help to alleviate many forms of pain.
  • Consider the length, height, and width of the toilet – in simple terms, this means understanding the dimensions of your bathroom. You can only buy a toilet seat that your bathroom can accommodate. Besides, you can only buy a toilet seat that can fit your toilet bowl.


In summary, toilet seat sizes are not the same. Even though there is standard toilet seat size, various toilet seat sizes can be designed. However, such toilet seats will be differences that are subtle. Considerations such as the size of your bathroom, toilet bowl, and your preference play a crucial role in determining, which toilet seat you should buy.

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