Here Are 06 Sure-Shot Ways to Improve Home Indoor Air Quality

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Improve Home Indoor Air Quality


Indoor Air Quality Health Benefits: Everything You Need to Know

Ever since the word pandemic hit our everyday life, it changed our perception of indoors and outdoors. Our indoors became our outdoors for the longest time.

At a global level we all spent a huge amount of time staying indoors and realized that the indoors was just as polluted as our outdoor. Indoor air quality is the measure of how beneficial and clean the air you breathe is in your home or workplace.

Air around you directly affect your health because as you inhale it, it goes all the way up your nose and into your lungs where it further reaches every inch of the body.

Ever think of how that mold growing at the corner of your washroom might be the reason you are having allergies despite taking all measures outside the house?

We are here to discuss how important the quality of air is. Many people complain about headaches, dizziness, and respiratory irritation due to the poor indoor air quality while working from home.

The better your indoor air is, the better sleep you get as proved by various studies. Let us now see how hazardous the declining quality of air can be.

How Indoor Air Pollution Can Causes Health Problems

Air pollution can lead to many health problems and is considered as slow poison. Bad air quality is not just the visible factory smokes or pesticides sprayed around.

It includes the air that is not circulated properly around your room, it is the mold growing within the walls as well as the everyday dust that creeps in from the windows and doors.

Such issues lead to respiratory diseases which may become cancerous if not tended to on time. The air is a natural element that we have polluted with our modern yet closed designs.

06 Smart Ways to Improve Your Home Indoor Air Quality

1.      Ventilate Your Home Daily

Ventilation is key to keeping the indoor air around you fresh and clean. Although the modern designs are made to be centrally air or heat controlled, it is not at all healthy.

When you open your windows or doors for fresh air to circulate in, the humidity, moisture and pollen levels take a dip immediately.

You can try sleeping in with one or more of your windows open for a few hours and observe if your cough or sneezes are affected in any way.

2.      Adjust Humidity and Moisture Levels

The humidity and moisture levels in the air around you can be controlled using humidifiers or dehumidifiers. Dry air causes rashes down the throat and the nasal area. It can be improved by using a humidifier for improving the humidity levels.

However, to ensure not to damp the air within the room when it’s cold, one uses a dehumidifier during winters. Humidity and moisture levels actively affect your body to the extent of declining the quality of sleep that you get. Your physical health is of primary importance and should be taken care of with responsibility.


3.      Buy a Quality Air Purifier

Buying an air purifier is a modern solution to purifying the indoor air that you breathe. By removing dirt and pollutants from the air around you, an air purifier releases clean, fresh air to the environment.

It purifies the air of all the pollutants and other irritants. It has the modern technology that uses filters and hydroxyls to rid the air of all the irritants and allergens. The solution is portable and can be carried around from room to room and home to workplace as well.

4.      Keep Scented Items Under Control

Yes, we all like to have our rooms as well as ourselves smell nice but what about the pollutants that come with them? The scents are even more responsible for air pollution due to the hazardous chemicals that they contain.

You may be inhaling the sensational scent but also the chemicals along with it. The scents often emit VCOs which are sometimes harmful as well as toxic. Having difficulty sleeping at night may be due to the air freshener you love.

5.      Add Plants to Your Home

We all know that plants are the best support for our motherland and one can only imagine the benefits you might get if you keep a little indoor plant that serves the purpose of providing a breath of fresh air. Plants will also provide decoration for your home. 

The plants actively filter out the air through their natural mechanisms but require constant maintenance and have requirements to survive that must be met.

But if you are reluctant to take responsibility for a plant then you can rather invest in an air purifier for home as well as your workplace environment.

Plants do work but awfully slow. So, while you may wish to get a natural solution to your air quality problem, you may have to adjust the issue with the time and low impact it will have.

6.      Clean Your HVAC System Regularly

Ever thought about giving your heating, ventilating and air conditioning system a service? To clean the filters and other components that it has ensure that it is able to serve the purpose of keeping your place cool in summers and comfortable during winters efficiently.

The filters have dust and other pollutants trapped in it and when the air circulates through it, it causes health issues as the same air is circulated around the indoors. Cleaning them occasionally improves their work potential as well as the air that circulates around.


Keeping the air around you clean and healthy is just as important as the diet you focus on for your physical health. Having a flow of fresh air in your room might be the reason you sleep better at night. You must know that the air you breathe is an essential ingredient to your everyday life and needs to be of good quality. The presence of pollutants, irritants and other particles makes the air a compromised part of the natural life around us. Everything around us may have become more and more feasible but the transition from natural to artificial life has taken a toll on our health. The air we breathe should be one less thing we should be worried about when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. In today’s fast life, invest in a good air purifier and make way to a better healthy life ahead. Modern day problems require smart solutions and few of them were discussed here where an air purifier stands to be the most promising one.

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