Elongated Toilet Seat – What you need to know

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elongated toilet seatI need to first inform you that you can find two outlooks of a toilet seat. The first one is elongated toilet seat and the other one is round toilet seat. Every outlook of a toilet seat has its pros and cons.

But a comparative study between the two toilet seats can enable you to understand which form of toilet seat you can purchase. Mind that the toilet seat you wish to buy has to correspond to the nature of the toilet bowl that you have installed.

If you wish to have an elongated toilet seat installed in your toilet, then you have to match this with an elongated toilet bowl. The converse of the same applies when you opt for a round toilet seat.

Before shopping for any of the types of toilet seats available, you need to understand the essential factors that every buyer has to consider. We will cover such elements in this article. Let us first start by understanding the meaning of an elongated toilet seat.


What is an Elongated Toilet Seat?

Elongated toilet seats have an oval shape. The only factor that can make you distinguish between an elongated seat and a round seat is the former’s extended forefront, which makes it larger in size than the latter seat. Due to its large size, people who have small toilet spaces might prefer the round toilet seat.

Men prefer the use of elongated toilet seats since they go hand in hand with elongated bowls. Elongated bowls provide extra space suitable for the protruding nature of the male urinary system. With the use of such a seat, the sanitary conditions get improved due to the presence of a large target area.

When you are buying an elongated toilet seat, you need to first measure the dimensions of your toilet bowl, which should also be elongated. In most cases, these bowls measure 18 ½-inches long.  

How to Choose a Toilet Seat

When choosing the nature of toilet seat that you wish to buy, there are essential factors that you ought to consider. Below is the description of the factors.

  • Consider the shape of the toilet seat – in considering the shape of the toilet seat, you need to first check on the shape of the toilet bowl.
    An elongated toilet seat should be paired with an elongated toilet bowl. Besides, a round toilet seat should be paired with a round toilet bowl.
  • Determine the mounting type – you have to make a decision on whether you would like to an integral bolt and nut or a typical bolt-and-nut type of mounting.
    In most toilet bowls, people use the conventional bolt-and-nut type of mounting since they are easy to use. On the other hand, integral bolt and nut are difficult to remove, hence frustrating. You have to drill the nut to remove the seat, which is a rather hard task.
  • The toilet seat’s material – you can opt for a cushioned seat, wood, or plastic. All these forms of materials have pros and cons. First, cushioned seats are soft and comfortable; however, they split and crack with time.
    Second, wood is warm; nevertheless, toilet bowl cleaners can cause damage or stain it. Last, plastic can be found in various pastel colors. On the flip side, plastics show marks from cleaning and can split. Plastics are cold in winter.
  • Padding – if you consider buying the padded toilet seats, this can be a great idea since such types of toilet seats are warm and comfortable to use. These toilet seats are firm and can enable the easy transfer of people recovering from childbirth or surgery to and from wheelchair quite easy.
    The same cannot be said to be the case for those who opt to buy the soft toilet seats. Nevertheless, soft toilet seats are even more comfortable for people recovering from childbirth or surgery.
  • Style – since there is a wide range of toilet seats in the market, you need to consider your bathroom décor and purchase a style that will resonate with your bathroom sleekness.

Elongated vs. Round Toilet Seats  

The elongated toilet seats alongside their corresponding bowls have been designed recently to address some of the weaknesses that are inherent in round toilet seats. The round toilet seats were invented a long time ago and are widely know and used.

The presence of only round toilet seats and bowls, it was easy for people to make purchase decisions in the past. Nowadays, more inventions have been made and people have to make purchase decisions based on toilet requirements.

Since making the right decision is vital, I have prepared a comparative study section to enable you to choose between elongated and round toilet seats & bowls. Check the separate review of both elongated toilet seats & bowls as compared to round toilet seats & bowls.

Why you should buy Elongated Toilet Seat & Bowl

  • Its large size makes it comfortable to use especially for male and all adults.
  • For its bowl, it is easy to flush the toilet because of the large available surface area, which can facilitate the use of minute technology.
  • The toilets have appropriately designed seats, which eliminates the need for worry when children might be playing around this area while you are away from home.
  • An elongated toilet seat and bowl will make a sleek appearance of your bathroom due to its fascinating outlook.

Despite the above reasons convincing you to buy an elongated toilet seat & bowl; below are things that should worry you.

  • They are expensive models; however, you can negotiate to get a great model at a fair price.
  • Due to their large size, they occupy a huge space in your bathroom, which might be unsuitable for small bathrooms.

Why you should buy Round Toilet Seat & Bowl

  • They are suited for a small bathroom space due to their size. For a large bathroom, they can help you to minimize the usage of the space.
  • Since the manufacture of this design uses less sophisticated technology, they are sold relatively cheap in the market.

In spite of the benefits listed above, you should be aware of the following negative aspects of buying round toilet seats & bowls.

  • These types of toilet seats & bowls are not comfortable for male, tall, and huge people.
  • Some of these models lack powerful flush due to their inability to work alongside the minute technology.


In essence, the best toilet bowl and seat is the one that suits your needs. For me, I would recommend the use of elongated toilet seats & bowls since they are more modern and offer a high level of flexibility. They provide a high sanitary level and are suitable for use by huge people and males. If you find them expensive, you can then opt for the round toilet seats & bowls.

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