Best Rated Toilets – Buyer’s Guide

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Best Rated ToiletsAre you looking for the best-rated toilets? If this is your situation, you need to be aware that there are many factors that you should consider while seeking to buy one. First, you will realize that having the best toilet in this day and age is essential. However, it is one of the most overlooked areas in the modern household.

No house can actually be called a home without having an immaculate bathroom in place. A good bathroom is never complete without a good toilet in it.


Best Rated Toilets – What is the Best Toilet to Buy? 

Since there are many brands of toilets that you are likely to get out there, the following are some of the best rated toilets that you should consider out there:

1. TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank, Cotton White – CST744S#01


When looking for a two-piece toilet to match your bathroom decoration and style, this toilet should top your list. You will note that it is usually packed with different performance features that make it more incredible.

The fact that it is elegant and sleek makes is an ideal choice for you. This way, it can harmonize with any bathroom style and decoration.

Besides this, it features a high profile design that is comfortable for use by seniors and those who are physically impaired. It can, therefore, be used in both commercial and residential places.

Since it is available in many colors, you will have the freedom to choose the color that matches the décor of your bathroom. This toilet comes with a GMAX flushing system.

Here, this flushing system has a large trapway, wide flush valve, and an extra-large siphon jet. These components usually make this toilet more reliable compared to its counterparts.

This is typically the case when it comes to flushing performance. With this toilet, you can expect to use 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

The GMAX siphon jet can offer increased water flow that can be drawn quickly into the bowl. For you to enjoy a powerful and yet a quiet flush, this model has a full glazed trapway. Besides the elegant design, this model can help you save more water in the long run.

Worried about how long this toilet can last? This toilet is made of strong material that makes it last for many years. Once you buy it out there, you will utilize it for many years without having to replace it anytime soon. As a result, the model tops the list of the best rated toilets. 


2. WoodBridge T-0008 One Piece Toilet, Elongated with Advanced Bidet – Smart Toilet Seat with Temperature Control and Air Dryer


Are you looking for a string and stylish toilet? Here is the solution for you. By buying this toilet, you will be able to give your bathroom a new look.

However, as you purpose to buy this toilet, you should set a budget as it can be quite costly. On the other hand, its super-thoughtful design makes it an irresistible option for many homeowners out there.

When using this toilet, you will be able to flush the toilet quietly. This way, no one will really know that you are using the toilet in your home.

Its fully glazed flushing system to drive waste down the bowl seamlessly makes it a perfect choice for you. Here, you will not have to worry about clogs and toilet leaks.

Have you ever heard about dual flushing? This model comes with this feature. Here, you will be able to choose between light and heavy flushes, depending on your needs.

As a result, you will be able to save more water by a large margin. Here, you can expect to use 1.6 gallons per flush.

Are you worried about sitting on a cold toilet during winter? Worry no more as this toilet touts a heated seat that is complete with up to 5 temperature settings. This makes the toilet model comfortable to use.

When it comes to cleaning this toilet, you can expect that you will have an easy time. All this is possible, thanks to the innovative quick-release seat of this toilet. Here, the toilet bowl is kept free of waste buildup. Lastly, there is a self-cleaning nozzle for added cleanliness. Nevertheless, it is recommendable that you buy the best toilet cleaner for efficient cleaning


3. Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet, White,18.2 x 14.5 x 15.8 inches


This toilet is known to have a compact design. Since it does not have a tank at its back, it can take the least space in your bathroom. It can fit in any corner you please.

Since it is half the size of other toilets, it is easy to install it in your home. Here, you can install it in areas such as the stairway for half bathroom or an additional half bathroom in a bedroom.

Since there is no external water tank for flushing, this model relies typically on an electrical flushing mechanism. This concept is relatively new to most homeowners out there.

The good news is that this flushing mechanism allows 1 gallon per flush, making your toilet more water-efficient.

You will note that the pump and grinder are typically concealed under the pedestal. This model comes with the Upflush system. Therefore, once you flush the toilet, it will pump the water up the discharge line.

With this power, nothing will be left in your toilet bowl. Lastly, this toilet comes with a 2-year warranty. If you can register with Saniflo, you can increase it to 3 years. By buying any of these best rated toilets, this goes a long way in ensuring that you get the value for your money.


4. KOHLER K-3817-0 Memoirs Stately Comfort Height Two-Piece Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet with AquaPiston Flush Technology and Left-Hand Trip Lever, White


Are you looking for a modern and stylish, sleek toilet? This toilet is the ultimate solution for you. You will realize it comes with a cotton white two-piece design. Since it is quite big, you need to have a bigger bathroom for you to install it there.

Since this model can incorporate a design with few parts as possible, you can trust that you will have one fully functioning toilet.

This model comes with a comfortable height that makes it easy to use. Here, you will be able to stand and sit well. This feature is more important for the elderly, as some might have weak knees. This model is perfect for such individuals.

If you want to save more water, this model can help you achieve this goal. This is because it only consumes 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This goes a long way in helping you save more money on water bills in your home.

This masterpiece comes with the innovative AquaPiston flush engine. This engine can allow water to flow into the toilet bowl from all the sides. This way, it can deliver both a powerful and fast flush.

To enable you to have a calm atmosphere at home, this model makes less noise when you are flushing it. All this is due to the gravity flush type that can give you a quieter flushing experience.


5. TOTO MS982CUMG#01 Neorest 550H with Ewater+ Disinfection System, Cotton White


This unit usually has dimensions of 27.8×15.3x 21.5 inches. It has a total of 80 pounds. One advantage of this model is that it has a minimalist design. This makes it the right choice for you if you are looking for an efficient toilet out there.

Although this model might seem simple compared to other designs, it can perform equivalently well with its premium rivals.

When it comes to flushing, this model normally uses the most powerful flushing system you can ever get in any toilet. Here, the siphon jet can offer more than 1 gallon per flush. This way, you will still be able to save more water when flushing your toilet.

Are you worried about bacteria and other germs that might be on this toilet? You should not worry because this model normally uses a patented disinfection system to ensure that your toilet bowl remains free of germs and other disease-causing organisms.

This model comes with built-in sensors to flush waste automatically. This makes it to be one of the easiest and best rated toilets to use out there. Also, it comes with a remote control to allow you to control it when you are a few meters away.


What factors should you consider when buying the best rated toilets?

Now that we have looked at some of the incredible toilet models that you should consider, it is essential that you know some factors to consider when looking for an ideal model for your home. The following are some of the factors that should guide you:

1. Size

Is your toilet of choice big enough? Some homeowners would like to buy a big toilet. However, there are others who would prefer a small toilet. This usually depends on the size of the bathroom and so on.

When buying a toilet, it is vital that you take the dimensions of your toilet so that you can choose the one that fits well. A good toilet should fit into your bathroom well. It should do this without looking oversized.

2. Ease of installation

Your toilet of choice should be easy to install. If the toilet is bulky, you will have a difficult time installing it. You might take more time and even spend more money by hiring an expert to help you. This is the other consideration that you should not overlook when buying the best rated toilets out there.

3. Budget

Are you operating on a budget? If you are operating on a budget, you should choose a relatively cheaper model. The good news is that these models usually come at different prices. Chances are you will find a model that fits your budget.

This will help you get a good deal and save money. However, if you have more money, you can go for the best model in the market. After all, this toilet will greatly add more value to your home.

4. Water usage

There are some toilets that use more water when you are flushing them. Such toilets can make your water bills to escalate in the long run. To mitigate this problem, you should check the water usage of the toilet before buying it. Ideally, your toilet of choice should not consume a lot of water per flush.

Remember that you might have to install a couple of toilets in your home, depending on how big your home is. Therefore, water usage is an important consideration when buying the best rated toilets.

5. Is the toilet strong?

Chances are you are likely to be using the bathroom now and then. If you have other members in your home, your toilet is likely to get more users. Therefore, your toilet of choice should be of high quality. Most models that you find out there feature a ceramic body.

This unit should handle the demands of frequent use. Ideally, this model should not wear down over time. This way, you will save more money when it comes to repair and maintenance.

6. Warranty

Your toilet of choice should have a warranty from the manufacturer. This can assure you that you will not incur an extra expense in case it gets faulty. Most manufacturers usually offer a warranty of 2 years and above.

The longer the warranty period, the higher the likelihood of saving more money. Also, this gives you some peace of mind knowing that you can get another toilet in case the one you have gets faulty for whatever reason.

7. Customer reviews

A toilet is a good investment for your home. You should, therefore, get the value for your money when you buy a toilet out there.

However, before you buy the toilet, you should check what different customers are saying online. Most of these customers usually post different reviews online after using a particular model.

You should be keen to check these reviews so that you can choose the best model. The more positive reviews a particular model has, the higher the likelihood of getting a quality toilet.

Also, you should be keen to check what the customers are saying about a particular manufacturer. This will guide you in choosing the best model that will suit your home.

8. Location of the toilet

If you know that your bathroom is near the living room, it is advisable that you choose a quiet model. No one should hear that you have used the toilet.

Also, if your home is relatively small, your toilet of choice should be quiet. For beginners, noise elves range from good to excellent. The quieter a model is, the better the toilet.

9. Color

Your toilet of choice should match the bathroom décor of your home. This will go a long way in creating an excellent uniformity and improving the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Nowadays, you can select from an assortment of exotic hues such as the glacier blue and peach bisque.


Buying the best rated toilets should not stress you anymore. Consider the models mentioned above and you will not be frustrated. These models have proved to be effective in the recent past. They are a good investment for your home. Consider this guide today, and you will be a proud homeowner.

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